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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tankwars] Few more ideas

Noted, again Thank you for the feedback.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tankwars] Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tankwars free & will it stay free?
- Yes it is and will be free to play

How often will you upgrade the game?
- Current plan is to upgrade the game as often as possible while releasing content over time.

Is there a way to start a new character / tank?
- No, there is not

Will there be a way to start a new character / tank?
- Yes, it is planned

Is there a way to change my name?
- No, there is not. Yes we will add this feature over time.

I’ve noticed someone is cheating / someone does not behave properly. What do I do?
- Please contact us directly @ info(at)

Upgrading my stats does not seem to work, is there something broken?
- Yes there is currently a bug in the stats system, causing some upgrades not to work properly.

What is the stat ability for?
- This is a translation error, it should be named: cooldown, i hope this makes things clearer now.

What stat is what for?
- Health: Increases your health
- Firepower: Increases the damage / duration of a skill however, it does not increase both (i. e. Shaft)
- Speed: Increases your movement & turnspeed
- Armor: Increases your armor (armor absorbs incomming damage based on a damage type)
- Cooldown (Ability): Decreases the overall cooldown of your skills

When will you add my idea/tank/etc.?
- It goes against our philosophy to publish content that is not well considered, please show us a little patience.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tankwars] Suggestions

1. Fairer reward system:

Originally posted by CallumR111:

Could you not adjust the reward system so that the more points you earn, the more exp/silver you earn? The exp/silver rewards per match are very low atm, and anything that rewards a good performance has got to be good for the game right?

2. More flexible Input system (Keyboard & Mouse):

Originally posted by cutmyskin:

Do you think that is possible create an option for we use the special skills keys “Q and E” with mouses that have more then two button?


3. Fairer Matchups

Originally posted by Simyran:

2.“ваш рандом такой рандом” more fair random for battle of different lvled tanks.)

4. Anti Spawn-Camping
Originally posted by Toimu:

We need Spawn Protection (5-10 seconds) and a larger Spawning area. Spawn camping is killing this game.

5. Customizable Tanks & Visible Upgrades

Originally posted by Twindrags:

Will you add so that when you upgrade a part, it would change visually?

Speed: Belts/Tracks
Firepower: Cannon
Health: Turret
Armor: Hull
Ability: Glow

Please post opinion’s and/or other suggestion’s ^^

Originally posted by Simyran:

Hello there. my english may be not very good.+) sorry for that.

1. What if it’ll be possible to install flag’s on flagstaff of tank? maybe kind of country flag(england, deutch, russian, etc,) or some other images(pirates, smiles, etc.)

6. Stand alone client

Originally posted by FrozenSt4r:

this improve the game and make it work better
1. browser (browser-based game) with unity 3d lags up my pc while game is so fast and everything awesome if u made a client that wont lagg the browser and give more fps for ppl with slow pc sorry for bad english

7. Adding other gamemodes
Originally posted by Simyran:

3.another maps with another scenario of game.
a) for example bloody ring, something like big round or square map,when everybody battle for itself for the goal of 15 kills.
b) then capture the flag mode, i think you know what that means.)
c) hold ground scenario – when it’s map form for example like “Z” litera. where you have your and the opossite base and some neutral points, that can be captured by standing on them, when owned they will give spawn bonus, goal is to capture all. maybe time limit about 15-20 min.

8. More Awards
Originally posted by Simyran:

waiting for awards for battles. wish they’ll give a smaaaaall bonuses? something like : bloody medal –

Enough for now/)) best wishes for you. waiting for new updaits. Hello from Russia/=)

9. More Maps / Single player mode / Testmap

Originally posted by NightWiz:

make a map where you can play by yourself and practice skills. it’s not cool to throw a newbie on a battlefield.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tankwars] Question about Blade Upgrades

As the status on this topic has not changed:

Originally posted by kayoone:

Hi Encaimond,

thanks for your feedback. We are actually currently working on an update that makes this more clear, with explanations for all Upgrades.
There also is a bug that makes some upgrades have no effect currently, we will fix that with the same update. But dont worry, all purchased upgrades are not lost, you will still have them and use their full advantages after the fix!

Keep it up! :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tankwars] Advertizing Spam

It would greatly help us, if you would post at least one of the links here, so maybe we can identify the Players :)?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tankwars] Few more ideas

Noted. Thank you for your Feedback

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tankwars] Spammers

I do not think that we are responsible for what some Kongregate Users are doing. As theese users do not even have a Tankwars account connected to their Kongregate account. So there is no possibility for us to punish this behaviour.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tankwars] A few ideas

Originally posted by MrTom:

This is such an awesome game with huge potential! I’m really excited about how good it will be – I already bought the Paladin. I’m really looking forward to clans!

Well’ thank you, I hope you will even more enjoy the game, after we have added more tanks (i think the next tank is comming this week).
Originally posted by MrTom:

I was just thinking of a few things that may be good to see

-Player stats – kills/deaths would be really useful especially if the clans are recruiting people

-Clan stats – kills/deaths of the clan

You can already view those “stats” from the “garage”, try to push the button in the top left (there should be a face and a statistics bar somewhere). The clan features will be activated in the near future, as I do not know the current status there, i can not be more specific. If you want to get our latest news, just check out tankwars on facebook.

Originally posted by MrTom:

-Tank upgrades instead of stat points – buying new weapons/engines/armour instead of putting points into stats, it feels more fun than a number

-More upgrades!

Yes you are right and no, we won’t do that. To make it simple: who is going to name all those upgrades :)? We do have 25 Upgrades per tank, 4 tanks available in game, 8 tanks waiting for you to play with them, that’s a total of 300 Upgrade names. Those upgrade names would have to be uinque to be “cool”. So, we’ll keep things simple for now. Maybe (if someone has the time to do this, [ME :/]), we will give the upgrades some fancy names.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tankwars] New Special ideas

Toimu, i really like your ideas, but we have not even released 1/10th of what we have allready developed, please be patient. As we’ll provide more content over time.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tankwars] Learn english please!

First of all, yoone is a german company so we are sorry, if we have not translated everything correctly.
- If you do find any unclear text passages or german texts, please let us know and we’ll fix that in one of our next updates.
- The region selection is currently not active, we’re going to activate it after we have reached the number of players needed.
- We can not force anyone to “write” in any specific language.

Thank you for your feedback.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tankwars] New Tank:Thunder

Thank you for your interest in helping us. We’ll discuss on adding such a tank and maybe include it in one of our following patches.