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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #43 - *Congrats Halysia*

Fly Horror: I scrapped my entry because it was too similar to this, and since it was posted so early in the contest, I didn’t want to end up arguing over whether one of us copied the other. Nice concept but needed a lot more polish IMO.

Earl the Horror: cool graphics, nice idea for gameplay, everything felt too sluiggish for me.

Flappy Horror: I couldnt’ get into this. I like the idea and the theme but it felt too awkward to play.

Slime Horror: awesome graphics, game was a bit too easy, and movement speed was way too slow without dashing.


1: Slime horror Dash
2: Earl the Horror

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Topic: Kongregate / Hot New Games, Don't Consider Curl Up and Fly! Eligible

The Hot New Games on the frontpage is manually selected. Some games – usually MMOs that need to scale up, or Kong’s own games that need balancing before being promoted – are held back from there til a suitable time to promote them.

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Topic: Kongregate / Opinion: Kongregate is stagnating...

I think one person’s garbage – when it comes to genuine game uploads – is someone else’s 5/5. You have a few games favorited that I wasn’t especially into, while I found several recent idle games (DPS IDle, for example) to be worth spending some time playing.

Since idle games aren’t eligible for badges, they don’t affect badge hunting. But if people like them, and the ratings are legit, why shouldn’t they take the weekly prize? Personally I think it’s nice that small, indie devs can even compete liek that against massive studios putting actual budgets behind their games. Those guys don’t necessariyl even need the extra 250 bucks.

I agree completely avbou the spam uploads, however. I know Kong is meant to allow anyoneto upload whatever they like, but I think something abotuthat policy needs to change. I’m fine with games from new devs, games that are tutorial uploads, whatever. But its frustrating to look through the new games section and see upload after upload from the same set of developers who make the same reskinned games every hour. That causes problems for the site simply because the new games section is always full of those games and new games from smaller devs get overlooked.

I propose a simple solution to the problem that already has most of the codebase in place for Kong. When we block a developer, remove their games from all search / listings that we see (except badges). That allows us to see new games without the spam uploads but doesn’t exclude new devs from uploading their first button clicker game or whatever.

Here are two games I feel were overlooked recently: Rage Golf and No Time to Jump. The new games section needs improving so that games lke this get more of an audience – true, not everyone will like them, they might not be weekly contest winners, but they’re games that would once have gotten more attention here.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate terms

Originally posted by Toack:

Please point me in the right forum if this is misplaced here.

I want to upload a game to Kongregate, integrate the API and ask for sponsorship, my game is made in Unity, what I want to know is two things.

1. Does the terms of Kongreate affect the game on the web only, or they affect mobile ports as well?

2. Can I have promotion to the same game, but the version on the Google’s Play store and Apple’s App store (which will have paid and free versions)?


1. You should get the game sponsored BEFORE you upload it anywhere. Once you upload it, the value to sponsors drops a lot. to answer your actual question, it depends, on the particular sponsorship deal you get. Also, Kong is prety picky about what they sponsor – you may want to talk to other sponsors as well.

2. I don’t understand the question or I’d answer this too :D sorry :P

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by Bluji:
I don’t mind Cupcakeria being on the badges list, but only if the easy achievement is called: “Bluji suggested badges for this game”

aren’t directly pointed at me. Especially that latter one is very offensive towards me, because I know very well that a lot of people dislike the franchise and putting my name anywhere on the badge would probably become a shitstorm on my profile.

Idk I think that’s just your perception. Personally I thought it was funny. If Greg made it an impossible badge and called it “THIS BADGE BY SAYBOX” I wouldn’t stop laughing for a week.

But I still don’t get why a response from Greg is so important to you on this one game, considering all the other games suggested that he didn’t reply about.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by Bluji:
attacking me

I think this sums up the problem here. For some reason Greg’s silence & the various opinions against the idea of badging Papa’s Cloneria are being taken as personal attacks. But Greg hasn’t replied to most of the games that were suggested, he even said (about 30 pages ago) that he’s only interested in discussing the ones that _are- selected for bagels. And the fact that as lot of people in the thread would prefer there to be no more badgers for Papa shoul’dnt be seen as anything personal against whoever suggested them :p

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by kadleon:

The entirety of kong users (at least the ones who rate) are responsible for whether a game gets badges or not. Thing is, a game that satisfied greg’s (mostly) objective badging standard was brought up as a viable suggestion (whether the user who brought it up liked it or not is irrelevant). However, the people who’re arguing against it have nothing to contribute to why it shouldn’t get badges other than they don’t like it.

There are a lot of criteria past the game’s rating that affect it, and most of those criteria involve Greg, not some objective standard. For example: no idle games unless they have MTX or they’re Anti Idle, even though idle games are one of the most popular genres on the site at the moment. A good rating might be a requirement for badges but it’s not a guarantee of them.

Plus, most suggestions in the thread don’t get replies from Greg in the first place, which, as he explained earlier in the topic is because there are so many games and only one Greg. I think it’s a fair assumption to say that if he doesn’t reply to a suggested game, the answer is that it’s not currently scheduled for badges (whether that changes later or not is irrelevant).

Personally I think enough Papa games have badges that the new one shouldn’t be a priority when there’s been quite a few other good games recently that are more unique and also meet badge criteria. Even if the games are all good, it’s hard to argue that any of them are huge leaps forward in their genre, I see them more as something that could be badged when there aren’t other options.

I also think that there should be a 100% objective criteria for badges on a game, that guaranteed badging. But that’s another topic altogether :P

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Topic: Kongregate / Notable Games, Mobile Games, And Recently Played Games

This is all my opinion and may not be accurate, but:

1. Kong has a big push to mobile games going on right now, and probably wants to promote them as much as possible as a result. So in terms of making people see them, I don’t think there is a better place on the site to put them. On the other hand, if by ‘better’ you mean ‘somewhere I don’t have to see them, then my answer is that they probably won’t be moving.

2. I think this is probably a response to the backlash against ‘recently played games’ when it was added. It’s better for Kong and for devs if you play more than one or two games on the site, in general, so promoting games you’ve already been playing makes less sense than trying to promote something new.

3. From the looks of what’s included in the list I’d say there’s probably a requirement for either a high number plays or rating (or both?), with some sort of mixture of single player and freemiuM MMOs to make sure that there’s something for everyone on the list.kind of like a site highlights type feature, which I think is a nice idea – the top rated games on the frontpage and the category lists rarely change ever.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / Why Can't I Upload But It's The Game

Kong doesn’t support files made with Powerpoint. Try Stencyl as a free alternative :)

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / How do you set a game for Beta Testing?

I believe you have to email Kong directly about it, and they’re selective about what games can use it. Use the contact form and pick “developer support”.

The Kong Plus program is a paid subscription service that provides a number of on-site benefits to subscribers including ad-free gaming, ability to create private chat rooms, and access to pre-release beta games. It is also gifted to all of our volunteer moderators and many of our biggest spenders are subscribers, so this group is comprised of some of the most energetic, enthusiastic, and high-value Kongregate players.

As a service both to Kong Plus members and to a select few of our new social and virtual goods games, we provide an opportunity to enter a closed beta prior to launch of the game. The Kong Plus players enjoy the early access and are helpful at giving feedback and testing for the game before it goes fully live. If you would like to apply to take part in this program, let us know.
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Topic: Kongregate APIs / Disabling embedding via the API?

I don’t think it’s possible to sitelock any more securely than you have done already. On the other hand, I’ve never heard of any scraper sites that put that much effort into stealing a game.

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Topic: Game Design / First Game - Gameplay and Art Feedback

It has potential, but the gigantic size of the game & window made it hard for me to enjoy it. If I was sat on a couch a few feet away it would be fine, but it’s slightly too big to feel comfortable in my browser and everything is too big to take in easily when I’m sat this close to the screen.

On the other hand I do like the art and what I played of the game seemed fine.

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Topic: Game Design / Wondering if I can upload this game!

Sounds like spam to me, honestly. If it involves “click this link and sign up” or any other sort of MLM type thing, then no, it’s not allowed.

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Topic: Kongregate / Okay... that's it... get rid of that annoying RATE THIS GAME popup that overtakes the chat room! Updated 11th Aug!

Dear everyone,

If the goal of the popup is to increase the number of people rating games, and your means of protest is to rate every game 1/5, you are proving the popup works as intended.

Think about it for a second. If one of the metrics being measured is “number of ratings games get”, and you start rating 1/5 every time you see the popup, then the number of ratings you’re giving to games has increased, meaning that metric gets a checkmark for working well.

If you want to protest the feature, stop rating games entirely. Right now, I’d bet the internal discussion is “hey, this works – people rate games more with the popup. We just need to adjust it so that people don’t rate a 1 every time they see it.”

Protip: don’t try to protest something by using the thing you’re trying to protest against

Originally posted by Rychip:

Players know that you can rate games and earn up to 50 points doing so every day. Every day. And it’s quite the incentive. If people aren’t rating much, but they are well aware of the incentive, then I don’t think they need any not-so-friendly reminder to rate the game. I can rate games without your push, thank you very much.

This might be true for you, but it isn’t for most people on the site. Most games don’t get enough votes to even get a rating at all, despite (apparently; I can’t confirm this for sure) some secret behind the scenes tweaks to how ratings work.

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Topic: Game Programming / Newly uploaded game problem SOLVED :D

Nah it’s not a Stencyl problem. There are games in AS2, or in AS3 that was handcoded, that have the same problem. It’s nothing to do with how much space the game itself needs, because like you said, you just get a notification for that.

The pointer is actually from Flixel, and afaik the reason it’s laggy is because it doesn’t use the FP10 accelerated mouse pointers. Flash pointers before that was a thing were notoriously bad, because either of the two methods for creating them have major drawbacks.

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Topic: Game Programming / Newly uploaded game problem SOLVED :D

Originally posted by MidnightSun21:

And no, it must be unrelated. I’ve removed the save function off of all the buttons because it just kept crashing the game. I really have no clue why it lags when you click it.

I checked again now, and since you removed the saving from the buttons, they don’t lag anymore.

I tested a little more and you have the same problem that any game has if it needs to save a lot of attributes. The good news it’s easy to fix, the bad news is that players have to fix it, not you.

Basically, what happens is this. Every game on Kong shares the same storage space for saved games. IF the space is limited, even if the limit is way more than you need, Flash struggles to use it effectively. Why? I have no idea.

The solution: right click in your game, go to settings, storage, then set the slider to “unlimited”. Problem solved. But everyone playing the game needs to do this, unless you can massively reduce the size of the save file and how often it autosaves.

Just to reiterate, THIS IS NOT A STENCYL ISSUE. There are tons of games on Kong which have run into similar problems. It works fine for you offline simply because you’re not saving many games in the same folder offline. On Kong, every game you’ve ever played ever is saving stuff in the same folder and Flash is bad at handling that.

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Topic: Game Programming / In-game banner ads?

Originally posted by doogog:

They are quite prevalent in mobile games though. What is the reason for this?

Three reasons:

  • screen height – mobile games are often portrait, and the screen size is the same whether you use it all or not, so there’s often empty space available at the top of the game.
  • since you’re not using a mouse on mobile, there’s less chance that you’ll keep accidentally clicking the ads (which is annoying).
  • mobile gamers are used to it, because it’s always been a thing in mobile games.
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Topic: Game Programming / GameMaker Problems

Originally posted by CaptMilkshake:

So a long time ago I made a cool little shooter game with game maker but, once it was done i couldn’t upload it to kong because f the file it was saved as something other than SWF. Is there ANYWAY at all that i can save it as an SWF or even upload it to another site and post it as an iFrame code? Would the iframe thing work. That seams like a lot of hastle just to get it onto kong.

Thanks in advance.

It’s possible but you need the version of GameMaker that costs 60 bucks. Then you can export to HTML5, which Kong supports.

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Topic: Game Programming / Newly uploaded game problem SOLVED :D

Stencyl is nowhere near as bad as people say. There are some exceptional games – without lag – made with it.

On the other hand, because of how it works, assuming you used the code blocks and not the code editor, it’s pretty hard to debug when things don’t work as you expect them to.

For me your game lags when I click the upgrade button in the bottom right, by the way. Does it save when I click that, or is it unrelated?

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Topic: Kongregate / Proposition for Kongpanions

Doesn’t the newsletter tell you the first few BotDs for the week? Or did I dream that?

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Topic: Kongregate / stop adding more ads!

Did they add more ads? I haven’t noticed anything new there.

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Topic: Kongregate / DisruptorBeam Targeting/Banning Players From Forum, MORE

Originally posted by GooseBolton:

I’m sure by now, all of Kongregate knows how badly Disruptor Beam screwed up this whole new phase.

Idk, maybe all of Kongregate except me knows about it. You’re obviously unhappy with something but it’s not clear what, except that you ended up getting baned for talking about it on their forum.

Maybe you could explain what’s wrong as if you’re talking to someone who doesn’t have a clue whats’ going on (that would be me) and then it’s possible that someone will be able to help resolve your problem.

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Topic: Game Programming / What's with all the hate on Unity?

If you’re expecting an XP machine to be able to run modern games of any sort then you’re hoping for too much. No matter how good the PC is, XP simply isn’t designed to handle modern technology. The fact that Unity runs at all is pretty awesome when you realise how long ago XP was actually relevant.

I assume you wouldn’t expect to be able to run Angry Birds on the most popular phone of the time, and you’d think it was crazy to try to make the game backwards compatible. because this was the height of phone technology when Win XP was released.

You also need a reasonable graphics processor to run Unity games since they’re 3d. Since XP can’t handle modern graphics cards, that guarantees youre using a low end one (probbly VERY low end), so that’s always gonna cause problems.

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Topic: Game Programming / PHP and AS2

Originally posted by NineFiveThree:

If servers burst into flames when somebody saves password in plaintext on them, the world would be a better place.

And probably a lot warmer.

I think a bigger problem is that he’s not validating the input, so anyone could use an SQL injection on it.

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Topic: Kongregate / Okay... that's it... get rid of that annoying RATE THIS GAME popup that overtakes the chat room! Updated 11th Aug!

So to get something constructive out of this thread, does anyone have any ideas for ways to remind users to rate games that work without being so in your face? Because it’s been clear for a long time now that the number of users rating games (especially new games) is dropping, but games and Kong need those ratings for a lot of the more important site features. It helps everyone out if more users rate games, and as much as I disliked the giant chat tab thing, if ratings started to go up across the board (as player_03 said) that suggests that more people were rating games once they were reminded to do so.

Here are a couple of random thihngs I just came up with:

  • every time you rate a game you have a small change to gain 50 points instead of 1.
  • chat whisper asks you nicely to remember to rate the game you’re playing
  • make the stars bigger and mre noticeable above the game, maybe shrinking them out of the way again once you’ve given it a rating
  • for every 10 minutes you play without rating the game, one of your Kongpanions is set on fire and left outside your house