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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Skyshard Heroes] [Dev] Suggestions/Bug reports

Was attacking another player, attack was going fine was mopping up against the last few buildings when a second player appeared with their airships and most buildings respawned. I was basically done my attack so I clicked on end my attack. Screen went black for a sec then brought me right back to the other players attack with my units still visable. My units and theirs were attacking buildings though the damage mine did didn’t seem to affect building health anymore and damage we took from towers didn’t change our health. So I was effectively now watching another players attack just with my own force on the map. Despite multiple attempts to end attack I was forced to remain for the 5 minutes of the second players attack. I have an attack log for my attack and got resources no idea if the second player got anything or not.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / The Sauna's external forum

I’m Urang, and all for wailing on Celeano :)