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Topic: Ninja Warz / Speed vs. Power

Originally posted by ooooh:

Probability gets pretty complicated with all the different variables. And once you incorporate a large amount of times you perform the action (in this case hitting the enemy with the weapon) the probability gets even more skewed. For example I read somewhere that if you were to take a lottery 4444 times there would be a 50% chance that the same numbers would come up. The guy who started this thread IS RIGHT and whoever said that strong weapons are more unstable is ALSO RIGHT, yes with strong weapons and high critical chances you would have a higher chance of winning fights against people on a higher level than you.
But once you incorporate all the weird probability that comes in when you perform an action many many many times higher speed for the same dps would be better.

speed only comes into effect when that weapon is equipped to low level ninjas also slower weapons deal much higher crits which in zombies are much more effective then many small crits due to zombies gaining steroids later on. the speed only slightly effects a normal battle but higher dps weapons will for the majority do better as it is damage per second not per hit. this is why faster weapons work better on low level ninjas due to there survivability not being good.
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Topic: Ninja Warz / Im Addicted To Ninja Warz

Originally posted by C0oliNAteD:

My NInja Warz On Facebook Is VEry Strong And HEre In Kongregate I will Dominate The NInja Warz starting TO YOU I will Beat You All And All Of your Friends My NAme Is C0oliNAteD and When You See Me , Fight Me ,And Get Ready To BE BEaten.THATS ALL!!! REMEMBER ME C0oliNAteD youre Greatest Enemy Since YOu PLay Ninja Warz.

this is kong not FB you will be beaten very easily please state your level and prepare for losses
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Topic: Ninja Warz / swicth clans

Originally posted by bomboas:

is it possible to go into a new clan if there is can you guys show me? If there is not there sould be one

there is no way to change clans however you can reset but there is no difference other then looks starting relic and starting ninja
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Topic: Ninja Warz / Fighting Tips

Originally posted by wizard5305:

In this forum, share your thoughts into fighting and tell your opinion to help other people fight against their opponents and try to get through hackers. Write about tips, good relic combos, weapons, and much more! Here is my idea, 1 highest attack speed relic, 1 highest power relic, and 2 good health relics. I am level 22 and here are my relics: Ancestry Skull relic: This relic is great for me. It has 20 attacks speed, and has 10 agility, too! – Ruby Ring relic: This Ruby Ring is great for health. It gives you 130 health! (Just so you know it’s a good idea to have relics which gives and effect to all ninjas) – Sushi Roll: This yummy food helps your ninjas get 100 health and also has 8 agility! Yummy, and good! – Hitodama relic: This powerful relic gives all your ninjas 50 power! This spirit will give you avenge to those you manage to destroy your clan! These are some good relics. So enjoy your time killing all the people!

% relics are better as appose to direct stats also hackers dont primarily attack normal players just npcs they only attack when attacked first also health alone is no way to fight have at least an armor and a critical relic as for fighting tips slow level and farm tourney as this will provide decent free weapons that until level 37 are much better then the gold equivalent in shop. i would also suggest farming as much as possible as this will improve your gold/karma due to weapon drops/achievements. i would also suggest if you didn’t get your first 150 wins that you reset and try and gather as many low level achievements as possible as if you do not you will be grinding later on to kill mecha gendu (level 35 boss) and also will progressively find it harder to win tournys (however after level 40 the weapons in tournament become useless) key things to note: do not power level as it will make you weaker, the more you power level the less karma you gain from drops and daimyo also not doing achievements will drastically decrease your progressive nkw making the grind harder. another note never spread your karma or buy low level karma weapons (spreading is when you level more then one ninja) one level level 60 can kill 3-4 level 30’s easily. doing this is a waste off karma and should not be done. same can be said for buying low level karma weapons as you are wasting half the karma spent on them when you could level a ninja. many also say that buying low level karma relics is a waste but as they are generally cheap the amount you waste is relatively small for the difference they make.
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Topic: Ninja Warz / New Clan Idea

Originally posted by diablothedragon:

yeah like low-health fast-attack ninjas that can quickly destroy there foes but they’re weak VS really powerful ememys who can deal alot of damage at one time Eg: fire clan

power isn’t everything they may deal more damage but they will die extremely quick (average 52power ninja at max level will only have about 2800hp and around 450-500 power were as a 52 hp ninja will have around 3200-3500 hp with around 380-400 power) hp based clans will always beat power based clans due to there livability this also shows up a huge amount when fighting zombies as power based clans will always struggle to get greater amounts off kills

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Topic: Ninja Warz / need update

Originally posted by AliAhmed619:

guys who thinks there shall be an update for ninja warz in kongregate?

there won’t be another update for kong as BB don’t care about it
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Topic: Ninja Warz / Hacks for Karma

Originally posted by lolzhss:

Well if theyre HACKERS they surely have a brute force and only need a username, then again iif theyre just idiots stealing kids acc’s… (not to be rude to u, just accusing the so called ’’hackers’’)

people don’t hack on this game only glitch the game itself
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Topic: Ninja Warz / Hacks for Karma

Originally posted by kiahn360:

if anyone knows any hackers that say they do hack Karma let me know because it is wrong and thy will steal your account. Stop The hackers and save the accounts

if there legit they wont ask for your pass ;) they will only ever ask for your phpsessid
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Topic: Ninja Warz / Ideas!?!?!?!!??!

Originally posted by RevengeBunny:

I 100% agree with all. Like BurgerCheese said, it’s hard to gain karma as a low level and a lot of work. No, I’m not saying we should lose weapons in tournaments, but karma is absolutely reasonable. I agree, and it seems to be many other do also. Maybe for levels 0-10 we could have in open level 6 tournaments, we may have about 15-20.

low level karma is the easiest to get just do achievements and farm its not difficult. the low level tournament weapons work out better then the weapons for gold in the shop up until around level 35 just slow level and collect tourney weapons if you are struggling.
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Topic: Ninja Warz / Speed vs. Power

Originally posted by lolzhss:

Well it says dpS so u would think it calculated per Second?

DPS= damage per second
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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons / guild any one :) recruiting

still actively seeking new members to our guild we currently have 30 spaces all applications will be accepted promptly we accept any levels as we grow as a guild not just take the highest level players this is a friendly laid back guild we have been running for nearly two years and i hope that any who need a guild will choose us we will do our best to help any who are new to the game. please click the below link. thanks

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Topic: Ninja Warz / warz

Originally posted by alon11:

i lose ol the time! cant you halp me?

slow level and farm 3 levels lower also do tourney often and do not power level or spread karma ( level just one ninja to 60 at a time)
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Topic: Ninja Warz / kredders

Originally posted by ninjawarkredder:

Nothing wrong with glitching, or being legit, or kredding. It’s your way to success. Being legit is hard… But it will be accomplished. Nothings Impossible.

some off the best players are legit take Francesca and corui both legit and very strong

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons / guild any one :) recruiting

any and all players will be accepted into the guild we currently have 21 spaces available due to recent inactive-ties. we have many luminaries in the guild.
please follow the below link to apply, all applications will be accepted within 12 hours

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Topic: Ninja Warz / OP Weapons/Tournaments

Originally posted by 123deathkitty:

FYI That’ll never happen. they aren’t “too OP” they are hardly even good. If you don’t like what you’re getting, level up and don’t be a wuss about it. I had to deal with the same thing before I got stronger.

lower level tourney weapons are stronger then the same level gold weapons making them a much better choice to most people (buying low level karma weapons is a complete waste)
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Topic: Ninja Warz / kredders

Originally posted by MasterNinja_:

Kredders will always lose to someone who glitches. So you should stop complaining about Kredders and complain about glitchers. I used to complain about Kredders all the time but not anymore :P

So they should complain about you also? lmao. You forget glitchers don’t tend to attack normal players, there is just no reason glitchers only tend to attack when they are attacked first (usually becomes helpful with large level differences). Anyone who feels the need to complain about glitchers want my advice don’t attack them simple as that.
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Topic: Ninja Warz / Bugs and Problems

Originally posted by emeory:

Guys my Ninja Warz isnt working it just comes up blank plz help

try using a different browser to make sure it isnt browser related and check flash player version if those dont work clear cache and cookies if that doesnt work give up and move on
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Topic: Ninja Warz / Feedback and Suggestions

Originally posted by ninjawarkredder:
Originally posted by AssassinsCreed91:

I really suggest something.
First of all, why does it take 2 to 4 days to level up when you are a high level? Atleast not much exp when fighting could be fair.
Second, I feel like that the weapons are okay, but Kimmiel is right. We want elements.
Third, the relics do not have an equal amount of everything such as health, power, health and agility.
Fourth, Kimmiel is right again. We want more bosses!
Fifth, we need more ways to earn Karma. It is so hard! We only have 3 ways: Daimyo, leveling up and, achievements.

Sixth, why do you have to wait four hours to compete in another tournament? There are 6 tournaments when you compete!
Last, why do you not earn exp when you beat your record for killing zombies?

Please try to add and fix these complaints and suggestions.

To answer your first question, we get about 1k exp per tournament and about 3k per zombie fight.

Clan/Elemental weapons are not strong and a waste of karma, just go for the Materia Melders.

They have a reason relics offer different power abilities. Otherwise there is no point in relics.

We do need more bosses I agree.

It’s easy to earn karma, you just need to use it wisely. (Ask people for advice)

Like I said, Tournaments are about 500-1k exp each if you win, so if you don’t do it in a 4 hours time frame… You would level fast.

And yes you do earn exp for zombies as for my first statement.

Proof you earn exp in zombies

You are basically asking for a easy game of ninja warz and what you want in it.

you only gain xp from zombies if the number of zombies killed doesnt differ to much
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Topic: Ninja Warz / guest-squads???

Originally posted by dude768904:

hm… ive been thinking if those gangs or clans are guests

they are npcs there are no guests that can play as you need an account to play
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Topic: Ninja Warz / Ally Finder

add me level 122 will add back weekly

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Feedback and Suggestions

Originally posted by Kimmiel03:

I want to suggest.

1. Weapons must have elements.

  • Ice – Slow opponent.
  • Fire – Burn opponent.
  • Electric/Lightning – Paralyze opponent. (maybe his attack become slowed and weakened)
  • Wind/Air – Blind opponent make them miss often.
  • Chaos – Do full damage even with the highest armor. (my personal favorite)

2. Karma that we gain should increase every level. It’s hard to enhance ninja’s with only 15 Karma’s per level. I’m level 73 and i only have 3 Level 60 Blackbelts.

3. If you can separate the players of 2010-2012 and 2013, please do. Cause i can’t even inflict damage to them because of 25 Level 60 ninja’s and they have the item like Amethyst Mason, Learning Rope, Weak Karma Stone and The Golden Fragments which made them incredibly strong and we don’t.

4. Add more bosses. :)

5. Lastly, i just wanted to say i was a big fan of BRAAAAAAAINS. :))

kong never received karma relics so all ninjas you see are either legit or glitched also just 3 level 60s at level 73? i suggest you slow level and farm for a bit at that level you should have at least 4-5 60s
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Topic: Ninja Warz / Weak Players-Farm List
1 white belt level 27

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Originally posted by Animaker:

Hey there, I’m Animaker and I am the best player of ninja warz in facebook, wanna try beat me?

funny thing is anoyone can be stronger within 2 hours your time was wasted congratz

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Karma

Originally posted by NINJAS_RULE:

Click the GET MORE KARMA button. I think its at a discount right now!

its been at a discount since the game was released and there is no point in spending money on this game as it doesnt get updated and nothing new will probably ever come to it

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Feedback and Suggestions

not working for me after trying just about everything it still wants flash even though i have higher then it is asking for