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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Bad Eggs Online] Share Your Made Up Weapons (More Weapon Ideas For U!!!)

Originally posted by LowBro17:
You can describe your own made up weapons here. If they are good then maybe RobAlmighty will put them in the game! This is very rare, but still, it is fun to express your opinions. I have a pretty good weapon. It is a Vortex Launcher, which hits you initally for 25 damage points, but launches 5 additional black orbs that are 5 damage. So the maximum damage is 50. This also transports your character to another spot on the terrain. Another one may be Missile Shooter, which shoots a missile for 20 damage, but explodes into 10 pieces, which are each 1 damage. Now you can share your ideas. You could get famous! *Onward With The Weapons!* I will be adding more once I get new ideas. I have a new idea of a sword, which does the same as the Throwing Knife, but does 40 damage, because the accuracy is low. I also have Inferno Cannon, which shoots one main Fireball, which is 35 damage, but shoots 5 other Fireballs that are smaller and do 3 damage, making the total maximum damage 50. I also have an AK47, which shoots 10 shots in the same path, but they are each worth 5 damage, and some can miss and some can't. Another example is the Mystery Attack. It does a random amount of damage from 10-50, and may cause an advantage for the victim. Or maybe the Poison Dart, which does 8 damage, but every turn does 5 more damage. Another good idea (And I know I already have 6) would be the parachute bomb, which you shoot in the air above your target, press SPACE to deploy the parachute, and watch it float down to the victim. This attack does 38 damage. I realize many of you have posted here. I thank you all for the posts. You have been a great influence. Remember how I said you could get famous? RobAlmigty posted here saying we had good ideas. I never thought we would get this far...let alone in a day! I have new weapons to share. I am thinking of an Android Turret, which shoots a walking android, which walks slowly on the terrain, and explodes after 5 seconds. It also shoots 5 missiles. The missiles cause 4 damage, and the Android causes 22 damage, which totals at 42 maximum damage. I also thought of Slingshot, which shoots 10 rocks. They are 3 damage each, and when they hit they add new land. I got the idea from Chirpe, so I give him credit. I have another idea of Volcanic Rocket, which explodes on contact. It then shoots out 10 small blobs of lava, which hit the ground, and roll. After 5 seconds they harden into new ground (Again, thank you Chirpe). The missile causes 20 damage on contact, and the lava causes 5 damage each. I know 70 damage seems like alot, but the lava splatters everywhere, and you are likely to only get hit with 1 or 2 blobs of lava, even less if you get hit with the fire missile. Yes, I have more. I think it is more efficient to edit this rather than to make 20 posts. So my idea is Dark Magic Staff, which shoots an orb of black magic, which does 25-50 damage plus it lowers attack power for the victim. I also have Acid Rain, which you shoot it in the sky, and it falls as 5 drops of Acid that are each 25 damage and slow down the player. I am thinking of a Range Bomb, which varies damage. It has a large range. The damage depends where you are. The damage is 5-30, but the closer you are to the actual spot where it hit, the more damage. It also raises the ground by an inch in the range zone. I am thinking of a Star Shooter, which shoots golden stars that break into 5 pieces on contact. The star does 25 damage, as the pieces do 3 damage for a total of 40 damage. Ideas are the key to learning. That is why my IQ is 153, even know I am only 10. Another idea could be the Fire Bomb, which causes 20 damage. You catch fire, and for the rest of the game you lose 3 damage per turn. I am also deciding on a Nuclear Missile, which does 35 damage. It also acts as a shotgun after impact, only it fires everywhere on the screen. The shots (Debris from the Nuclear Missile) do 4 damage, for a total of 75 damage, but you are likely to only get hit by 1 or 2 shots. My next one may be a skill, but it is still here. If you want you can also put skills here. This one is called "Army". What happens is you bring in two other eggs that do nothing, but stand by you. Your next two turns do 3 times the damage. I will probably get famous for this forum, so here are more ideas for all of you to read. My next idea is a Sacrifice Cannon, which you get shot out of. If you hit an egg from the other team, it will automatically kill them, but you lose 50 health. This is unlocked when you reach level 65. I will also think of a Longshot Turret, which shoots two bullets in opposite directions. It hits for 20 damage, releases another bullet for 10 damage, releases another bullet for 5 damage, releases another bullet for 2 damage, and then that releases another bullet for 1 damage, all totaling up to 38 damage. Both bullets do a total of 76 damage. This is unlocked at level 26. The next one is an Eggsplosive one. It is a VOLCANO!!! You shoot a seed. It grows into a volcano after 2 turns and launches 100 Red Fireballs everywhere that are 3 damage each, totaling for 300 damage. They shoot EVERYWHERE! This is by far the craziest idea of mine yet! I am also thinking of GOD VORTEX, which shoots a ball of pure Physic Proton Energy, and on contact, it makes a flash on the computer. Then, a ghost appears, and he dissapears into thin air, and then, the person who got hit with the energy orb goes down to one health point. This is defenitly epic, and you need to get to level 80 to unlock it. I also have the idea for a Trebuchet, which shoots 3 rocks for 15 damage, for a total of 45 damage possible. This has 65% accuracy and is unlocked at level 26. I also have the idea for an Eggsplosive Trebuchet, which shoots 5 rocks for 5 damage, which explode into 3 smaller rocks for 2 damage, for a total of 55 damage. Yes, 55. But it is impossible to hit one enemy for the full 55, and accuracy is only 50%. This is unlocked at level 58. But now I am thinking of a Flaming Scythe, which hits you for 34 damage, but burns for 5 damage every turn for the next 3 turns. This is the post where all of my ideas come together for you to see. I probably might never stop. My next idea is Splitter, where there are 2 swerving rockets that each hit for 15 damage. My next idea is Crazies, which are 5 small balls that can be shot, but they bounce 4 times more than the Bouncer. After 5 seconds, they explode. They do 9 damage each, for a total of 45. But accuracy is almost none. My next idea is a whole pack! It is the Deadly Pack. It comes with a badge, 2 shells, and 2 weapons. The two weapons are Death Rocket and Reaper. The death rocket is similar to the bazooka, only it does 25 damage. The Reaper is a Sycthe, similar to the frying pan, but does 32 damage. The first shell is the Grim Reaper. The next is the Skeleton Egg. The badge looks like a flaming skull. All of this costs 550 credits. Another weapon idea is Rainbow Missile. It starts out looking like a white missile, but after 1.5 seconds it explodes into 6 missiles, all colors of the rainbow. They explode and when they do, a rainbow appears where the white missile landed. The white missile is 15 damage, and the rainbow missiles are 6 damage, for a total of 51 damage. But you are likely to get hit with only 1 missile, even less if you get hit by the white missile. This is unlocked at level 62. My next idea is a Dark Magic Orb, which is similar to the Blueberry, but explodes more violently, is black, and on contact releases a gray Air Strike Flare. There is only 1 flare, though, on it's first contact. It bounces 5 times for 7 damage, with an Air Strike for 15 damage, for a total of 50. Again, you are most likely only to get hit with 2-3 bounces. This weapon is unlocked at level 65. My next idea is a Fountain O' Bombs, which you shoot a Red Seed, wait 3 seconds, and it will shoot 20 small bombs in the air for 2 damage each, for a total of 40 damage. You can get hit by either 1 or all 20 bombs, depending on where you are. This is unlocked at level 70. My next weapons will all cost 50 credits for 1 ammo. This is because they are extremely valuable. The first is Chopper. It releases a helicopter that flies above the playing field. Then, it drops 5 bombs throughout it's flight. They have the same affect as grenades, but they each do 12 damage, for a maximum of 60 damage. Get this in thought: THEY CAN NOT ALL HIT ONE ENEMY. They have 25% accuracy and will spread the bombs throughout the whole course. The next value weapon is the Spikeball, which, on contact, does 9-14 damage. It is very bouncy, and bounces 4 times. After that, it explodes for 15-20 damage. If lucky, you will get a perfect 90 damage, but this is almost impossible. And I MEAN IMPOSSIBLE. You have 0.0321% chance. In most cases, you will get about 20-50 damage. The next value weapon is Firecracker, which is very very light. After 5 seconds, it explodes 5 times for 8 damage each. It shoots out 20 particles for 1 damage each, for a maximum of 60 damage. If done correctly, this can be decently easy to at least get a good 50 damage. My next value weapon is Deploy Missile. On contact it does 15 damage, but throughout it's flight it drops up to 10 missiles for 6 damage. It is again IMPOSSIBLE to get all shots on one enemy, like in Chopper. If lucky you will get 2 missiles on one enemy. This is not used to KO one egg, it is used to slightly harm a lot of eggs. In 1v1, this is almost useless. In 2v2, it is decent, and it is best used in 3v3. The last valuable weapon is the Plentiful Orb. For all of you that know what plentiful mean, it means "many". That gives you a hint on the next weapon. It is a White Sphere that is 15 damage on contact, but it turns into 40 smaller orbs for 1 damage each. They explode after 7 seconds. At level 80, you can choose a weapon from the value pack for free (1 ammo). My next idea is a G650 Bomb, which is similar to the grenade. You shoot it and it rolls. After 5 seconds it explodes for 12 damage. But it shoots 4 particles for 3 damage each, for a total maximum of 24 damage. The next idea is a AI Bomb Radar. It is otherwise known as a Remote Bomb Launcher. You shoot the metal square. After it settles and stops, 5 explosive bombs fall from the sky and explode after 3 seconds, 9 damage each, for a total of 45. You will not hit all of the damage on one egg. Maximum for 1 is, if lucky, 27. But even that has a 3% chance. Actually, you can hit all on one enemy, but the odds are 1 in some 2,670,000. These are both bomb weapons. My next weapon is the Remote Bomb. It is like the bomb, but you control when it explodes. To detonate it, press SPACE. It auto-detonates in 7.5 seconds. It does 38 damage. My next idea is the Midieival Flail. It is a spiky ball on a chain. This has low accuracy and the chain will swing back and forth. When it hits an enemy egg, it does 30 damage. The next is a Mountain Spout. It creates a large mountain-type pyramid in the ground where it lands. If it hits an enemy, it does 10 damage. My next idea is a Target, which you throw on the ground. It explodes when it stops for 8 damage, but sends down an air strike of 4 missiles for 7 damage each, for a total of 36 damage. My next weapon idea is a Customizable Weapon. You create a graphic for the weapon to look like. You adjust how many particles there are and the damage. You start out a maximum of 20 damage. That can be 1 missile of 20 damage, 2 of 10 damage, 4 of 5 damage, or even 20 for 1 damage. You can put it in any combination you want. You can even make it LESS DAMAGE. You can make the damage bigger as you level up, until you reach 50 damage. You can make it 60 when you reach level 80, but since you get a maximum damage point every time you level up, you will stop gaining at level 30 until you get to 80. My next idea is an Lightning Generator, which shoots 5 bolts of lightning. It is not affected by gravity, and they can twist in any direction possible, making accuracy 30%. Each lightning bolt is 14 damage, due to accuracy. The maximum damage possible is 70, due to innacuracy and gravity affect. The next idea is Tsunami Launch, which is an airstrike. When it settles, it releases 350 gallons of water. If it hits directly from the sky, it does 16 damage, but it can create a body of water, that, on contact, does 7 damage. If you are in a 3v3 it can do up a grand total of 51 damage. That earns you losing 7 health. The next idea is a Warship, which is basically a mix of a repeater and a cannon. It shoots 6 repeated heavy, low range cannonballs for 6 damage, for a total of 36 damage. This, like the repeater, is all shot in one place. If you get hit by the first missile, you are likely to get hit by all of them (unless you are at the top of a very steep mountain, you hit the bottom of the mountain, and you fall down from the top to the bottom of the screen). My next idea is called "Oh The humanity". In the weapon you shoot 5 eggs that each hit for 6 damage, totaling to 30 damage. My next idea is C4, which is like Dynamite, except it does 28 damage. The next idea of mine is the Avalanche. It is a simple air strike that stops as fast as the Gas Grenade. It lets 1-6 small rocks fall and 1-3 big rocks fall. There needs to be 6 rocks that fall. The large rocks are 9 damage, as the smaller rocks are 5 damage. On one enemy, you can only hit 2-3 rocks on 1 enemy on initial contact (Without them rolling towards you) and even less with a large rock. The very rare maximum is 42 damage, but almost impossible, defenitly impossible on 1 egg. The max on 1 egg is 32, and usually is between 10-27. My next idea is "Sunshine Grenade". It explodes for 12 damage, but shoots out 8 lasers from the sides when it explodes that are not affected by gravity for 6 damage each, for a total of an impossible to get 60. Yes, 60. You will most likely get hit for 6-18 damage on 1 enemy, a 24 at most. My next weapon is the "Smiley Of Doom", which is not affected by gravity. It cuts through ground 4 times, then explodes. Every time it cuts it gets bigger. Each of the cuts are 5 damage, and the explosion is 14 damage, for a total of 34 damage. My NEXT weapon is the Heat Seeker Swirl. It launches 4 missiles for 6 damage each, and they home in on an egg, for 24 damage possible. At this point I will count all my weapons. Let's see, I have... so many I stopped at 10. And I was less tha 1/4 through the list LOL. Soo... Onward with the next paragraph! Ok, I have about 4 weapons per paragraph, and there is 18 weapon paragraphs, sooooo........ how long have I posted here? Geez, an average of 72 weapons? WOAH... So anyway, here is more weapons. The next weapon is Spike Bomb, which is a bomb with spikes on it (Duh). It rolls straight through enemies for 4 damage, then explodes for 10 damage, and launches 6 spikes everywhere (Affected by gravity) for 5 damage a spike, for a definetly impossible 52 damage, but at maximum can do 26 damage on one enemy and, on average, do 5-19 damage. My next weapon is the Tri-Nuclear Missile. It is similar to the Death From Above, except the rockets are 18 damage, for a total of 54 damage, rather than 45. My next idea is the Laser Grenade, which explodes at the point where it is highest in the air. It explodes into 10 lasers, kind of like it is a decagon and it explodes out of it's sides or something. Each laser does 4 damage, and it does not harm you or other of your teammates. So rare maximum of 40 damage, but only up to 16 on an egg, and that would be right next to an egg. My next idea is the Striker, which is an air strike. It shoots down 5 stars side by side REALLY FAST down to the enemy, doing 8 damage per star, for a total of 40 damage. The stars are small, but either way you can only get 32 on one enemy, which, if the strike lands right next to an enemy, will often get the 32. My next idea is the Ultra Missile X, which is a missile that is 24 damage, but the explosion is 1.55X the explosion of the 25k air strike, so it will cover a huge area. My next idea is a Red God Orb, which is a small red ball. When hit by it, you would lose 5 health, and for the next 3 turns, your damage goes down by 20%. The next idea is the Blue God Orb, which on contact does 4 damage, but the whole other team takes the damage, and they all lose 2 health over all of their next turns. My next idea is the Green God Orb. It grows into a Missile Turret after 3 turns, and shoots a missile every other turn after that for 12 damage a missile. It randomly shoots an enemy, with 100% chance to hit. My next idea is the Golden Godly Orb, which hits for 34 damage. My next idea is a Black God Orb. It shoots out 8 black balls on contact for 2 damage a ball, but the initial explosion is 18 damage, for a total of 34 damage possible, like a Roman Candle with 5 extra possible damage. The last God Orb is the White God Orb, which sprays an enemy with white powder. Then, when another God Orb hits him, it does him 45 damage without the affects of the original God Orb that hit him second. Warning: The powder lasts for only 2 turns. That was like a whole series, the God Orb series. So, my next idea is "Acid Rain Shower". It is an airstrike. When settled, it drops 12 side-by-side drops of teal Acid Rain for 4-5 damage each, for a max of 60 damage. You can not get all 60 on one enemy (I've said this like 10 times). The most you can hope for is 25, and on average 10-20. My next idea is the Fire Bomb. It bounces 7 times for 5 damage, and then explodes for 21 damage, for a total of 54 damage. Like blueberry, except +8 damage, 2 more bounces, and the explosion radius is 1.85% bigger. It looks like a fireball. My next idea is the Fire Blower X. It shoots out 14 fire particles for 2 damage each, and blows the enemy far backwards. My next idea is the French Musket, which is basically a 24 damage sniper. My next idea is the Flame Roller. Shoot it at the ground. It continues rolling (It is anchored to the ground when it hits it) for 3 seconds and then explodes for 14 damage. Every enemy it hits it does 6 damage to. Then, after it explodes, it digs into the ground 5 times for 2 damage each and wherever it rolled the land goes down. I know you weren't counting, and all that can result in a total of 42 damage on 3v3, 36 on 2v2, and, very rarely, 30 on 1v1. On one enemy it can do 30, and if done correctly, can have a decent hope of doing the full 42. My next idea is the... well, it is 3 things. You first shoot the Land Grenade to put the enemy in a crater, then use the Water Grenade to shoot water in the crater, and then use the Fire Grenade to boil the water and cause discomfort to the egg. Due to amount of turns, on 1v1 it does 55 damage, on 1v1v1 it does 60 damage, on 2v2 and 1v1v1v1 it does 65, and on 3v3 it kills the egg. My NEXT idea is the Fireball Twister. It is similar to Whirlwind, but it does 18 damage to an egg. My next idea is the Power Surge, whch is a missile. It explodes for 6 damage, and releases 2 enemy waves that are 3 damage each. Then, it explodes forwards 6 times 3-5 damage each, for a total of 42 damage. If done correctly, it is common to get the full 42, but that would mean 2 enemies or more in a row where it explodes forward. My next idea is the Vial O' Death, which is a vial of red liquid. You shoot it at an enemy for 15 damage, but it launches out 15 small red balls for 1 damage each, for a total of 30 damage possible. My next idea is the Twister, which is a rocket. You shoot it up in the air. After *1.5 SECONDS*... notice that I bolded those words. Do not make it one second. Otherwise it would be easy to get full damage, like Whirligig and Mortar. So, it explodes for 10 damage, and turns into 12 rockets for 6 damage each, for a total of 82 damage. This has to get that much damage, due on difficulty to get all damage. Sure, if you do it right you can get it, but it takes mastering. It would be really hard to do more than 40 when shot in the air. You will probably only get the full 82 on ONE ENEMY, so this weapon is meant for overkilling one egg, not killing them all, like Whirligig. My next idea is the Land Cutter. You shoot it to thee ground, and it cuts all the ground down to that level, except the ground below it. It does no damage. My next idea is the Multi Strike. It is an airstrike that stops as fast as Death From Above. It shoots down 16 balls (In a 4x4 grid) for 4 damage each, for a total of an impossible on one enemy 64 damage, but on one enemy all you can hope for is 48. Sure, this is much, but these weapons could go into the shop or be used in a value pack. The possibilities are endless. My next idea is the RapidFire Attack. It shoots 12 missiles that are low on accuracy but shoot in the general direction you aim at. Each missile is 3-4 damage, totaling up to 36-48. Now, the 3 and 4 are randomized, and you are likely to hit about 8-10 shots, so about 28-40 damage a user, but of course you can get all 48 on multiple enimies. My next idea is Disintgretor. It is a Giant Fireball that is the size of the 25-ton drop. It hits for 6 damage, bounces once for 6 damage, then explodes for 8 damage into 4 smaller fireballs for 8 damage each, for a total of 52 damage, but if done correctly, it can be easy to get at least 42 damage on 1 enemy. That would require the enemy being in a deep pit (Maybe more than 42 with pit made by driller) And for all 4 fireballs to hit. My next idea is the Fiery Strike. It is an air strike that sends down 10 fireballs (In a 5x5 grid) for 4 damage each fireball, for 40 possible damage, but is impossible to get more than 24 on 1 enemy. My next weapon is the Golden Gun, which costs 1,000 credits. It shoots a white plasma laser. Shoot it at the ground. It explodes 2.5 times bigger than the 25 ton drop can at max for 50 damage, totaling 150 damage if it hits all 3 enemies. The damage is stable, so if you are in the explosion you are affected by it to the fullest. But again, this gun costs 1,000 credits. My next idea is the Crossroad Beam. You control 2 lines with your mouse. Where they intersect is where it hits. The laser shines at where all the lines are. It cuts the terrain there. It also does 8 damage to whatever enemy is touching the line. My next weapon is the Tri-Bouncing Strike. It is half Air Strike, half Blueberry, but 3x the power. It is an airstrike that sends down 3 Bouncing Spheres, they bounce about 1.15x of the Blueberry's bounce. They bounce 4 times for 6 damage a bounce each, totaling up to 72 damage. The damage is incredible. If there is one enemy in the right size pit you can get at least 60 damage. This weapon is incredible. It is not the best weapon, but this is near the top of the good weapon rank. So... the #1 weapon is (Not counting GOD or Volcano)... Oh, it is the Tri-Bouncing Strike! 2nd is already in the game, and it is Whirligig. Remember, this is just as of now, not counting the weapons after this So my next weapon is the Top Comment-inator! Deals 999 damage! LOL, no, this is not a real weapon, but I am super excited that I have a top comment. Remember: "+ if you are here for your credits!". Then you remember my comment. And if you remember this couple of sentences, you remember my happiness! My next weapon idea is the Whirl Grenade, which is like an Orange Grenade. It explodes for 6 damage, launching 14 swerving rockets high in the air for 8 damage each, for an IMPOSSIBLE max of 130. BUT at maximum, you can get up to 12 rockets hitting on all the enemies, 4 on one, for a max of 38 on 1 enemy. On average you will get 8-22 damage on 1 enemy. The 130 is far from the possibility. It is weird how I always like to do a certian type of weapon. Recently it was Bouncers and Blueberries, before it was Air Strikes, and first it started with Roman Candle-type weapons. So... that blueberry idea... my next weapon is the Flip Grenade. On contact with the ground, it reforms the terrain to flat with some bumps, and wherever it exploded it does 8 damage. My next idea is the Pressure Explosion. It is basically a grenade that explodes after 4 seconds for 10 damage into 5 Blueberry-type balls that bounce 3 times for 6 damage each for a total of 64 damage. It can get decently easy to get at least 54. If done correctly, in a thin pit. My next idea is the Firework. You throw down a rectangle that launches up 4 octagons that release 8 rockets off of their sides. Half of the rockets do 1, and half do 2. This is because 32 seems to low due to accuracy, but 64 is a little too high, so I will average them into 48 total damage. My next idea is the Spike Lurer. You drop a spike. It has a magnetic wave that sends the enemies in a certian radius near it to it. Once they touch it they lose 22 health. No more top comment :(. But I still have my dignity and more weapons! My next idea is a Speed Spike. It can cut at terrain. It goes really fast, reducing gravity. It pierces through each enemy as it passes it, going right through them. It does 20 damage a cut, so with a lucky shot, 60 damage, 20 damage an enemy. It can do 60 on 3v3, 40 on 2v2, and 20 on 1v1. It is best used for it's cutting ability. You can cut the ground beneath an enemy, making him fall and dealing 20 damage to him. My NEXT weapon is the Elemental Prism. It has 50% to burn the enemy for 20 damage, but he loses 3 health points every turn for 5 turns. The other 50% is him freezing, then when he is hit by something non explosive he loses 75 health. My next idea is the Battleship. It is like a mix of weapons. It is a boat about 4 egg lengths. First, out of the towers on top, it blows out smoke (Gas Grenade) in 12 particles for 1 damage each. Then, It launches off 3 cannonballs (Cannon) for 5 damage each. Then, finally, it launches a rocket as a flare (Bazooka) for 25 damage totaling at 52 damage. On one enemy, you can get hit by 2 smoke particles and a rocket, totaling 27. You can get 52 on 3 enemies. My next idea is the Solar Light. It is an airstrike that looks like a 4D space cube. Like it looks in that episode of Adventure Time. It brings down a huge meteor (The size of the 25k drop) that explodes huge (1.20 times the 25k drop) for 32 damage. My next idea is a Precise Shot. It is a small ball. You shoot it like the bow, as if you miss by the SMALLEST BIT you get 0 damage. But the damage increases the further you are from the enemy. If you are both at the way ends of the terrain you can get 40 damage, at close range 5. My next weapon is the Super Bouncer. It does not go out of bounds and bounces 2.5 times blueberry. It bounces 9 times for 6 damage a bounce, for a total of 54 damage. If done correctly, this can do 54 FAST. If it is done right, it will get 54 very fast, based on it's bounce power. It needs to go in a thin pit with an enemy, giving it a full 54. My next weapon is the Flaming BOOM-erang. It is a boomerang that looks like a line of fireballs, about as long as the 25 ton drop. It has 10 fireballs on it, 3 damage a fireball. It goes right through an enemy, exploding for 15 damage, plus the damage for how many fireballs the enemy was hit by. It goes right through him and the other enemies it may hit, coming straight back to you. The max damage on one enemy is 36, and it can hit multiple enemies, so this is a decent weapon. My next weapon is the Firework Cannon. You shoot down a Lighter. It shoots out 5 rockets up in the air and fall to the enemy. Each rocket does 6 damage, and the Firework explodes when it shoots a rocket for 4 damage an explosion, for an impossible total of 50 damage. You can get up to 26 damage on 1 enemy, and on average 6-20. My next idea of a weapon is the Shifter. It is a missile that explodes forward 4 times for 5-6 damage each time, then launches another missile that does the same thing BACKWARDS for a total of 40-48 damage. Try to do this in between 2 enemies. It will turn out good. My next idea is the Tri-Eggsplosive Blade. It is 3 swords that on contact explode for 16 damage each, for a total of 48 damage possible. On 1 enemy you can get a full 48 at a perfect 45 degree angle. My next idea is the Sphere Orbitual Flame. It is a circle of flameballs. But the center is hallow. It consists of 15 small fireballs, that on contact explode for 3 damage, Totalling up to 45 damage. On 1 enemy you can get 33 damage, which is pretty decent, considering if shot down the middle of the enemy in ANY WAY (Due to it's sphere shape) it will do the full 33. My next weapon is the Missile Orbit. It is a sphere that consists of 5 spinning missiles. You shoot the orb at 9 damage per missile, for a total of 45 damage possible. The average is 25-36, but 45 is possible. My next idea is the Multi-Bounce. It shoots 40 small bouncing spheres in the general direction it is aimed at. It is 1 damage per bouncer, for a total of a possible of 40 damage. In a small pit (AGAIN) you can get an average of 36-40, as in a regular shot you will get an average of about 24-34. Did I mention they bounce as much as the blueberry and they bounce 6 times? Well, they do. My next idea is a skill. It is "Pro For A Moment". For 2 turns, you can option to use Grenades Only, Wind, Bounce Wall, Or Double Health. My next idea is the Forward Flame. It is a Flameball that, on contact, explodes for 15 damage. Then, it explodes forward 6 times for 4 damage, making the maximum damage 39. My next weapon is the Smart Laser Aimer. One part of it shoots a Laser Beam. The other part is a Bomb Launcher. You can either throw the Bomb like a grenade for 15 damage, or you can aim the Bomb and the Laser at the same time, and wherever the Bomb hits the Laser it does 40 damage. My next idea is the Detonating Deathtwister. It is a missile that explodes for 12 damage into 3 swerving rockets for 10 damage a rocket, for a max of 42. It explodes right before contact, so this is most likely going to get you 40-42 damage, which is very good. My next weapon idea is the Drifter. It is like the air is ice and it goes the opposite direction. You shoot it and it explodes forward, but turns around and drifts backwards. It explodes 15 times for 2 damage and the initial explosion is 15 for a total of 45 damage. If done correctly you are likely to get at least 35. My next idea is the Disintegrating Flame Meteor. It launches an air strike that send down a meteor. However, when it falls, 12 pieces of it break off for 2 damage a piece. The explosion of when it hits is 15 damage, as it sends out 2 waves of Electromagnetic power in opposite directions for 5 damage, for a possible total of 49 damage. On 1 enemy you can get up to 44, but it does take some mastering to do. My last idea in the paragraph is the Gasoline Strike. It is an airstrike that drops down a Vial of Gasoline that gets splattered all over the enemy. Then, when hit by any weapon that explodes he loses 40 health points. It may sound like much, but it takes 1-3 turns to activate. Or if you want it with more range, buy the Gasoline Gun, for better range but only 35 damage. My next weapon is the Rocket Shooter. It shoots 10 swerving rockets (Like the Whirligig's rockets) that do 3-4 damage in the general direction you aimed at, doing a max of 30-40. The average from far away is 21-30, as with close it is 28-40. My next weapon is the Wind Master. It allows you to control wind for your shot with that weapon only. But you need to set it to at least -15-+15. It is used like a grenade, and will explode after 4 seconds for 30 damage due to wind. My next idea is the FlameBall Enigma. It shoots a Giant Fireball for 10 damage that explodes into 5 more bouncing fireballs after 1 second for 6 damage a fireball, for a max of 40 damage. In a pit this can do an average of 28-40, as in the open an average of 20-34 damage, like all bouncing weapons, it works best in a pit. My next idea is the Air Flare Marker. It is a Flare that makes a rocket. Shoot it and it will drop 5 bombs (Like Grenades) from the sky for 10 damage a bomb, for a total of a maximum 50 damage. You can get 50, but it is rare. Highest you would usually get is 37. The bombs only explode a second after touchdown with the ground. My next idea is the CycloSpike. It is a Circle with 10 spikes on the ends. They do 5 damage on contact, but they dissapear on the ground, and if you get hit by it only the spikes that touch you do the damage, so the maximum is only 40 damage, and average is some 20-35. My nemt idea is the Slammer. It is first shot as a Driller, drilling slower 5 times for 2 damage, plus one mega explosion of 24 damage as big as the 25k drop. The total for Slammer is 34 damage. My next idea for a weapon is the Phantom Orb. It is a ball with a ring around it. It has one huge blast explosion, and one small, at the same place. Think of it like a target. The closer you hit, the more damage you get. The first explosion is 15 damage, but the smaller one is 25, totalling a maximum of 40 damage. My next idea is the Fire Storm. It is an air strike that sends down 3 Flame Balls that explode 0.75th the power of the 24k drop, which is a big blast radius. They each do a total of 16 damage, for a total of 48 possible damage. The most possible on one enemy is probably 40, based on how far apart the Fireballs are spread. My next idea is DuoGravitationals. They consist of 2 orbs of Red and Blue that shift closer and further from eachother. They each do 24 damage, due to incredible impossibility to use. My next idea is the 10X Gravitationals. They consist of 10 Balls that are Red and Blue that have the same affect on eachother, and they each do 60 damage. My next idea is the Tri-Slammer. They shoot 3 Black and Red orbs that shoot in the air, and explode for 5 damage on contact. However, you click again to send them downwards very fast. They act like a big driller 3 times for 4 damage each, and each explode for another 20 damage, having a maximum of 29 damage on 1 enemy, and 87 on 3.Well, at a 45 degree angle, you can get up to 80 damage, but that is VERY rare. My next idea is Stream. It shoots a stream of missiles that shoot like this: --\ /-- in a pattern until 60 missiles are fired, for a max of 1 damage each. On one enemy you > < __/ \__ Can get up to a possible 35 damage. My next idea is the FREAKY MISSILE. It shoots invisible, only the shooter can see it. They never know where it goes. It creates the explosion 3X the 25K Drop (CRAZY HUGE) and deals 12 damage. My next idea is the Invisi-Blaster. It is also invisible. It glows a bright white that is the only part you can see. It hits, and digs in all 4 directions 3 times each for 4 damage each dig, for a total of a possible of 48 damage at all enemies. BTW it, after all of it's white digs, vanishes into a white fog. My next idea is the TriHex. It shoots 3 Black, Grey, and white hexagons that emit yellow sound waves. They act like grenades, and each one does 15 damage. My next one costs 1,000 Credits! It is the Diamond Bazooka. It is a bazooka that deals up to 85 damage and has an explosion as big as the 25K drop. And now for the EASTER PACK!!! Drumroll, please.... bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum.... And starting it all off is the Rainbow-Style Fried Egg Launcher!!! .,/_\-{>+Applause+<}- />+Applause+<}- /> Don't forget to check out my other topic at
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