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Topic: Time World / Feedback and Suggestions

I’m sick of the internet being full of people that can’t properly write single sentence, think that insults harden their “points” in an argument against others, don’t know anything about interpunctuation and generally want to feel superior and or troll others by posting stupid stuff.

Did I mention this game is shit? Whoever did the translation should really improve his/her english, the graphics are so so (have you watched that Ore Extractor car? Not a single building line matches up, if buildings even have something like that… etc). If you wanna know what else is wrong check the top post under “comments”.

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

@Ourous: It got 100hp max more – which is kind of ridiculous for 500k gold.

Here’s a few more thoughts:

a) Goldgenerators mathematically suck (if you upgrade them). Example: 250→300 gold costs like 15200 or so (without cost reduction). That is 15200 gold/50gold in 10 sec = 3040 seconds. That’s right folks 50 minutes. Unless the infotext is wrong this is a ridiculous amount of time before i make profit. If I stick on 2 more Nyon Exists I kill more stuff in less time and probably gain more money from it (also upgraded turrets).

b) The percentual damage increase does make no sense whatsoever. I tested it with only two turrets real quick but the results were like 1.4 times the damage on my NyonExistVI and 1.19 times the damage on my TeslaV (which also had the 115% dmgbonus). The chargors I used however had 8, 8, 8, 8 and 9 % bonus. (1.08^4)1.09 would equal something like 1.48 times the damage. Adding it up wouldn’t provide any feasible results either (.084 + .09 = .45). Please explain?

c) I’m really curious too whether the rare-find bonus stacks (so far it didn’t work for me – personally I have the impression the effect is reverse) or not.

d) You should fix the question for upgrading an Aegis into a SteelOne wall. Neko asks whether you “really wanna upgrade dat Rath wall?”.

e) The offensive skills get largely useless at 9+ . . . I cycle them though the bossfights but only because I can. Not that the 5k more damage I can do in 2mins severly cut down on the time needed.
I thought I’d compile a guide of sorts
1) You should tech through to Nyon Exists (more important one) and Corazons asap.
2) Build lots of Nyon Exists (duh) and put some Aegis Walls infron of them (only needed at 6-7 +)
3) Don’t get the XP boost upgrade for anything except your Nyon Exists and your mainbase (and even that ain’t really needed) – every other tower is just a stopgap solution and the drones reach VII perfectly fine anyway.
4) Take the free unit cap increase first – it saves metric tons of money at the start.
5) Use the god damn save feature
6) The unit bank is still on the left. It’s hardly visible because it’s a dark grey tab that belnds perfectly with it’s surroundings
7) ZAC-Assimilators are pretty neat – for PvP. In PvE the current AI is blocking to much. They add good damage for the last two levels though (as well as providing throwaway cover).
8) Don’t upgrade gold generators (except for maybe that coins stay longer on the screen)
9) Regeneration only looks weak – once it hits level 10 it’s ridiculously powerful.
10) The heal bonus doesn’t only look insanely powerful – it is. It amplifies the healing of healing wave too.
11) Exploding box. Totally ridiculous. Just place it in front of a boss’ weapon. Does way more damage then Megablast. Still not phenomenal but if you have nothing else to do.
12) Orbs and EMP are nice boss skills – if you know you can’t beat em before rage fire them when they hit it. Not at the same time though (DUH!!!).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Petition] Make Nexus packs buyable with gold


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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

Here are a few suggestions (here and not in the comments because i can at least use breaks here +.~):

1. Gold generation is uhm slightly expensive I’d say. Just 15k for 50 more in 10 seconds? that equals something like 1 hour of playtime/battletime till you start making profit.

2. The fighter AI. It’s horrible. I can’t tell you the amount of times I wish I hadn’t build them just to notice that their damage is quite good actually. Here’s what I would do/try: make them “patrol” around the base. Just send them on a circle path – how about at the ring of the “foundation”. That way they wouldn’t stop the enemies from getting closer to my guns WHERE I CAN KILL THEM.

3. It’d be cool if we could somehow improve the XP of towers (that don’t have that +xp% upgrade ), because it needs ages to upgrade the newbuilt high end towers.

4. A reminder or indicator that a rare dropped would be nice (I conciously know of 2 I simply saw to late) like the “DANGER!” reminder (which in fact, is useless but adds to the atmosphere).

Regarding the last two points maybe some kind of survival would be rad – either with 0% rare dropchance so i can press F, walk away, return with a cup of coffee just for the game to tell me I lasted for 28 seconds. I recon that’s kinda like that Nekoattack, er I mean Fiondronethingie, but more Xplosions are allways nice to watch. Another possibility would be some superhard survival with a higher dropchance for rares and checkpoints. The rares could/would not be permanent till you reach a checkpoint.

Then again these are all just wishlisting and you need to balance it.

Where’s that damn Lightbringer tower … start dropping them FFS!!! mumble

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

There’s a formation editor that unlocks after level 2 or 3 I think. The unit bank should be on the left side (and is usually not visible except for the sign which says “unit bank” ).
@JeffE1: I think horizontal and vertical ones are seperate drops. At least I haven’t found an option to flip em. Though that would be usefull for the aegis too (though not as much it still would).