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Topic: General Gaming / Sup people!

Im back, and my new game is coming around its way better than anygame I have out now! StickScape is the name. I will be informing you on the forum when it is completed. Sonicbw

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Thief

he posten nothin for the points

and look at the size of the chat and if it wasent stolen it would not be small

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Thief is a stolen chat from kongregate and copywrited and he said he created it! and it is already on the site Please leave a comment on that game sayin he stole it so he should get banned because he stole it from kongregate!

yasser2020 is his name

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Topic: Kongregate / Dear Kongregate

I will be making some flash tutorials on the site so other people can learn flash and make games so kongregate can grow.Just take alook at they have movies,games,and tutorials.And We Should do the same.Just see how many people are on newgrounds. They post atleast 5 topics in 1 second. And if you don’t want my tutorials at all delete them please.

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Topic: Off-topic / Click Upon Dots Tornament

Ok today in 15 minutes i will be hosting a click upon dots tornament.
who ever comes in first will be number 1 because i never lose.
reply to join the tornument and the name u will be using.