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Topic: Off-topic / ┬┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬┴

I thought THIS was worth sharing.

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Topic: Off-topic / The more you know.

The nicest thing one Australian can say about another Australian is “Nah, he’s alright.”

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Topic: Off-topic / A Marketing Guy Wondering How These Ads are Legal?

Have you guys noticed that some of these little fly-by-night chinsy ads popping up on the Internet are now using the images of famous people? I saw a pennystock ad using Mitt Romney’s face. Some internet-advertised drug or health remedy using Matt Lauer’s face but it all started with ads using an image of Ellen Dengeneres. The latter would usually have some salascious headline like, “Find out why Ellen’s fiancee left her and what she did or didn’t derp about it!”

By fly-by-night ads I mean for all I know there might be no real product there. Perhaps they are charging money to bring hits to somebody’s website and get paid whether clickers are looking for pennystocks or nothing at all. What I do know though, is celebrities sue when someone uses their image without permission. If your content is not satirical or parody and if you are charging money or making money, I thought you could get sued for that.

They also don’t seem like they are paying the celebrities for their images. I don’t care too much. I am not Mitt Romney’s attorney (though I have a feeling his attorney and I are both caucasian.) I am just wondering how this new trend is getting started without getting killed by a celebrity lawsuit. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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Topic: Off-topic / Most liked posted ever?

Probably not, but that’s a lot for a single post.

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Topic: Off-topic / #OneWeek

Since when the fuck did being a faggot become cool.

Too many shitheads running around these forums, spamming our shoutbox with their faggot edgy bullshit, being unfunny, and completely fucking asking for it.

It’s like we got 6 racketeers running around here minus the extreme butthurt.

If this shit isn’t fixed in one week.


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Topic: Off-topic / I shall be scarce again

Doubt I’d be around very often the following 2 months. People must have hurt my feelings…

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Topic: Off-topic / .

If the consciousness works on a quantum level, the particles in it can be arranged with quantum entanglement. If the universe is a computer simulation, like some scientists are beginning to think, our minds are stored on it and given to us via quantum entanglement.

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Topic: Off-topic / What did you get/give on Christmas?

Merry Christmas Kongregate! What did you recieve/give on Christmas? I hope none of you got a stick of deoderant or gave a pair of socks.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your favourite Wikipedia article?

Title, What is it?

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Topic: Off-topic / Tell Me About Yourselves

I like listening to Norah Jones while being edgy on the internet.


Topic: Off-topic / niggers are faggots

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Topic: Off-topic / Off Topic is dying.....

I didn’t see anything about it dying in OT.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do Some People Get Off On Being Angry/victimised?

I’ve just spent a few hours with a family member, and I notice that every time I spend time with them I feel emotionally exhausted afterwards and sometimes quite upset. It takes me about an hour and a half after leaving them for my mood to return to normal.

They are retired with a pension and shouldn’t have a worry in the world. But they seem to thrive on conflict, on complaining about the world and how they have been done wrong. There seems to be a perverse enjoyment of it. It’s hard to describe, but to give some examples:

- just back from a holiday in which the flights were bought for them as a present. Insead of enjoying the fact that they had been on holiday; they had checked hotel prices for the hotel they had just stayed in, only for August and were complaining that the prices in August were cheaper (they had no intention of going back there in August, it was just something to give off about)

- over the top histrionic rants to you about whatever disaster is happening in their lives; the sad thing is I think this is their only way of trying to connect with people (everything has an underlying ‘listen to how horrible the world is, isn’t it horrible?‘, but it’s no fun to be on the receiving end

- in the rare occasion that something is making them happy, it’s usually the misfortunes of others, those who they don’t like (e.g. someone going through a divorce, and someone being arrested are two of the stories I’ve had to listen to recently)

- seeking out things to complain about when there isn’t any – the daily mail website and the internet in general are good sources for this. Despite this person being retired with no mortgage before they were 60; I had to listen to an almost hysterical rant the other week about how prime ministers get a pension for being in a job only one day and how so-and-so politican has 3 pensions and how is that fair blah blah blah

- it seems an underlying core belief that “the world is a bad place and people are bastards”

I think when it all boils down to it, they don’t really have any interests or hobbies and are basically rather bored; hence they create crisis for themselves and over-react emotionally to things, but it means that it’s very hard to spend time with them and I end up feeling a bit guilty about that.

I just think thet this person gets off on being angry; and as I’ve become more mature and aware of both my own behaviour faults as well as others, I’ve come to the conclusion this person will continue to create real and imagined ways to be angry until the day they die.

I realize this has ironically ended up as a bit of a rant; but I needed to get it off my chest…there were just too many ‘WTF’ moments over the past couple of hours that you just feel the need to purge afterwards…

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Topic: Off-topic / Buuuuuuuurp.

Excuse me.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

So where would you visit if you could right now?

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Topic: Off-topic / Mods is being busy?

Wow, too many butthurt

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Topic: Off-topic / What websites do you visit on a regular basis?

What websites for do you guys visit on a regular basis… For news, art, music, culture, events, tumblr (specific),etc…?

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Topic: Off-topic / Mods is being busy?

Originally posted by GRAPHICDESIGNC:

>This thread

I am fucking crying

You must be happy.

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Topic: Off-topic / How often do you move?

For those of you not living at home anymore, how often do you move (apartments / houses)?

What’s the longest you lived in a place besides where you grew up?

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Topic: Off-topic / What kind of pants do you wear?

Maybe I have thick thighs, but the 501 always looks so tight on me and the low-rise isn’t comfortable.

I went to the mall and tried on a bunch of pants and most of the slim-fit ones looked stupid skinny and the normal pants were way too baggy.

What kind of pants do you buy?

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Topic: Off-topic / Mods is being busy?

Originally posted by StOtS:


I don’t think so.

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Topic: Off-topic / Best and Worst Jobs You've Ever Had?

I’ve heard horror stories about McDonalds and other fast food places. and it can’t be fun to work a Concord release or something at FootLocker..but what were some of the best and worst jobs you’ve had?

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Topic: Off-topic / I'm the darkness that rules your mind

Originally posted by Aleazor:

National suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255
When it comes down to ending your own life or doing the thing you’re afraid of doing,
do the thing you’re afraid of doing. Live your dream.

Noooo, Don’t call the National suicide prevention!!

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Topic: Off-topic / Mods is being busy?

Originally posted by Mikkmar:

Autism is a disadvantage, though.

Nobody cares about like babyface.

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Topic: Off-topic / Hot shave?

Going on holiday this weekend so treating myself to a Turkish special to get rid of “fuzz” in ears and nostrils.

Who is the best in the town? Heard the one along East Port (City Barbers) is pretty good.