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Topic: General Gaming / Radial Blitz: looking for play testers

I’m working on an action game for tablets and looking for individuals to playtest the game.
“Trapped in a tube where destruction seems like the only option, you must survive long enough to face your destiny.”

The game is a bit past the prototype stage but still requires lot of balancing, level creation, programming and of course graphic integration (which is being done now). Play testers just need to play the game and give feedback about what’s good or bad.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / HTML5 game in fullscreen?

Yes, allowfullscreen would be nice.

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Topic: Card Monsters / card select/click defect

At times, when selecting one of my cards from the left, the wrong card is selected. I have determined when/how this happens. It happens usually when the response at the moment isn’t particularly good, or the game stutters. The card selected isn’t the one where I clicked, but the one where the mouse happens to be when the game processes that click. If I am moving the mouse quickly, and prior to click confirmation, this is often a different card. This happens the most on the left card since I click it, the move towards the board, and the mouse is over the right card when the click is processed.

The clicks should be processed with the point of the click event, not where the mouse is at the time of processing.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Swarm defects/oddities

When a swarm is completely by an alliance member it doesn’t appear to actually complete. The swarm creator has to go press “Complete” in the swarm page. It also appears to sometimes happen when you finish your own swarm (that you’re complete, but must still press Complete).

When the timeout on new swarms is still running the interface doesn’t clearly say what is happening. That is, it makes it feel like you should be able to start a new swarm, but a timer bug is preventing you from doing so. It would be helpful to make the text read something like “Next Swarm may be started in HH:MM”

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Topic: Card Monsters / Cards in multiple decks

The inability to use a card in multiple decks is really frustrating. It really discourages me from actually building and playing with other decks.

Of course, the additional cost required to simply build more than 2 decks is also a pretty hefty discouragement.