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Topic: League of Angels / New PDT Server- S5 8/29 11:00AM

Suggestion: Maybe put the time zones somewhere near the listed servers.
I had to go through 4 different servers to find my time zone before S5 was activated.

I stopped playing the game on Kong because of the EDT servers, now I can come
back I suppose. S5 it is.

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Topic: Wartune / I Quit

Originally posted by candoo4:

get used to it again? just saying xd

I may. But not for a long, long while. Just feeling overwhelming frustration.

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Topic: Wartune / I Quit

Been playing Wartune since the beginning and I’m
noticing in-game issues that STILL haven’t been
looked into or not addressed by the devs and they
are getting worse.

I’m gone.
It ain’t the lack of materials to really advance. I got used to that.
It ain’t the better or stronger players or wallet warriors.They make
the game more challenging, even interesting.

It’s that gawddam persistent lag that’s making me quit Wartune.
I have done everything technically possible to
try and fix it on my end, even buy a new pc.

Still the game latency continues. I have come up with suggestions
for it in the past. But apparently, the devs or creators didn’t care
to read them I guess.

I mean, they can add on and remove stuff for events and such.
Surely they can do something about the lag.

Time to find something better. Stay frosty gamer friends. :)

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Topic: Fortuna / Boycotting Fortuna Diamond Purchase

Right now. I think not spending another kred on this game is a
great idea. Even the dev is not entirely sure of what we lose
if our cities are destroyed.

He said farms and prestige, but what else?
He didn’t even know. Which bugs me.

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Topic: Fortuna / Player destruction

I’m sure I’m not the only one. But I am finding it difficult
to accept new friends because of the player destruction feature.

My current friends (except for alliance) are dying off 2 or 3
every other day. I see players who invite to friend me as a
serious threat. I say this, because in some games your
good ol’ buddy, ol’ pal can still attack you.

Never played a game that created this kind of paranoia.
and it sucks that the admin or dev just plopped the game
here and there is little or no interaction with players.

You should see the angry complaints on Perfect World’s Homepage.

Oh the other hand, if I do lose my city just because some no-name
twerp feels like messing with it. Not coming back to this game.
Player destruction is a a really STUPID feature.

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Topic: Fortuna / Suggestions

Let players trade their resources for copper.

Cooldowns for vips should be free when they get to a certain vip level

Let the number of resource purchases go with vip levels

Nice game. Just suggestions. Don’t want it to die a quick death. :P

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Topic: Fortuna / Suggestions

Yeah I got a suggestion.
Lose that player destruction feature.

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Topic: Fortuna / Player destruction

Originally posted by fighter624:

Ah, so exile is just a few days’ setback. Well then, that changes things, and makes Sinius a god damn wimp for not coming back, lol.

Actually, he is back in the game. Just keeping a low profile I’m sure.

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Topic: Fortuna / Player destruction

Update: This is the actual pm I got from the Perfect World Dev.
Don’t know why I didn’t think to post it sooner:

Sorry for the confusion, man! Here’s an overview on how it works when you get attacked repeatedly. It’s not as damaging as you seem to think. :D

If a player is attacked repeatedly, that player’s city goes into exile. What this means is that the player is unable to continue playing the game unless she rebuilds her city at a randomly-chosen location, which is completely free, instantaneous, and takes only a single click of a button. That player loses their farms, but keeps almost everything else.

After that, the player must then rebuild the city’s Prosperity, which can be done in various ways (using Dispatch skills, buying and using Prosperity Cards, just waiting, etc.). All of these can be done without ever spending real money.

So basically, being exiled is a setback, but a temporary one, and by no means is it a game-over.

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Topic: Fortuna / Player destruction

One way I solved that dilemma?
Move far, far away from heavily populated areas.

The only thing I have to worry about is the games’ marauders
attacking me and they’re weak anyway.

But not everyone have diamonds to move they’re cities. :(

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Topic: Fortuna / Player destruction

Originally posted by bashful1979:

I posted a message on Fortunas facebook page and someone replied to me, not a Dev hopefully just a reliable source. I asked what happens when we are exiled, this was the reply.

’ Not much happens, only serious thing you lose is troops, only your city and farms get degraded. but Builds back up after you come back online..’

Your source is correct. I pm’ed a Kong Admin and the dev.

The dev explained to me when you get exiled or “player destruction”
By no means is it game over.

You get to start over…From square one…Which still sucks.
Also, I believe he said what you had in your inventory remains intact.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Q&A

Why aren’t the extra inventory slots one time purchase only?

So players won’t quit because they have to constantly worry
about losing access to their most important gear when they
miss an inventory space rental payment?

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Suggestions

The extra inventory slots should be free. Just sayin’.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Suggestions

How about the ability to Train Commanders
even when offline?

Train them. But not at too fast a pace.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Suggestions

Allow for chat window to stay open until the player decides to close it.

Scout feature is useless it can defend the settlement as well.
Warnings from scouts are always too little, too late.

I mean the scout or scouts are in a tower, where are the crossbows and such?

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Release notes week of 17/03/2014

Realms could use some colors besides the settlement pips
littering the realm maps.

At the realms look like parts of Tatooine.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Be Wary

About putting shtloads of money into an MMO and then the
devs decide shut down that game after only a year or two
on a specific platform.

Get players all fired up about the game, take their money,
then shutdown the game on a whim and destroy all their
“Valued Player’s” progress without so much as a
Sayonara Suckers.

Kongregate should have some rules laid out for developers that
just jump ship on the players of their game or games, when the
game isn’t doing too well or whatever other excuses they use
when shutting down a title.

Because players are using real money to purchase a product.
Even if it’s virtual, it’s still a product.

If you spent $1,000 dollars on a specific game one day
and the dev decides to shut it down the next day,
wouldn’t you want to be compensated?

Hell I know I would. Maybe not in cash.
Just as long as an admin at Kongregate acknowledges
my loss if the dev for that game doesn’t.

Be wary.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Suggestions

Commanders should have their own heal timers and should be able to
heal their own armies over time as soon as they get back from a raid.

Not wait for the player to spend gold on them to heal. (or resources)

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / removing the moving option

What? Moving option provides more challenges and the
chance to find higher level resource nodes with monstrous
amounts of resources in them.

Moving feature stays. Bet Digit would agree with that.

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Topic: Wartune / [Event] Honorable Return!

What kind of twisted logic is this?

If anything, those prizes should go to your most devoted and
most active players with zealot status. Not the other way around.

How about giving that stuff to players who log on every day
30 minutes everyday for 30 days?

That would be a challenge for me, because I know I
won’t be able to keep up. Plenty of players would jump on that.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Suggestions

A game where you are packed in a realm like sardines
next to your enemies is no game at all.

The 8 hour protection is great but it won’t stop the same asshat
from monitoring your 8 hour countdown and attack again.

Move you say? That’s turning out to be a challenge.

Where is the in-game store so that I may buy city protection
with gold? Believe me, I would buy sh*tloads of protection

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Suggestions

New enchantment cards in the mystic’s shop.

The same tired cards don’t help much, even when
combined. :(

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Topic: Wartune / I am truly disappointed.

Originally posted by ForbiddenFruit:

I have played Wartune for nearly a year now, and I really have to say that the quality of this game is hitting rock bottom.
It is not necessarily the game itself that makes its quality so poor. It feels more like the staff at R2 / 7Road are to blame.

First of all, the rate at which bugs and glitches appear in the game seems to get higher every time there is a server maintenance. For every glitch that gets a fix at least two more appear. Heck, it does not even require a server maintenance anymore for a new glitch to appear. In between server maintenances, what worked a moment ago could already be glitched in the next. Every game has its flaws, but Wartune appears to have the most flaws. As far as I know, our version of Wartune has had many issues the Chinese predecessor had. Should our version not be a translated version of the Chinese Wartune with all bugs already taken out? How is it possible that we get so many issues they had and the fixes for their version are not implemented in our version right away?

Next is Customer Support. The way staff handle support tickets gives their customers an idea of how problems are solved. I can tell you that this idea is nowhere near “good”.
I would like to point out that it is no hard task to distinguish the, what I would call, standardized (automatic) responses from the more sincerely written responses:
-For every ticket you send in, you always get a standardized response first, saying thanks for the concern and that somebody will look into it soon.
-Next what happens is that somebody looks AT it instead of looking INTO the issue.
-You will most likely get another standardized response. The one looking AT your issue usually wants you to provide more information, even if a full detailed description of the issue was already given.
-After one to four tries of trying to get accross what the issue is, the one looking AT your issue finally sees clearer what the issue is. He either says you are right, or the issue is some sort typo.
-In the event that he says you are right, you may or may not be given compensation for anything lost or promised but not received.
-If you were promised compensation, it may take a month or longer to finally get what was promised. Meanwhile, every time you reply to your ticket asking when you will finally get the promised compensation, staff gives more standard replies saying that there is an issue with whatever prevents them from sending a compensation mail, and tell you to wait for 48-72 hours. This could happen three or four times (yes, this actually happened to me).

Not only the heavy delay is a reoccuring issue. But answers given by staff sometimes make you wonder how reliable Customer Support is.
Today a guildie was talking about a ticket he logged a few days ago, about the event quest for Soul Crystals. According to the events topic on the forum, we were supposed to get 600k gold for using 500 Soul Crystals. Players were given 60k gold instead. This was fixed on the second day, so people would receive 600k gold every time they finished the quest, as promised. No compensation was handed out to the people who received 540k or 1.08m gold less than they should have. The guildie in question asked in the ticket if people were going to be compensated for this issue. The response he received was that whatever was written on the forum was a typo. If what was written on the forum is a typo, why even fix it in game, and not update the events topic that the quest was not supposed to hand out 600k gold? It also makes no sense that the event quest for using 100 Soul Crystals should hand out more (it handed out 120k gold, I believe) than the quest for using 500 Soul Crystals.

Moving on.
It is apparant that you can get away with alot in game lately: bashing whole Kong Server 3 (Europe) for the fun of having the whole server against you (not sure if I worded this right) is one of those things. Will not go into detail about this, since this was already discussed in another topic.
But another one of those things you can get away with is botting. There is no need for me to start calling names. If you walk through the Sylph Atoll, you can clearly see who is using some sort of third party program to move around and try and hit a Sylph to collect essences while not being around the computer. If you attack these botting players, you will see that they do not select any skills, and just auto-attack. Sending them back to town by killing them does not work, because they will walk back into the atoll again with the help of the third party programs, and start their essence farming again.

I fear there will be more of this to come, and everything will only get worse.
Keep your (synonym for poop) together, staff of R2 / 7Road. If we cannot depend on you, who are we supposed to depend on?

I couldn’t have said it better myself. A lot of these things you describe
match my suspicions and concerns too. But I gave up on support after
I lost 300 balens.

Support is there for one thing. To support itself.
Hell I don’t even think the reponses you get from them is from a human.

I guess R2Games doesn’t have any staff with the balls to handle support
tickets. So they get an evil Hal 9000 to do their dirty work. Sheesh!

The reason I say that is because the replies you get back from support
are so asinine, so stupid and blames your computer and user error BS.

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Topic: Wartune / Suggestions post 2.1

How about a mini-map in dungeons, just like the
one in cloud city. I could see it in GB’s too. :)

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Maintenance 11/14 @ 2:30 AM EST

How about some maintenance on your network?
It disconnects a lot :(