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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Monday Morning Update - 3D Goalkeeper

Playrs! We’ve got some great new visuals coming your way!

The team have been working really hard to improve the look and feel of the matches, and although we already updated to 3d graphics, the goalie was a major project so it had to be done over time.

We hope you’ll love the shiny new matches, and we have updated the game with this feature. Let us know what you think!

Here’s a nice YouTube video that shows what’s new:

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Authentication failures - please read

We’ve found that whilst we’re still trying to pin this down it appears to be a communication failure between the game and your authentication server (Kong, Facebook etc)

It’s fixed by using a private browsing session – in Google Chrome press CTRL + SHIFT + N to open an incognito window and play the game from here.

Alternatively, you may find this fixed if you clear your browser’s cache and cookies (don’t forget to restart the browser after doing this before you load the game to allow the changes to take effect).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Newest update removes MORE playability


Thanks for the feedback – the challenge zone is now the tournament area, you pay into a pot, with a chance of winning the pot.

Jacposki → unless you were injured, it sounds like a bug please report the issue to us via the link at the bottom of the game. Thanks.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / I AM PLAYR UPDATE AM TUESDAY 30th July

Dear Kongregate users,

Please note we will be taking the game down for some server maintenance and a game update on Tuesday between 9:30-11am UK time.

We hope to be back up as soon as possible after that.


Sal A

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Live Tournaments Update

We released the Live Tournaments today. – Live Tornaments will be down over the weekend whilst we figure out why they’re causing excessive server load. Apologies will update on Monday :) In the meantime.. feel free to familiarize yourself with the scooby:

What exactly are they, you may ask… here’s the lowdown:

What can I win?

- To start with the user who achieves the highest score will win coins. We will add more prizes in the future.

Will I win a reward for finishing in the top 5?

- No, it’s a winner-takes-all tournament.

How long do tournaments last?

- 30mins but tournament length may change in the future.

Can I use boots?

- Yes, they will help you achieve a higher score.

Why do tournaments cost energy to play and reward with match fitness?

- Tournaments are a fun and engaging way to get match fit while competing against others to win prizes.

Can I play a tournament more than once?

- Yes, can you enter a tournament as many times as you like while it’s running.

What is the ‘Protect Shield’ power up?

- Shields protect lives and streak score multipliers.

What are ‘Multiple Score’ power ups?

- Multipliers times your score from the start of the game.

Will you add more games in the future?

- Yes, we will add more variety in future updates.

A tournament has ended but I haven’t received my prize?

- There is a short holding period to allow us to calculate the results before awarding the prize to the winner.

Why are some tournaments locked?

- We want lots of users competing for the same prize so only one tournament will be available at any one time.
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] about update

To clarify:

If you miss any training you still get football XP.

If you pass (Bronze) you’ll get Footy XP and Fitness.
If you pass (Silver) you’ll get Footy XP, Fitness and a stats boost for that skill
If you pass (Gold) you’ll get the same as Silver but also +5 coins.

You can replay ANY drill to gain match fitness if you want (eg Passing 01) so the harder drills are there to actually improve your stats, and thus make you better on the pitch in matches. We realised many Playrs were simply skipping actually DOING the training, as MF was given whether you passed or failed. This meant that many people were getting frustrated with their poor ball control on the pitch in matches when it could be improved by actually training and improving their stats.

We feel that rewarding players who complete the training and achieve highly is fair as is not giving players who fail the drills match fitness as really, they didn’t perform as required in training so why should they expect to still get a bonus? We’re pretty happy with the update as it’s made Training Drills relevant again which helps tie up the story of really working towards a career, but we are looking at ways to communicate update changes a little more effectively in the future as there seems to have been a lot of mis-conception and misunderstanding with this one :/

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / 24 June 2013 AM Game is down quickly for an update

Hey all, -we’re going to have to put the game into Maintenance for this update this morning. Shouldn’t take too long though (few hours max)

New in this update:

Re-worked Training Ground.

Your drills now count towards your skill levels, earn you XP and Match Fitness and can award you with coins.
– Now, drills offer a one-time reward based on Trophy tier.

For earning Gold first time, you will be awarded with Match Fitness, Football XP / Stats boost and +5 coins. This can only be given once, subsequent passing of any other levels of trophy will just reward you with Match Fitness.

Silver: Match Fitness, Stats boost and general XP increase

Bronze: Match Fitness/ General XP

Subsequent Passes: General XP/ Match Fitness

Failing: Just XP (no match fitness is given for failing)


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Promo codes(updated 22nd March)

Hiya- let me just jump in here and say, we didn’t remove promo codes because of this thread. We removed it to limit error messages and issues just entering the codes was causing for some users, and people entering expired codes that would then spam our tiny customer services team asking why they didnt work.
Unfortunately, on Facebook, clicking on the links on our FB Page goes straight into the game and the item on offer so those users aren’t affected.
This doesn’t work on Kongregate so we want to figure out a way of adding the box back in for just Kong may take some time as we’re in the middle of a few intensive sprints for other things right now but it’s definitely on the list.

Please bear with us :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Gillette FC

I didnt remove any posts- sorry if they did get removed there may be a spam filter or swear thing if it had swearing in it.

Please try the following:

- Go into the Gillette site.
- Refresh I AM PLAYR.
- Log out and then back into the Gillette site
- Refresh I AM PLAYR.

You should be able to go through the correct content now. We’re looking into it still though.

Thanks, Sal A

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Adjustments to chances/team chances

Hi all,

I’m really stoked to be able to announce that largely thanks to the continued and useful feedback from Kong users, we’re making a few adjustments to game difficulty and team mates scoring chances.

This is really an ongoing process- we don’t want the game to be so easy it loses any challenges, but we DO listen to your feedback and have been figuring out how to act on it for a little while now.

We’re going to start by adding in a few more chances for certain matches, and also making Laidlaw/Deans score a bit more. We’ll continue to review and revise this as we progress, so keep the feedback coming.


Sal A

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Why is my team so weak?

Just to let you know guys, we’re finally making some headway on balancing this.

Changes have and will continue to be made in the near future to make your team a bit more likely to score not just you, and improve a few chances in certain matches.

We really do want this to be fun, and when feedback suggests otherwise, you know you’ve gotta act! It can just take us a fair while to implement so we appreciate your patience and great feedback that’s helped us.


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] 20 coins disappeared

there can be a small delay in coin delivery, even if you hear the “ding” noise.
Refreshing the page whilst on the map screen should resolve this.


Sal A

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] No Permanent Boots

We’re always adjusting and evaluating the game based on user feedback and stats. Obviously, we need to keep a steady stream of revenue going as without it we can’t afford to maintain the game at all. Brand sponsorship just about covers filming of related content and little else.

User purchases are important to us, but we are about to adjust boots shortly to make them more worthwhile – free trials will still be given out on occasion, which allows free users to still benefit from the boot for a short amount of time. Any boots currently permanently owned will be kept.

This will be an ongoing process, to adjust and re-adjust items, cost and availability as the game progresses so please keep the feedback coming.

Sal A

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Gillette FC

Gillette had some issues with their service.. We’ve chased them up and they say it should be fixed today- sorry about that. please let us know if it still persists for you and which country you are playing in as it’ll help to narrow it down.

Thanks- Sal A

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Game Update Tuesday 23rd April

Hi all, we have a few minor changes going live tomorrow in an update that requires maintenance mode for a few hours from 9AM GMT (Uk Time)

The update includes but is not limited to:

- Guarantee-ing a few extra chances in the first 3 fixtures of the game
- Fix for “Back Yard Beating” trophy not unlocking.
- Change to strike and control focus where they become auto-equipped if you have them, pre-match (user must deselect if they want to not use them).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] WTF

unfortunately the limitations of using a 3rd party software during training/matches is that one of the areas we can’t get around is streaming scores to the servers. We have to wait for certain points to save scores, and if you refresh the page it breaks the connection and runs the risk of not having saved. Then you’re up against our anti-cheating system (no refresh to repeat games allowed).

We’re constantly working on improving the game to miminize any reason for a reload mid-match etc but sometimes connection issues happen :/

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Match Fitness/Energy requirement for drill changes

Hey all, we updated the game yesterday with a new Match Fitness system and standardised energy requirements for all drills.

Any match fitness you previously had stored in the “add” button area, has now been converted to your bar so you can see it immediately (hover over the bar to see how much).
You now use the Add button to purchase MF via matches if you need to (we think this makes more sense)

Some people have been asking why so here’s our rationale:

- Matches are the main focus of the game, so make training standard so that people still have variety of training to choose from, and can progress to unlock better boot trials, but won’t distract from getting to a match.

You still get football XP for completing the training so it’s worthwhile to continue.

Feel free to leave us feedback on this feature (not able to reply to anyone reporting bugs here).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / -Easter content now live for a limited time only!-


Our Egg Hunter challenge has returned!

Smash as many eggs as you can before the timer runs out and you could earn a special achievement! Hint: Watch out for the silver extra-time egg!

Egg-Cracker Boots and Easter challenge expires: 2nd Apr 23:59

Let us know what you think about it in the comments below (please note: we are unable to answer any technical questions directly via the forums so please submit a ticket from within the game if you have any problems)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Whats the curve? (Q for devs)

When you start off in the game, you won’t unless through sheer stroke of luck or buying the best boots available to you at the time, be very good at training. Training is just that, it might seem easy at first, after a few tries to get your bearings, but the harder drills that have the bigger payoffs aren’t for amateurs. We hope by this stage, the Playr has gotten used to the mechanics and maybe has amassed suitable boots to help them, and it’s not too painful…that is, until you come across shooting 24…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Match with no opportunity

- we’ve already acknowledged this as a known issue it’s in the Known Issues thread. Thanks to all who report it- we can’t respond to you individually on here but we know about it and hope a fix is forthcoming very soon.

Sal A

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Would you hear some suggestions?

Thanks for the in-depth feedback we’ll pass it onto the team. Just so you know, it can often take months of planning for new additions to make it into the game. Expanding items with more useful things to buy is on our long-term plan but won’t be in in the next few weeks lol. Right, now the priority is bug fixes.

It’s been suggested before but its really unlikely a free training mode will come out any time soon but I’ll add your voice to the list :)


Sal A

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Training stuck at 99% after match

Hey all,

Some reports coming in of users stuck in their first training drill after a match at 99%.

We think it’s a Unity caching issue, but it may need further investigation.

Please try the following:

Visit and select all in the box, and click the Delete All option.

Then reload the game in your browser.

If the problem persists after reloading the game then submit a ticket by mailing us: help [at] werinteractive [dot] com and attach
this Unity log to the email USERPROFILE\AppData\Local\Temp\Unity

Please also include your KONG user name so we can find your individual account.

We’ll be able to investigate more thoroughly with the log files.

Thanks all.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Skipping

we can’t include a skip video option just this moment- certain story options are attached to certain videos.. but you can wait for the grey bar to load along the bottom and click the end of it to skip the video. Works for faster connections mostly.

Sal A

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Questions for the Devs

Hi Joannes3000,

Unfortunately we won’t necessarily be able to respond individually to queries in a timely manner as we’re supporting the game on all platforms with a small team, so we’re not just Kong support.

However, to answer your query- Shooting drills obviously get harder the higher they are. This is deliberate as the rewards they offer are greater also. Depending on the boots you wear, you can help yourself- boots with shooting or curl xp additions are the best to wear to help you nail those shots.


Sal A

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] What a MASSIVE Disappointment the upgrade has been

Hey peeps Sal A here speaking on behalf of The WeRInteractive Team,

Just catching up on forums after a few days of being busy on other things…I understand your concerns about bugs and the forums themselves, so hopefully I can address a few points:

1) Forums really aren’t the best place to get issues looked at directly by us as we have a small team covering support for all platforms. Devs are busy developing and fixing therefore can’t be present that often. We simply don’t have the person-power to check forums and chat on Kong 24/7 as well as Facebook and other areas. I’m usually the one in chat under this account, and I try and log in every day Monday-Friday UK working hours, but I have other duties so am not always able to respond in the chat in a timely fashion.

By all means create new threads and discuss things amongst yourselves we’ll lurk when we can and feedback to the team or reply directly – we will also communicate regularly via chat and sticky threads about known issues.

2) Why we ask (but never force) users to pay for items:

The answer to this question is simple. We are a business, made up of game fanatics, but a business nonetheless. The game is a casual F2P game, that gives users the OPTION of microtransactions, the alternative being users need a bit of patience to progress.

Some games stop progress entirely if no transactions are made, and we don’t do that. Everything is free with patience which doesn’t cost anyone anything with the exception of the All Star challenge that charges a one-off unlock fee to play the harder cards. Think of it as premium content due to having known celebrities involved- if we ever do charge for content it’ll be due to the particular sponsorship deal that we’ve made, it’s a possibility but we’ll always try and keep the core game F2P as well. We figured that some people may not mind supporting us by unlocking some challenges etc, so that option is there for those that can and it’s on a part of the game that doesn’t really affect your story and you can happily ignore if you want.

This was the initial model that we launched on Facebook and it suited the platform well. Yes, we realise Kong users prefer a more hardcore model of continuous gameplay, but without having separate versions of the game, we’ve tried to balance it for all platforms whilst maintaining incentive to transact. That’s the nature of a business, and due to the production quality of the game (bugs aside!) sponsorship only covers a tiny proportion of the running costs of the content, it doesnt even touch running the rest of the business. We still have to pay our employees, rent an office and do all the things businesses do.

2) To report a bug with the game, please use the “Report an Issue” link on the bottom of the game that looks like small print (behind the scenes this gives us a snapshot of your game which makes it much easier for us to see where you are and help you), or if you can’t please email directly, including your Kongregate ID so we can check your game to: help [at] werinteractive [dot] com – we don’t get any game information via email so please provide as much as possible for us to try and re-create your issue as if we can’t re-create, we can’t fix it that easily.

For us to really help you, a screenshot of the problem would be great if required, also giving as much detail about the issue as possible what happened, when, what fixture were you in, what tactic etc.. not just “my game doesn’t work” as that’s not going to help us. Finally please check your junk folders- we reply to every email we get within 48 working hours but sometimes spam filters and things mean we might not receive them or you don’t get our reply. We don’t mind repeat emails but please leave some time in-between sending them.

We are always happy to hear feedback, bearing in mind we’ve been up and running on Facebook with the same game since 2011, so we won’t necessarily be able to address all comments individually as we get a lot of feedback, a lot of it the same. We will try and keep you updated as best as we can on future updates, bug fixes etc here.

That said, re: locked forum topics… we’ve locked them to avoid people posting a torrent of bug reports under information topics, and then complain they’re never addressed.. and to keep those particular topics clean.You’re more than welcome to open up your own topics for discussion and feedback. We try and read everything even if we don’t reply.

3) Bugs. Before/After the league cups.

- We have tweaked the balance of matches in the game over time, eg some teams will be harder to beat in new places then they were before- this gives users a realistic story arc through the season that doesn’t just curve upwards in difficulty. Even underdog teams can win, sometimes unexpectedly.

- In league cups, you’ll get a heads up chart to see just how tough the opposition will be to beat. This will help you manage tactics and powerups better reducing waste.

- The number of chances in a match should have improved on average across a season. Statistically, this means an overall improvement but of course, some users may be unlucky…

BUT, we are currently investigating a 0-score possible bug, as we guarantee at least 1 chance per match without tactics and more with tactics, although this would still not guarantee you a win if you scored it, as your team could still be too hard to beat. Atm there are reports of people getting 0 chances with or without a tactic so we’re working on that now. Apologies to all affected.

- Shooting power – again we’re investigating reports of changes but nothing we’ve done should have affected things so verification is needed before any further changes are made.

We had some teething problems with the game update, which caused some issues of users being stuck in matches or training. We believe those issues to now be fixed.

We’re fixing issues as fast as we can identify their cause, but some things are harder to re-implement without downtime. Our aim is to address the main issues next week (0 scoring chances, tactics not giving chances, certain Gillette powerups not working (users will not be charged for these though)).
Unfortunately persistent authentication issues are still an unknown quantity for us at the moment, as are persistent log-in screen issues. Those are the big ones that we are still stumped on. We believe Auth issues are a caching issue, as most people clear their browser cache, user a diff browser and it’s fine, but for some users they still get stuck- we’d recommend Google Incognito windows to try if this is affecting you.

Anyway, thanks for your time letting us know your thoughts.. again we’re not anti-feedback, but there are some preferences we have on how we get it if that’s cool with everyone. We just want you to know that we’re committed to improving the game as much as it can be improved even though we can’t respond to everyone who posts here individually.

All the best,

Sal A