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Topic: Kongregate / best games without badges?

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Topic: General Gaming / Cactus McCoy 2 thread

Originally posted by knikon:

I have everything but the throwing badge as it is saying I have mastered 14 out of 15 weapons… However It seems I have mastered all of the weapons in my arsenal. What am I missing? I currently have mastered the powerball, tomahawks, bottles, cherry bombs, water-balloons, eggs, daggers, firecrackers, proximity mines, fuse bombs, Tnt, Climbing spears, Lanterns, Boomerang, & the Thorn bomb which comes out to 15… Is there a glitch?

The badge only requires 14 throwing weapons, which is logical since there are only 14 of those. If you mastered all 14 you should have gotten the badge.

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Topic: General Gaming / Cactus McCoy 2 thread

I really like this game. And that’s an total surprise, because it’s made by Flipline. Those are the guys who are infamous from the Papa’s burgeria, pizzeria, freezeria etc. series.

There are so many quests, weapons, enemies, treasures and inside jokes, while the game is not frustrating or difficult at all. After you finish the game you can keep on playing for hours and not get bored. This games reminds me of the Donkey Kong series I used to play over and over again on the SNES.

Not expected I would ever say this, but thumbs up for Flipline!

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Topic: Off-topic / Top 3 favirate bands?

1. Royksopp
2. Dire Straits
3. Air

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Topic: General Gaming / why

Great TT for your first post. To answer your question then: karma.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kong + for devs.

Here is an nice example of how many ‘plays’ an random game gets.

In just over 1 year, this game got 16K+ in plays.
You got to give the developer kudos for originality, but to show you what this game is all about I’ll give you the copy/pasted description from the developer:

‘You watch paint dry. When the paint dried, you get rewards. You can unlock more paints to watch’.

That is 16K+ plays and counting in just over 1 year. Without any badges of course.
Now…that 100 plays of you sounds a bit less realistic now, doesn’t it?

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongratulations, Kongregate!

I agree with Gomo_Psivarh. Simply because he rules!!

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Topic: General Gaming / Best Video Game Music and Theme Songs

Originally posted by SonicCreeper:

Portal 2 hands down.

I second that, though the best song was the theme song from portal 1 ‘Still alive’.

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Topic: General Gaming / You Can Choose ONE Video Game Power To Have, From ANY Series. What Would It Be?

Obviously the portal gun from the best Kongregate game: Portal the flash version.

Why? Comeon, it’s a portal gun. Only thing better then a portal gun is cake!