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Topic: Kongregate / December '14 Suggestion Thread

(This forum is WAY to active for me to check to see if this has been discussed before, so… yeah.)

Suggestion: If a game has had X updates, have the system automatically contact the devs to see if they would like to have their own section of the forum to let players discuss the game’s development.

Reasons: There are a number of games that update constantly, and some (e.g. Rogue Legend) don’t seem to have a forum to discuss where the game is going. While most devs seem to welcome comments on their game, there is no method (that I’m aware of) for players to reply to other player’s comments, which is vital for expanding a seed of an idea.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

I don’t know if this has already been suggested yet (or even implemented), but I can recall a number of games that were voted up through social engineering by the creation of a lot of new accounts. To combat this, as well as giving more attention to votes from those who have a lot more experience playing, I suggest using ‘weighted voting’.

Right now (AFAIK), voting is ‘1 vote has 1 voteweight’. What I propose is to change that to ‘1 vote has (INT-1)) voteweight’. To make it clearer to non-coders, here is a table:

level : voteweight
0 : 0
1 : 0
2 : 0
3 : 0
4 : 1
5 : 1

8 : 1
9 : 2
10 : 2

35 : 4
36 : 5

In other words, the votes of those below level 4 don’t count at all, while the vote of someone who is level 36 counts 5 times as much as someone at level 8. Honestly, level 4 is pretty easy to achieve (hmmm… maybe the formula should be ‘-1.5’ or even ‘-2’…), but does take a bit of time, which will help deal with social engineering/scamming. Also, someone who is level 36 will have had to play a LOT of games, and should therefore be better at more accurately rating a game than someone who hasn’t played many.

I realize that there will probably be a large number of people who will protest about my idea for voting change, but, considering the serious amount of money that can be at stake here, isn’t it more fair for those coders who have put in the weeks/months of work, to make sure that they won’t be shuffled down the list by yet another ‘this game sucks, but my 500,000 Facebook friends will make it #1!!!’?

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Topic: Off-topic / Incidences of Comic Tragedy

I was playing Call of Duty 4 last week when I noticed that my thermostat said that it was only 37°F. “Brrrr” I said, turning up the heat. The floor was still too cold, though, so I threw down a 1×1ft carpet to warm my freezing toes. I hadn’t noticed how cold it had gotten because the game was so awesome, especially since I could really feel the explosions because of the subwoofer that I had built into the back of my chair.

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