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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Mini Marines

Why is this stickied?

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Topic: General / i like it, but i dont understand it

Originally posted by Tenshi_Samshel:

I’m not sure, but might have something to do with crossed sword achieve or something… A few mechanics are ‘secret’ but might give bonuses anyway. That’d be my guess.

Also, I think if you were to kill a 150 armor player on a map with a high modifier (Like Target Designation), that might give serious points even without any bonus.

Armor doesn’t affect how much you get for killing them.

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Topic: General / !!!Video Contest!!!

Videos made before 3/25/2013 shouldn’t be allowed to enter.

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Topic: General / Suggestions and tips

Originally posted by cenn:

let us sell the gun or let us test the gun before we buy

No selling. Only testing.

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Topic: General / User feedback and opinions

Originally posted by slixtrix:

May I suggest some way to trade Cr to GP in-game? Maybe 5000 Cr for 75 GP? This would get rid of a lot of the problems most non-paying users see with GP while also giving incentive for users to pay for GP (since 5000 Cr is actually a significant amount to trade for 75 GP…).

CR is super easy to get.

Exchange rate should be 5000 cr to 1 gp.

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Topic: General / Suggestions and tips

Nerf raging judge.


Topic: Freefall Tournament / How to win a Free Class!

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