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Topic: Realm Grinder / R44 Post ASC Can't get Demon Horn/DIVINE Sword

If you’re certain you never accidentally prestiged, my first guess is you failed to buy Survey Equipment before excavating, and my second guess is you used BUY MAX, which I for one never trust when excavating for artifacts. I use BUY 100.

Waiting this long to artifact hunt is a terrible idea, incidentally, for the reason you’re discovering – rubies are VERY finite (and using them up on excavation resets is the worst possible way to spend them), in practice reincarnations are as well, and that means excavations are a finite resource – you shouldn’t waste them willy nilly. RG has a strong history of punishing players who advance too far between content updates. That’s why I’m sitting on R45 and absolutely not trying for R46 for now – running out of reincs means I run out of excavations and I’m confident more artifacts are coming.

Go here: Useful Tools > Royal Scribe, import your save, miscellaneous tab will let you confirm your consecutive affiliation numbers. You can even post the screenshot here for our feedback.

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Originally posted by VMDC:

Ideally, a buying notation would buy all but 20 or x amount off the top, so you can balance the buildings more out, not buying those few dozen buildings that would cost 97% of all expenses.

Yes, this would be particularly helpful to Ascended Goblins, where buying expensive buildings very often negatively impacts production, since so much of your core production is cash on hand rather than building count.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / 55-70% CPU usage. Game is becoming unplayable... :(

The CPU usage under any browser will rise to infinity unchecked. The cause is scrying – when you scry, you download and execute javascript, but not all of the downloaded scripts halt when the advertisement is over.

What I do is use noscript under firefox (both browsers have add-ons to block javascript) to control which script providers I do and do not allow. This has the benefit of avoiding crashes, but the downside of making scry work less often.

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While I second the motion to let us buy all exchanges at once, automatic exchange buying would also be nice – once I’ve bought every upgrade that I can that costs faction coins, I never have a reason to “bank” them – unlike gold coins, there are absolutely no upgrades, research or otherwise, that reward me for banked faction coins, so I’d ALWAYS rather convert them into exchanges as rapidly as possible. Making me actually click to make that happen is simply aggravating.

It should be optional, of course – both because there’s always a phase where I need my faction coins for other things, and because you guys might release upgrades in the future that do reward banking faction coins.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Think of an OP upgrade.

Your assistants now breed like humans. Gain assistants over time based on your current assistants, reincarnation, and gem count. Formula: time to next assistant = 9^(1/r)/(ln(g)*a) months, where a is your current number of assistants, g is your current number of gems, and r is your current reinc.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / What is the MAX R (after acsencion)

The upper limit is any time any number approaches approximately 17.9e309. You can’t keep fixing the problem with more ascensions as written, as you will hit problems with floating point precision when trying to shrink/compress your numbers; furthermore, ascensions don’t fiddle with faction coins, so theoretically, when we finally hit a build capable of driving up the cost of your next exchange to above 17.9e309, and/or collecting that many into a single faction coin pool, we’ll hit the problem there instead.

If you want to be like Kraide, with enough rubies you can force the problem to happen at any R, although you’d need to give the devs more than Earth’s combined GDP for the next century to just make it happen with your ruby count.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Bug report: Infinite faction coins??

Right, it’s notational. You definitely do not have any of those three numbers of faction coins. Buy max is probably hard coded to not let you buy more than 10k at a time.

I’d just file a bug report (using the Kongregate game bug link below the game), and use google docs or the like to share your bugged save with the devs in the report, so they can see the issue.

Out of curiosity, what does your Evolutive Mutation (Faceless 1.2) show? If this bug is new, I’m guessing it’s due to an interaction between Dwarf Challenge 4 and Evolutive, although it could really be anything.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Bug report: Infinite faction coins??

Also try engineering (which won’t allow 1e1); I’m curious whether you see 1e3 or 1e6 (I am expecting 1e3).

You clearly have a notational bug, since shorthand is listing 1e6 and scientific is listing 10. In my experience, the game is tracking some number which is neither of those for the actual stats in question. If you can really buy exchanges in bulk like that, try maxing out how many exchanges you have (use an autoclicker if it gets tedious), using buy max, not buy 100. If you can run out of faction coins at some point and you can tell us how many exchanges you had before and after, we can backsolve how many you actually spent on those exchanges, and work out how many faction coins you actually had.

Was this a run designed for faction coin income? If there’s a specific build that does this, I would have thought we’d have discovered it by now, due to faction coin trophies existing….

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Topic: Realm Grinder / 5000 Evil / Neutral buildings builds

Originally posted by bowserbabe:

Any builds for post Ascension?

Try these.

Remember to use Goblin blood for building count. Fairies are best at it in Good, Titans in Neutral, and typically Goblins in Evil. Obviously, don’t turn the dwarf challenges off.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / 5000 Evil / Neutral buildings builds

No, they’re definitely doable prior to R45. Remember, once you have the dwarf challenges done, you only need 4167 of a given building, and goblin blood can work wonders. The only concern I’d have would be maaaaaaybe the non-Unique Neutrals which aren’t FIB, but I’d expect goblin-blooded titans to pull through for me. Certainly mercs take a huuuge hit once you’ve ascended. Goblin-blooded Fairies have the easiest time of all, and of course you can always reach for goblin-blooded goblins.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / New Demon Bloodline

Originally posted by Keslen:
Originally posted by SailorMoon:

I went through this thread, and the only thing I actually understood was that demon bl and C340 are hawt post-ascension. I’m at R39, and as of how I got here – well, random clicking, mainly :)

I’d recommend very highly that you check out my thread on optimized research builds (link). I make it a point to keep it updated with the best I know of and much of the discussion that leads to that is contained within. I hope it’s useful to you going forward.

You should include Elves. I always use them as my first faction post-reinc while ascended, as they help bootstrap up resources like total clicks without being as reliant on gems as titans; Elven Treasure Casings ignores Ascension (as do all base production additives, which is why HoLs and Goblin Banks are so good post-ascension) and their faction coin income is good at 0 gems, which is critical when Ascended.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestions]

The Realm Weather Service is running into trouble, and consists entirely of presenting us with information already present in the game code. Could you please just build its functionality into the core game for Miracle, LS, and so on?

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Should I ascend?

Ascending penalizes you in the gem count department primarily, which interferes with some upgrades like D135, but it’s a fundamentally different game, really, since gold coins become much less important than faction coins and mana.

Archwizard takes a really long time (although less now with the prestige upgrades) pre or post ascension, but remember, the devs have a strong track record for punishing you for running out of reincs by introducing content that is only achievable at the beginning of a reinc or in a reinc dedicated to the new content, so it’s a poor idea in general to reinc too much while waiting on an update.

This is particularly true right now, as each post-ascension reinc is harder than the one before it, due to how harshly the reinc-based buffs in the game get nerfed by ascension.

EDIT: Out of curiosity – I can only see the heavily nerfed dwangel challenge upgrade, as I am post-ascension. What kind of discount are you seeing on it? I’m curious if it can be raised enough to make Archwizard feasible on Good.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / No. of rubies

I have 24, but wasted 6 on excavation resets, so only 18 real ones, 17 of which are spent.

I have refused to spend money on them out of protest for excavation resets permanently “eating” rubies.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestions]

Originally posted by MatthewY12:

A use for all the “spells cast in a single game” trophies.

Here’s what I’m thinking. Why don’t we make it so that every “Spells cast in a single game” trophy automatically adds a certain number of spells cast to your “Spells Cast(Total)” value. This would cut down on the number of junk runs we need to do to boost certain researches in the late game.

Just my two cents

More broadly, it would be nice if every trophy unlocked an upgrade, rather than only some of them. Mostly they could, as you suggest, add, rather than multiply, some static amount to some relevant stat, making them primarily useful for skipping preliminary stages. For example, Realm Clicker (100e3 clicks this game) could count your clicks this game stat as min(100e3, real), while Overgrinder could count your total buildings this game as min(50e3, real), etc, or they could actually add (so your clicks this game with Realm Clicker unlocked would always equal 100e3 + real). Some care would have to be taken to avoid having this actually add to the real stat, or people will just chain-abdicate to spike their numbers, but that care is already taken with things like Drow Challenge 4, so we know they have the framework in place for it.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Minor Feature Requests]

Originally posted by Gensuki:

I think there is an error in the way faction coins are randomly handed out. I am doing the 100 trillion FC run as Goblin Drow, and I have about 5E7 more fairy coins than anything else, and about 6E7 fewer demon and dwarf coins than the other 4 vanilla factions. Despite the flames upgrade, I have MORE drow coins than demon coins, even though I would expect them to be 1E8 less, instead it is 2E7 more.

Just kind of weird since there are upgrades related to those two kinds of coins, and they are the less common ones.

You know what would be manifestly useful at just about all stages of the game?

Just like we have an upgrade line you earn with trophies to make autocasting less dumb (even though with all of the upgrades, you still can’t sync spells based on the end of their cast, so it’s still inferior to a good autoclicker), an upgrade to let you prioritize faction coin income by faction would be super boss. Need dwarf or drow coins specifically? Set the appropriate faction to priority. Saving up for Druid Heritage? Set Elf and Demon to priority. Basically, faction coin income would only be split across the prioritized factions.

Done like spells, with shift-clicking, so it’s a strictly optional effect. Even nicer would be custom fractions, but that would require text input, something the game tries not to accept (which is why we can’t type in a contingency autocast amount).

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Humm... Help?

This happens to me whenever I switch to a newer computer, which is why I stick to playing on an older one. I believe it has something to do with Realm Grinder not playing nice with Firefox, so I would suggest trying Chrome to see if the problem persists.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / What is this ?

It’s a context clue for a hidden trophy.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Archwizard hopefuls

I’ll post my stats.


Goblins, Druid Blood

S: 30, 50, 105, 400, 500
C: 105, 120, 150, 330, 400 [[NOTE: 250 has a reasonable growth rate and 305 has a worthless growth rate, but I took neither as my offline time is very low.]]
D: 135, 200, 250, 290, 560
E: 30, 135, 145, 225, 250, 590
A: 105, 120, 150, 270, 305 [[NOTE: I did this build without doing the math properly; 10 would have been a much better choice than 105, but I don’t care enough to restart.]]
w: 25, 135, 200, 205, 250, 400, 520

The mistake in the A tree lowers my production by a factor of 20, but while the extra buildings would be nice, I’d rather just let the build “cook” for now.

Faction Coins: 90.13e12 (still working on this trophy, but I’ll get it later today)
Spells: 13.92e6
Playtime: 19h, 42m
MPS: 4488.9
Tax Collections: 9 per 160 mana

Casting: Blood Frenzy > Combo Strike > Tax Collection.

I’m R39 with enough coins to Ascend, but Ascensions sound really broken, what with so many tooltips apparently being very incorrect, so I’m giving Ascension a miss for now and focusing on trophies.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Reworking Bloodlines: Whats your input?

Rebalancing bloodlines first requires you to pick a benchmark – how good should a bloodline be? I’m not sure that’s a question we have a great answer to.

Personally, what I like least are bloodlines with constant returns, like demon or undead, just because you intrinsically cannot work them into a longer run in a synergistic way – e.g. Undead is fantastic for an up-front injection of assistants, but it just won’t grow with you like Angels or Druids will.

I would rewrite all of the bloodlines to provide you all bloodline benefits (e.g. all would provide additional assistants, all would provide faction coins, etc), but based on different metrics (e.g. Fairies might care about assistants while Angels care about mana produced or regen, depending on the balancing in mind), so which bloodline you choose is based on the rest of your build, so you can focus the build on the core metric of the bloodline you’re after.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / NU elves rush (R19+) - best reseachers in e69-e92 range.

Elves can’t take s175, and they can’t take 6 picks from spellcraft.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Post-Challenge Builds

Originally posted by Asmora:

Titans, surely. All this faffing about with Faceless is ultimately nonsense at this point.

And actually, for any multi-day Faceless run once you have Focused Thoughts, it’s actually better to NOT take the duration upgrades. Getting more casts in will boost your BW far past where double or even triple duration would have. I don’t think that’s working as intended, but that’s the way it’s working right now.

Absolutely right on both counts. Only reason to go Faceless right now is to grind up Omnipresence; I’m actually waiting on the next expansion to reinc again (since the game continues to give us challenges/researches/trophies/etc we need fresh reincs to do, so it’s not a great idea to reinc too much once you’ve finished the current content).

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Topic: Realm Grinder / R26 should do Unique Druid or Non-Unique Druid?

Originally posted by IanIanIan:

Since druids is all about maximizing your LEAST productive building, you will want to go non-unique. That is, until your stonehenges are now the least productive, in which case you will bump them up a little bit. Unless you can take the upgrade that has GB hit 2 targets, then you can leave your bottom target as low as you want and only worrt about maximizing your second least productive building.

Exactly. If you’re going to go Druids, C300 is mandatory, and then you go full non-unique. Not sure why you would, though – Titans are better.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Underpowered/Duplicate Research upgrades

Originally posted by why_amihere:

Goblins: C175 makes it into all Goblin builds below R26 unless you have two of the following: GotK/long Elf runs to boost C135; lots of Goblin time this Reincarnation to boost C200 and want to do long runs (U Goblins); lots of offline time and can use C250 effectively; lots of offline time and can use C305 effectively. Goblins are powerful enough already, and don’t really need an extra boost.

Without 5 upgrades opened in C, Goblins should not even consider C175 – the four previous ones are all orders of magnitude better. With 5 opened up, C175 only makes the cut because C80 does effectively nothing for gobs, not because it’s worthwhile. It takes almost no work to get C135 better than C175. I have never once taken C175.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Challenges

Angel 2 listing is incorrect. I just produced over 500k mana in under 40 minutes and did not get the challenge. Do not know the correct challenge, but the listed challenge is wrong.