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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Avatar Wall 2015

Do me.

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Topic: Off-topic / Say bye-bye to me

Again? This is getting boring.


Topic: Off-topic / Who is your favourite rapist?

This post has been removed by an administrator or moderator
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Topic: Off-topic / How long do you have left to live (DEATHCLOCK)

Tuesday, January 1, 2064

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Topic: Off-topic / So who here is OFFICIALLY an adult? (+18 ages)

uh huh

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Topic: Off-topic / why you're not an OT moderator:

Originally posted by Uberacht:

I’m not an OT moderator anymore because I have no life.


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Topic: Kongregate / I have 61 Kreds Where should i sent them

buy premium in gemcraft labyrinth

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Topic: Kongregate / Let us block certain tags

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Topic: The Arts / Post your signature!

That’s really cool. I use this:

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

They’re both still on the list.

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game-Related] Town of Salem.

Originally posted by Helltank:

I’ve hit 5 people in one night before, no screenie though.

“I’ve hit more then you! I can’t prove it, though.”


Originally posted by back900:

Adding now and people are stupid.

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Topic: Off-topic / OTAFA: Disbanding

Originally posted by Uberacht:

[doctor speak]


lol disbanded.

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Topic: Off-topic / What did you dream about last night

I actually had a dream and remembering waking up thinking that it was stupid. I don’t remembe rit now, though.

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Topic: Forum Games / The List


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Topic: Off-topic / [ROUND 43] Immortal7777 vs. Meistheman


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Topic: Kongregate / April '15 Suggestion Thread

Originally posted by andyb112:

Take some of the Kongregate Forum moderators and spread them out in other forums because some forums have one person and I think more should be in the forums.

Game forums don’t work the way you think they work.

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Topic: Technical Support / kongpanion's wrong draw

Didn’t you make this thread already?

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Topic: Off-topic / Do people have a good reason to call you "Stupid", "Idiot" and etc?

Absolutely not.

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Topic: Kongregate / When will new levels?

There likely won’t be. At least any time soon.

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Topic: Off-topic / what is your role on OT?

Originally posted by dias17se:

I´m the supporter, i support people by encouraging them. If they feel depressed like Mikkmar i pat on their back.

ya ok you keep telling yourself that

Originally posted by Seesine:

I like being useless thank you

me too

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Topic: Off-topic / I believe that some accounts are being banned for no reason!

How is it obvious?

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Topic: Technical Support / RUN 3 - High score not showing

kudamon, if you go to the friend’s tab, you can view highscores outside of the top 100. RexMendez, even if your score is legitimate, if it’s a certain percentage higher than the second highest score, it’s automatically removed.

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Topic: Technical Support / Swagbucks error

[Read Before Posting] Technical Support F.A.Q.Why did I not receive Kreds?

3. If you are missing Kreds through TrialPay or our free Kreds offers, you will need to contact TrialPay. For support with any free kred offers on Kongregate, or to check the status of a pending offer, visit the Get Kreds page, click “Fund your account”, choose “Earn Free Kreds” and click “Support” to view your pending offer status. From here you will also be able to contact the customer service team at TrialPay about your missing Kreds. Alternatively, you can contact them from this link:
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Topic: Off-topic / Post your desktop [HERE]!

Originally posted by adv0catus:


It’s the same; I should probably change it…

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Topic: Off-topic / [ROUND 41] aguspal vs. occooa

The outcome of this vote is hilarious, but predictable. I can’t vote for aguspal though, so I abstain.