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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why are you Atheist?


Because the concept of a supernatural being/power controlling everything the world is a bit far-fetched to me.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Jesus Christ, and the mental illnesses one might associate with him.

First off, it’s obvious Jesus of Nazareth is, to an extent, mentally wack.
That doesn’t stop him from actually communicating with ‘God’, does it?

His lines in the Holy Bible always seem exaggerated though.
We don’t even know for sure he existed even, so don’t go making points about religious dudes with mental issues.

It’s still ironic, though. God wants peace with his people, but being so violent himself:
The 10 Plagues, the burning of non-believers in the ‘end’, etc.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Math Question: Infinity

No, because there’s a 1 between 0 and 2.

But zero is really just a theory, like anything, to answer the questions of ’what’s in-between’.