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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kingdoms CCG] Poisoning the well challenge is glitched?

An example for cards that shuffle things back to deck: mind restorer (a mystic rare creature).
Btw, iirc there is also an unaligned gear that shuffle a card back every turn

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Topic: Nightbanes / I need help with Zlatan

Originally posted by joserrrra:

I just reached the 50 wins against Zlatan yesterday with a 50-60% win ratio using a bestial theme deck. Note that anything with terrorbane, inoculation or evade/reflect will be useful against him.

Lord: Lucy Kang
Black Cat
Forest Spirit
2xRaven Demon
2xSinister Witch
1xSky Terror
3xSly Fox (4 would be great too)
2xVicious Witch

3xFang Necklace

Weapons and Armor:
2xFury of the Wild
King’s Blade

Game Plan: buff yourbestial creatures ASAP, use flyers and believe in the proc (and abscence of spiders) and equip them to further enhance your beasts, win with raw power relying on heavy attacks.

Downs: a turn1 Gargoyle will most likely end up in your loss. Could use some mor Earthbinding here but I don’t know if it’s worth it.

You can get quite some of these cards on Dark Forest, so Good luck! ;)

artifact might be useless against zlatan since he has chance to decompose each turn.
anyway, for weapon: “interception” might be better here since it has earthbind and execute (you can kill gargoyle easily)

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Topic: Nightbanes / Bug Reports

Vampire duelist (1 rage, 4 health at the time) died after attacking blackbelt; while black belt receives no damage.
I believe this is a glitch.
I remember sometime ago that people in chat said duelist life leech ability heals vamp duelist right away after he dealt damage to creatures with backlash which makes him capable of surviving even with only 1 health left.
Now after the correction, the backlash damage happened even before any damage is dealt?

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Topic: Nightbanes / I need help with Zlatan

rather than using creatures with high blood cost, simply use creatures with high dmg and low blood cost because enemy creatures consist of lots envenom…. black belt is also useful there

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Topic: Nightbanes / Blood Maiden

both are good for beginners, they are the best heal that you may find easily.
As compared to zombie maid, it depends on your deck build….. if you have some decent armor in your deck, you can use it on blood maiden to help her survive. On the other hand, zombie maidservant cant be equipped but they can deal decent damage, more so if you have the king’s blade.

You will find better creatures for healing later though (such as lich) so they will become obsolete fast…..

Note: btw blood surgeon might be good as well if you use up to 4 equips in your deck…… using 4 equips in deck is bad for pvp and later stages though since you might find yourself drawing 3 equips

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kingdoms CCG] Poisoning the well challenge is glitched?

dont need those, you can use weaken to make opponent creatures always deal 0 dmg…… and you could use spells to damage the enemy hero….. only need to kill 1 creature at the end to let yours do the finishing blow (it is easier if you use a creature with haste to do it)

To avoid running out of cards in the challenge, simply use abilities that steal or remove opponent’s charges.
Also use weaken to reduce enemy creatures att to 0.
You can beat it by using direct damage spells to enemy hero.
Remember to use a creature with haste to finish the challenge though.

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Topic: Nightbanes / Bug Reports

Originally posted by ombrephenix:

Lol! first Soul terminator! obtained on 93 wins. Second on 101.
You’ve done an update that corrects the drop rate?

I agree….. the drop rates is terribly low :(

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Topic: Nightbanes / Bug Reports

Originally posted by diviad_phil:

@Muwhaha: I copied your account data and made some plays with your Test2 deck against Krampus III but was not able to reproduce it, sorry. For me my weapons were only destroyed if Krampus had a Stonebreaker weapin in play. If it happens again for you I would be glad if you could provide additional information (e.g. what cards Krampus III had in play). Thanks in advance!

@Whiplashx: Thanks, i know the random number generator can sometimes be mean so weird things like 7 loot items / 10 quests can happen as well as 0 / 30 with the same loot chance. Nevertheless if it happens again i would be glad if you make a screenshot :-)

@SilentXSerene: Cruelty buffs the base attack damage and physical ability damage of undead creatures so that is working as intended. The increased numbers are not shown as increased rage though, also because some of these buff damage abilities can have target groups (e.g. increases physical damage against lycanthrope creatures) and then an increased rage counter would have to alternate depending on the target creature type. The cruelty buff should be animated though so you see if it has activated and the overall calculated damage should take both weaken and cruelty effects into account. Hope that helps :-)

The reason that I post it here is because the overall damage does not account for weaken effect. (I think it might be dispelled…. but it also may be a glitch since even with 2 headstone, the skeletons could still do 2 damage to my vampire lord)

Btw, i think there is a glitch with soul corruptor drops (as in even though i have gotten 1 soul corruptor to drop, when i checked i see none)

I see that i have gotten 5 soul devourers even though iirc i have only gotten 4….. Maybe even though temptation III shows that it drops soul corruptor and the visual on loot drop also shows soul corruptor, the card that we get from it is actually soul devourer?

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Topic: Nightbanes / Bug Reports

Looks like cruelty buff can somehow negate weaken? (as in the weakened effect is non-existent….. the resultant damage will only factor in the creature’s original base damage + the buffed damage)
Even though the visual shows that the skeleton has been weakened and has 0 rage, but with 1 arthur’s cruelty buff, those skeletons can still do 2 dmg….. and with the king’s blade in play, the skeletons can do 3 dmg even when they are weakened and thus the visual shows 0 rage in the beginning.

Maybe it is dispelled?
still not sure though…. i think it is better for dispel to have its own animation so we can be sure.

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Topic: Nightbanes / Bashing your head against Arthur

ninja, hitman, cheap ballistic dmg creatures with isa….. have always won so far except when arthur played apprentice necro first turn

forgot to mention, i also use rising sun, meatcleaver chain, signet of arch and vial of blood

probably only weakness is isa having only 7 health

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Topic: Nightbanes / NERF

ninja has been nerfed once…… and you want it to be nerfed some more?

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Topic: Nightbanes / Quick Fixes / Advice for Nightbanes

looks like ninja gets nerfed, i remember their evade used to be 100%, now it is only a chance to evade….

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Topic: Nightbanes / Game is bugged

Originally posted by Escaflownecz:

If enemy multi attack proc (2x attack) to my unit with backlash,enemy should recieve dmg for every attack done,but Its not working:-(Any ideas?

My ninja received the backlash damage 2 times when chain attack causes him to attack twice.
Not sure how it doesn’t work for you….. maybe you can describe the situation in more detail?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kingdoms CCG] Poisoning the well challenge is glitched?

I have completed the challenge (win in 7 turns or more), but i havent gotten the reward (2 gems)

Or is it actually meaning we have to win in more than 7 turns, which means we need to win at turn 7.5 or more?

Maybe it is because i use spells to win that challenge? maybe the finishing blow need to be done by a creature?

confirmed, the finishing blow need to be done by a creature

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Topic: Nightbanes / [To Devs] Some Feedback

Originally posted by scorp144:

Why doesn’t “toughness” prevents “berseker” skill damage ??? Not from the boss anyway. But it does against my spells.
And can’t you do that the healing spell heals the most damaged unit?
1 more thing if my unit puts a stun on an enemy and i can see it’s active ( has chains on him) the he’s not supposed to act this turn even if he has an “evade” ability right?
1 more :). Why does my units with “stun” ability put their stun on walls?
Another thing is that i use a rage reduction spell it works 1 turn but it’s getting wasted on enemy units witch are unready (bloodlust not full).

Toughness only prevents direct attack damage (damage from creatures attack, not from abilities).
Resilience prevents physical damage (damage from creatures attack and abilities ).

For example, Hulk has toughness 1 and resilience 2.

I think sometimes the chain (stun) on creatures with evade is merely a visual bug….. when a chained (stunned) creature gets dispelled, the chain also still remains on the creature although it is not stunned anymore.

The powers and creatures abilities target randomly on all available creatures. Walls are considered as a creature as well, therefore it can be a target of powers and abilities. Hopefully they will make some changes on how the powers and abilities work…. such as:

For damage/heal:
First priority: on creatures that are ready to act
Second priority: on the most damaged creatures

I dont have preference on how jinx and incite works, so maybe it is fine for now….. maybe just make incite works on creatures the least ready and jinx on creatures that is almost ready?

Not really sure how curse, enrage and weaken should be modified….

1st EDIT:

Maybe if the damage powers and abilities are concentrated on the weakest enemies it is slightly overpowered? so maybe the current version is fine….. only thing to take note of is probably the heal…..

2nd EDIT:

Or if the weakest enemy has 100% evade, or resistance to that damage type it will make that ability useless for the rest of the battle…. which also sort of unbalance the game

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Topic: Nightbanes / Freezing

How about try clearing your cache?
At your browser, go to options > history > clear browsing data

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / 5 Monoliths down, 4 Fragments

Originally posted by AzureWelkin:

I believe you can get the fifth fragment by going up the stairs which you can find around the middle of the right side.

I thought that is the optional boss? The fragments come from the 5 monoliths…. at least that is how i remember it…. but i am not really sure, it has been a long time since i last do the second zone.

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Topic: Nightbanes / Beta Suggestions

Originally posted by ile0099:

I dont agree with the part of the boss quest. It is supposed to be difficult for new player to deal with. For hulk quest, I am a new non-paying player who have just played for 2 days (starting from the end of Halloween event), but I still manage to defeat the bone lord 20 times with a bit of luck, decent combinations of cards and good strategies.

Other cons are pretty true. I guess what the game really needs is to create a more sociable environment. Examples can be implementing a friend system, where you can get rewards for inviting friends to join this game, playing pvp with them without messing with elo, guild system. These will enhance the intercourse between players and eventually make the game lives longer.

I hope there will be 2v2 pve or pvp mode.

I think i have read somewhere that they will implement that friendly pvp that you are talking about in the next update.
The bone lord is the first boss and it is pretty easy…..
Personally, i think the difficult ones are event bosses or goku (act 4).

Originally posted by SombreroNegro:

From a new player perspective:


- Minimum size of the deck is great

- The art is actually decent, not cartoonish or hentai-wannabe, it´s just solid and appeals to a wide playerbase.

- Sound effects are good enough.

- Unlocking cards at shop through quests is legit, I approve.


- PvP is pretty stupid, it is no fun to try it at level 5 to fight people spamming hulks. Seriously, even disabling it on the first levels would be a better solution than making new players hopeless punchbags. Get us a elo system, a matchmaking ladder or something, the way it is atm is just bad.

- The menu interface is clunky, makes me feel using Windows Vista. You have to mouse over a icon, then mouse over the next icons to show their names (seriously, how hard is to put them on a column instead? Why so cryptic?)

- Not allowing a card to be used on multiple decks is a very poor choice, it´s just a lazy and stressful solution to force players to buy cards

- Balance the cards and the quests. I did all the graveyard stuff bt im stucked at the hulk quest and 2-1 area because of toughness. Ok, I need execute cards, fair enough. So am I supposed to grind the very first maps over and over, get rubies then get lucky on packs or spend cash to progress trough the SECOND map? Wtf?

- Theres way too much damage types going on, you can´t really make a counter deck against an element, or play a mono deck. The way it is, looks like you just put your better cards on a deck and hope for the best.

Overall pretty good, and a decent new alternative for a ccg on kong.

You dont really need execute to defeat hulk, what you need is to use non-physical damage types (attack or abilities). Your last point about there being too much damage types is contradictory to your point about being stuck at defeating hulk. I believe the main reason that you are stuck there is because you stubbornly using creatures with physical damage against hulk (resilience 2: reduce incoming physical damage by 2). By the way, for your information hulk only has toughness 1 (reduce direct attack damage by 1) so execute will only increase the damage that you dealt to hulk by 1.

PS: I think there being a large variety of damage types is good since it can eventually deters people from spamming a certain card (such as hulk) as there will always be a way to defeat them.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [To Devs] Some Feedback

Originally posted by Endox:
Originally posted by Realta:

I don’t really see how the summoner deserves it’s epic rank, from using it overall I consider it inferior to the necromancer and lycan warlock both of which are rare. This is because of the guaranteed summon and additional ability, perhaps the summoner should actually be a rare rather than epic?

Reclassifying it doesn’t really change anything, since there isn’t a limit on the number of epics/deck. But i agree that lycan warlock is superior to summoner (cos those werewolves are actually pretty damn strong).

Not to mention lycan warlock itself has 2 rage (1 higher than summoner) and weapon and armor slot (whereas summoner only has armor slot).

This make lycan warlock to be able to not just stay in play to summon lycans, it also enables it to eradicate the opposing enemies quickly when given the right weapon (such as jeremiah’s whip).

Therefore, maybe it is better to reduce the amount of bloodlust required for summoner from 3 to 2? Maybe this will enable it to have a better use in a swarm deck? or maybe it is better to buff its health from 5 to 7 instead? Summoner is pretty weak since it only has 5 health as compared to crypt keeper (6 health).

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Topic: Nightbanes / Hulks

ninja looks pretty good for killing hulks by the way.

2 att (ballistic dmg), 5 hp and 2 bloodlust with evade, execute and chance to chain attack seems good enough

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Topic: Nightbanes / Loot

Originally posted by Endox:
Originally posted by SilentXSerene:

Actually i just noticed that the event map has a better drop rate than the normal quest map.
For example, i just did the dark forest “Ivan” node for all 3 levels (10+20+30 = 60 battles) and there is no loot at all.
On the other hand, i won 86 battles on “Jeremiah” and i got 3 jeremiah whip, 8 vampire heart and 9 deathflower.
so drop rate is about 3.5% for jeremiah whip, 9.3% for vampire heart and 10.5% for deathflower.

From the data above, maybe the drop rates for those are actually 5%, 10% and 10%.

Need bigger sample sizes mate. We need to pool data and do a meta-analysis.

I did 131 for jeremiah, and have 10whip, 10heart, 14flowers. You just got unlucky wit the whips, which is arguably the best drop =/

I’m at 131 for pumpkin monster too, 11 crawlers, 8 lantern, 5 chainsaws.

Thats why I approximated before a 5-10% drop rate.

And I agree that I also think the non-event areas have a bit lower drop rates…

Guess you are right, i just got my 4th whip. The drop rates of all loot in event quest looks similar, it is approximately 10% for uncommon loot and 5% for rare loot i guess…

On the other hand, I estimate the drop rates in normal quest to be around 2% for the normal nodes and 5% for the optional epic node

It is merely an estimation though, need a bigger sample size for a more accurate drop rates

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / wrong exp calc

it is not exactly when finishing a node, we get bonus exp when we finish the 1/? quest

not sure how much the bonus exp is, havent really record in detail but irc for quest that gives 152 exp, with bonus it gives around 217 exp

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Topic: Nightbanes / pvp froze and crash

Lost many battles due to pvp acting up.
The timer just stopped and after some time it just turns black.
After refreshing it counts as a lost, no matter whether you are winning or losing…. maybe refreshing count as giving up?

Anyway, i will submit a screenshot of the crash.

Dont find any feature for bug/glitch reporting.
Might need this feature soon, since the game has many flaws.

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Topic: Nightbanes / Loot

Actually i just noticed that the event map has a better drop rate than the normal quest map.
For example, i just did the dark forest “Ivan” node for all 3 levels (10+20+30 = 60 battles) and there is no loot at all.
On the other hand, i won 86 battles on “Jeremiah” and i got 3 jeremiah whip, 8 vampire heart and 9 deathflower.
so drop rate is about 3.5% for jeremiah whip, 9.3% for vampire heart and 10.5% for deathflower.

From the data above, maybe the drop rates for those are actually 5%, 10% and 10%.

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Topic: Nightbanes / Halloween event extended until Nov 18th

Thank you very much