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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Warband] Arcane Maruaders - Elites

We are looking for capable and experienced players with a total power of 2000 or more.You will need these requirements to join as a officer.



-Stay calm in most situations and handle them smoothly and efficently . It does not matter if you take longer than usual to solve them.


-Most of the time , read the alliance or kongregate game chat . Help members through offering advice . Know your enemies pro and cons.


-Control your raiding spree . Do not attack others in an alliance . If you are attacked by them however tell the leaders first. We will handle it.


-Acknowledge your friends and opponent. Recognise their importance whether it’s in combat or knowledge.


-Note down any important information in your mind or on paper . Important information are Strong enemies , Resources and Str of other castles , Castles surrounding you, etc..


-Believe in your instinct if it’s telling you a message . This will save you most of the time from vital problems. People actions are influenced by their expectations.

If you have these requirments , pm ParsVengance , Selphious(me) and Empire .