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Topic: Off-topic / i took a black and white photo of a rocking chair

Congratulations man.

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Topic: Off-topic / Little to no sleep

On a weekend day I might do this but whenever it comes to the school week I always try to get at least 4 hours. It’s tough for me just running off of four hours… I couldn’t possibly imagine 2 hours. If it ever came to that though I’d just drink my coffee, take my vitamins, and eat my protein bar.

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Topic: Off-topic / Should I cut my hair? - A poll.

It would be great if you could provide some pictures but if you feel the need to cut it, cut it. If you feel the need to grow it out long, grow it out long. I just got my haircut short today because I’ve had long hair ever since last summer. Feels great and doesn’t mess up as easy.

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Topic: Off-topic / is it cold where you live?

It always gets cold this time of year where I am. It has felt colder this year than last year though.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongregate or Newgrounds?

Originally posted by Rolby:

*too many twelve year olds.

and people can be rude in real life too. and people can be 12 years old in real life too, so u cant say those are cons, cuz they are way too normal.

This is true, I see your opinion does have a point. Just on Newgrounds I feel as if they don’t affect me as much personally. On this website you will find a 12 year old on every chat that has lied about their age. I shouldn’t have listed that as a CON now that I think about it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongregate or Newgrounds?

Originally posted by NEITOPHEN:

The forum is pretty much what made me join Kongregate, i tried the forum on NG but it was crap compared to Kong.

Yeah the forum on Newgrounds, in my opinion, is actually crap compared to this one. The only thing I would say about the Newgrounds Forums that has an edge over these forums is that they have a whole section devoted to programming help and more people participate in it than Kong’s section does.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongregate or Newgrounds?

Originally posted by ilvon:

NG is better at everything except the community, which is a pretty big thing

Really? I always thought they were big on community myself?

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongregate or Newgrounds?

Originally posted by Spy_From_TF2:

Why not stay in these two?
Also color themes for NG isn’t a bad idea…

Because I always switch back and forth. I feel uncomfortable doing the process of having phases. And yeah the color scheme of Newgrounds is actually well planned out and excellent but the black background really does irritate my eyes.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongregate or Newgrounds?

Originally posted by Reisyukaku:

I always imagined NG being a place riddled with obnoxious kids.

It’s not that it’s riddled with obnoxious kids, it just has a bunch of spam groups such as the Kitty Krew, Clock Crew, Lock Legion, etc. The only thing about the people I’d have to complain about it’s filled with trolls.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongregate or Newgrounds?

Originally posted by Immortal7777:

I never liked newgrounds, It’s just a bunch of low quality videos or games that people submitted and I don’t like it. I like kongregate better and I came here from warlords call to arms. I heard that staring at a black background tires you out faster and from my experience on the runescape forums I couldn’t stand that website for long periods without the black screen agrivating me to the point where I had to leave. I perfer kongregate.

Yeah only about 1 out of every 5 games is actually a good submission and a decent game. That website is filled with Spam and the “Blam” system most of the time doesn’t even work. Yeah the black website as a whole gets my eyes very irritated and tired late at night.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongregate or Newgrounds?

Originally posted by CowFriend:

NG has a pretty nice achievement system (in-game popups), but it’s way too disorganized. It’s like putting all kinds of crap into a single bowl.

Yeah the site itself is very unorganized, I do believe you’re right with that statement.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongregate or Newgrounds?

I’ve been debating whether to stay on each site permanently for the last two years. I’ll go through a phase where I want nothing more than to be on Kongregate and talk with people on the chat. Then the next month I’ll go through a phase where I’ll want to be on Newgrounds earning achievements from games, talking to people on their chat, etc.

I originally started on Kongregate because my friend had joined this site. This site seemed amazing because it was the first flash gaming website that had a “level” system for earning achievements for games. I became addicted on my first account and played countless hours on end for about 3 days straight earning medals for games and ranking up. After taking a break from Kongregate for about 4 or 5 days I ventured onto Newgrounds.

Newgrounds was my best experience ever. It had portals, new game submissions every minute, art, music, movies, etc. I understand that this website has just as much to offer but I just feel more involved in it whenever I’m on Newgrounds. Newgrounds (Hands down) is 10x more popular than this site because it’s been around longer. I understand that.

Kongregate Pros:
- Accessible Chat
- Ranking System based off of games
- User Friendly with its layout
- Quests
- Challenges
- Points +

Kongregate Cons:
- To many 12 year olds on chat (Yes I understand they’re not allowed)
- People can be rude on this website among the chat

Newgrounds Pros:
- Community participation
- Submit Games / Movies / Art / Music easily
- Level up based off of community participation
- Blogs

Newgrounds Cons:
- Site isn’t user friendly
- Dark colors hurt eyes at night (Theme of the website)
- Achievements mean nothing from games
- Hardly any money from profit for submitting games

I know asking this in the Kongregate forums I’m going to get biased answers, but what do you guys personally think? Should I stay on Kongregate or Newgrounds? I’m not asking this question because I’m not loyal to either of the two but I just need some help deciding. You opinions will be greatly appreciated :).

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Topic: General Gaming / Minecraft [Official Thread]

Originally posted by Saints_CROW:

Minecraft is a boring game.

Unless you are willing to spend all of your spare time building a castle or something, there is no reason to play it.

The reason to play it is to have a sense of creativity and imagination. Why are you posting on the Official Minecraft Thread if you don’t like the game? That sir, is weird.

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Topic: General Gaming / Look what i found!

This is amazing but there’s another alternative called Pokemon World Online that’s not as laggy.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / The Sandwich Game.

17. Dollar Bill

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Topic: General Gaming / What is your favorite video game?

I have a lot of favorites but if I would sum it up with one I would say: Star Wars Battlefront 2 for the PS2.

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Topic: General Gaming / Minecraft Xbox Update

Originally posted by Jonnyknight666:

came out today people! some things that were added: melons, melon seeds , pumpkin seeds, ENDERMAN!, silverfish,apples,swamp biomes,ravines,strongholds,creative mode, and a ALOT more

My Xbox broke last week. Bummer.

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Topic: Game Programming / New AS2 Tutorial

Originally posted by Draco18s:
Originally posted by ABipolarCactus:

since I don’t like coding.

Originally posted by ABipolarCactus:

my tutorial


I don’t like coding, that’s why I’m not good at making games. Mute buttons and custom cursors are simple codes.

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Topic: Game Programming / New AS2 Tutorial

I need myself to learn AS3 at the moment. I just can’t seem to grasp the concept of it. I was thinking about switching to Flash Develop but then again that wouldn’t help me either since I don’t like coding.

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Topic: General Gaming / Scariest Games on Kongregate

Originally posted by GottaAskTheMan:

Does this count?

Upgrade Complete 2 (Can’t be bothered to link it right now. Sorry!)

Damn, that heart rate upgrade is scary. >.<

The heart rate wasn’t scary, I just wasn’t expecting it. Woah… it can make you jump.

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Topic: Game Programming / New AS2 Tutorial

I understand that AS2 is outdated but that’s currently the actionscript I know. Now what should my tutorial include? I already have:

1. Custom Cursor
2. Mute Button

What else should I include in this AS2 tutorial.

HAS to be easy learning stuff.

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Topic: General Gaming / Minecraft Ideas

I was thinking a long the lines of exploding arrows. Some sticks, redstone, gun powder.

Originally posted by NinjutsuMaster7:

how about a homing arrow? like, arrows with redstone around, so they’re expensive, but they automatically hit mobs around you

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Topic: General Gaming / MineCraft!

What levels can you find Gold? Diamond?
How do you make an Aether Portal?
What do you rate the game out of 10?
What is the best thing to make with Gold?
Is gold armor better then iron?

1. You don’t need to be a certain level to start mining for Gold or Diamond.
2. You construct the Nether Portal by obsidian (Made when lava touches water), and Flint & Steel (Made from flint in gravel and some steel)
3. 9
4. There’s nothing that great you can make from gold. You can make anything out of it and it works really great but it only lasts a couple of minutes.
5. No. Not at all.

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Topic: General Gaming / Your top 5 hardest badges

Originally posted by game5000:

1- Max Mesiria Chp 2 (Imp badge): Last boss on BTL mode is impossible to kill. And can finish you off in 3-4 attacks…
2-ZunderFury (Imp badge)- The 1-30 wave whitout damage feat is semi impossible. Avoiding enemies at wave 25+ is extremly hard..
3-Ultimate Assassin 3 (Imp badge)- Why is this on the list ? You need both extreme skills AND luck…
4-Super Stacker 2 (Imp badge)- Dat speed run….
5-Pyro (Imp badge)- 40 levels under 160 sec. You kidding ?

Nice. I love how you entire post is Impossible badges. I’m not going to lie, I have not a single one yet.

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Topic: General Gaming / What games do you recomend people should play?

Well you just can’t get us to name a bunch of games. What are you looking for? Sci fi game, Fantasy, Shooters, RPG, MMORPG, etc.