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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / How do you use farms?

Alright… I see some wrong, and some right information on this thread… Got some free time, so HERE COMES THE TEXT WALL! >:O!

First of all, in a 1:1 ratio, 4/2 is superior to 2/4, and not only in the production rate of the cash, but there’s a HUGE advantage~ your money is always available. And what some people say (2/4 having a production of 1.4k’ish
(can’t recall the exact number _) per round is WRONG! having an average production rate is simply useless, because if you’re in need of the cash let’s say, at 3rd round, you won’t have 4.2k’ish, you’ll have way less than that, simply because you’re not getting an average production per round, you’re getting less than that half of the time, and more than that half of the time.)

Now, on to some more info~

If you’re speaking just of profit/space (A.K.A. “would it be better to have max factories or max banks?”) Factories win, since that’s basically another way to put up 1:1 production ratio.

If you’re speaking about production over time (A.K.A. exponential growth & reproduction of the farms), well, I did a lot of maths into this part… Assuming the following:
*Medium difficulty
*All the cash produced is spent on more farms
*The way to upgrade the 4/2’s is: 5×2/0’s, then upgrade them all to 4/0, then 4/2. Repeat
*Enough space on a map for 46 farms
*No other money income ways
*No need to place other towers
*Doing the maths over 100 rounds
*No overflow on banks

Now, I did this twice, assuming all of that ^^ & a small variation, the first one was assuming I started with both a 4/2 or a 2/4, the second one was assuming I started with 0/0’s.

Normally I’d bore you with all my spreadsheets, maths, etc… But the result was rather simple, and you can do the maths on your own (gave you all the info you needed already).

In the first scenario, the 4/2 started being more profitable. From round 1 to round 16, after that, the bank went ahead… Until round 32, in which the factories reproduction rate owned banks hard…

Basically, in a chart, Banks go up in a straight line, Which makes them better for a short time… But the factories make a curve (almost a 90º degree at some point), which makes them better BY FAR in the long run.

Now, on the second scenario… Let’s not talk about that one >_> the only thing it did was set back the bank A LOT!
More specifically…. Can’t recall if it was 8 or 18 rounds… But yeah, you can see my point. Now, if you need something else… Just ask!

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Bloons TD 6 Suggestions!

Now people, you can happily stop posting here & wasting your time.

A dev came online today, he said BTD6 isn’t even being thought of… Don’t get your hopes up, it’s not getting out any time soon (If it ever comes)

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / What's your favorite tower?

Originally posted by CCfan001:

2/4 Dartling gun. BADS is just the best.

As their name says, they’re just BAD =P (Pretty much at anything)

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Sub-Forum Request

Not only what uuu2 said, but that’s already being done in the NK forums, there’s no need to re-post everything here

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Good-Bye (Prizes & more!) ~Finished, no more prizes~

Listen, I’m not gonna let you call me a liar and go away with it. If this was official SK forums, I would… Like I did already (Although they were all wrong).

I don’t photoshop, I don’t even know how to… Heck, I haven’t even seen Photoshop in my whole life.

If you really insist to call me a liar, I can go even deeper into my picture archives and post a couple more, more devastating than those…. If I feel like it, I might even show the record I have with the glitch I found… Ever seen a 60k? Doubt it, you’re way too bad to get near that much.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Pro Tips/Newbie Guide

I think you edited that quote… ??

there’s more than 2 maps that can fit 20 (or more) temples.

Not only your maths are wrong, but you’re not taking in count pretty much anything, and you did it over a small amount of time. I’ve done it all the way from 1st round to round #100, and your math is still way off the actual results…
Once again, you’re doing a stupid 1:1 comparison, while what you’d have to do is an exponential growth chart, including all the costs in every mode…
Thus, making all your “maths” useless, meaningless. There’s no use on a 1:1 comparison. (If your little brain has yet to learn what that kind of chart is, google it… You might be able to comprehend it just enough to make one on your own… doubtfully)

Oh, btw… I’ve already completed every single DC, and not only your death valley “achievement” is way too easy to do, but I’ve also done way more than that in pretty much every harder map.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Bloons TD 5 Special Missions

Once again, thank you for proving me right, gustav… God, you’re as usefull here as you were on Epic War Saga =3


I’m pretty sure you can fit a couple more farms in there, I’ll do it and upload a pic later.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Pro Tips/Newbie Guide

Originally posted by gust4v3:

13 maxed temples in the map! Although I almost never play Freeplay mode, I must say that was fun to watch/build:

Anyways, IMO is kinda pointless to discuss which is the cheapest way to upgrade the temple. If you’re willing to make a temple, you’ll need to farm as hell and, by doing that, you’ll be able to pay the “difference” very very very quickly anyway. But yeah, wrong infos still are wrong, so it should be reviewed.

And I just read about the farms tips, as: Farms Always always always 4/0 then 4/2. path 2 is mostly useless.. This is a very bad and wrong tip.

Thank you gust4v3, That was exactly my point. And yeah, building them is pretty fun =3

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Good-Bye (Prizes & more!) ~Finished, no more prizes~

Screenshot touched… You mean I put my finger on it? The way SS’s are saved won’t even let me edit them, unless I had photoshop, but I don’t…

You don’t remember any 36k? You mean you’re monitoring everyone’s scores always? No, you’re not… You’re just another average player, pal… Don’t start raging again.

The non-5* picture isn’t past 30k, so… where’s the problem?

Now, if you would… Let this thread die already… The cash was already given away, if I get pics of the cash I’ll post them. If not, well, the winners know it was real and that’s enough for me.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Pro Tips/Newbie Guide

perhaps ur lazy, or just blind i dont know, but apparently you didnt read before posting this ignorance, the picture i show does have temples that close, and yes the point of this guide is for newbies(as stated in title) also read the comment where i tell someone cheapness is not the way of the temple, want to make the temple just right… well why do you think i post the exhausting guide to it linked just under my picture of temples. go be a douche on ur own guide.

side note: wheres YOUR pro tips? i see everyone else here posting something useful but you… the crap you posted is already in my temple pic

Perhaps you’re the lazy one (Such horrible grammar >_>), or just mad because I posted the truth about what you’ve posted, I don’t know.

But apparently, you can’t recall the first part on the topic’s name says “Pro tips”.
Also, your picture not only shows how bad you are at positioning temples, but also how bad you’re at farming (I don’t see any real cash there).

Everyone knows a temple isn’t cheap, but that’s not an excuse to over-waste money on them, if you’re gonna make a guide, and ask for a sticky, and call it “pro tips”, at least get your facts straight (Do the maths, your guide might still be correct, but it’s advicing the newbs who read it to over-spend.

My pro tips? Well, there’s no real “pro tips”. Everything & anything can be learned through your play-time, maybe except for the temples, but there’s a guide for it already. And on top on that, I only see people (Not you, and you’re the thread starter…) answering to other people’s questions, which I could’ve done aswell, but why make a double or triple response if there’s a correct one already?.

I could bet my account that you don’t even know how the hell someone could work their way to 20 temples by round 85, all perfect… Now, if you can’t stand some critizicing, you should seriously stay away from internet…


P.S. Some of your “facts” about the farms are also wrong… If I were you, before suggesting people to use either 4/2 or 2/4, I’d do the maths myself… And I mean, real long-term maths, taking in count how many rounds it would take to generate the same amount of cash, how fast they can duplicate themselves… Not just a 1:1 cost/production per 1 round… you’re really wrong at the “Farms 4/2 are about 20% more money per round than 2/4, and 4/2 gives money every round while 2/4 gives every 7-9 rounds.” thingy.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Bloons TD 5 Special Missions

Originally posted by GameTommy:
Originally posted by calvindang:

Complete Monkey Lane on hard, but you must have over $10000000 by the end.
Easier Version: You only need $8000000.
Harder Version: You need $12500000!

TL;DR: That’s impossible.

You can have at most 25x 4/2 Monkey Farms on Monkey Lane(I’ve tried it). Each one would generate $3,000 per round, for $75,000 total. IF you had all 25 starting from Round 1, that would only net you $6,375,000 by the end of Round 85. That leaves $3,625,000 to earn from popping Bloons.

Assuming you had Double Monkey Money, and all Bloons were popped by towers within the range of a 3+/- Monkey Village, you could earn $3 per Bloon, which would mean you would have to pop 1,208,333.33 Bloons (rounding up 1,208,334 Bloons at full value) which stops at Round 50. That averages to 14,215.68 (rounded up 14,216) Bloons per round. And while that is easily reachable in the later rounds, you don’t start seeing that until the late 70s, and by that time the money reward for Bloons popped is cut a lot.

Phew. That’s a lot of math.

That isn’t impossible at all… You’re not taking in count LOTS of things (Which I’m not posting due to popular demand)

But well, here’s a pic for you:

You can have a lot more than 25 farms, btw…

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Premium items

Originally posted by calvindang:

Triple lives is useless, I thought Premiums were supposed to be OP…

They’re not meant to be OP imo. They’re most likely meant to be a way for people who’s brain is smaller than a nut (But their pockets are larger than an elephant), and can’t come up with a way to beat a map in normal circumstances.

No offense intended =3

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Pro Tips/Newbie Guide

I’d still like to know wheres’s the “pro” tips =P

All I’ve seen in this topic is some info that newbies are always asking for, anyone can learn how to make a perfect temple in a couple of clicks (And btw, your recipe is wrong. You’re overpaying a bit, apprentice, ice tower & glue gunners can be left as 0/4 or 4/0, respectively.)

If you’re going to call it a pro guide, I’d like to see something like… How to set temples like this:

Or a guide on how to start farming earlier than normal, so that your map can end up like this:

^Notice the remaining cash ;)

Well, if you’re asking for a sticky, I’d say you would really need to have a lot more information here!

GL & HF, ~thegame_vice

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Good-Bye (Prizes & more!) ~Finished, no more prizes~

Here’s your proof. This was all I could find along my pictures.

I’ve been looking through all my pictures, and I still haven’t found a single one with ALL~ my cash.

(I think they’re the only ones where I actually used this account to move cash around):

I know, it’s not even 1/10 of what I’ve given away, but I still haven’t found any pic with at least 1/2 of what I had…

I also hope those pics work for proof of my LD god-ness… Rdzknightz is also admiting there I’m a beast, and better than him… (He’s a known LD player, at least on official forums, some people think he’s one of the top 5)

Well, I’ll keep looking for some proof on my free time, maybe…



Well, I kept looking a bit more into my older pics, and I found the next couple of jewels… I hope that’s enough to show you… well… Just look at them.

First one is my record in vog (I think) And second one is in proto, not sure if I was using 1 or 2 trinkets. Never used any UV’s, Auto Aim, never had a good computer, never had a good connection… I’m simply skill, in person. ;P

And as the vog’s pic says, I hadn’t played in 4 months…

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Good-Bye (Prizes & more!) ~Finished, no more prizes~

Originally posted by thetrueultimatum:

Just a question, have you killed Vokster at least twice? This question is not to question your ability ( I mean, I bet you in proto armor with flourish could kill me if I had dusker and a swift flourish, and two dual heart pendants), I just wanna know.

Yes, more than 10 times actually.

Originally posted by Ernest1998:

actually Vokster is not very, very good in LD…
albeit very good. lol

^^ This is true, kind of…

If you mean the albeit I know, he’s not that good either. What’s his full ign? =o

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Special mission solutions

Come on people! Don’t tell me I wrote all that damn text wall for nothing… Has anyone used my strat on There Can Be Only One? =O!

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Good-Bye (Prizes & more!) ~Finished, no more prizes~

So, it’s over!

In the end there were just 2 winners, they’ve received the cash already.
Random winners~ You will receive the account’s information within the next 24 hours, if you don’t want it, you can simply PM me back and ask me to give it personally.

Now, since there’s a lot of cash left, I’ve decided to give it to the first person to trade me. (Yes, I’ll go through the trouble of the download and everything ¬¬)

IGN= thegamevice …I’ll most likely be in haven 75. Not accepting any friend requests, since my friend list was full last time I logged off.

So, the first person to trade me will get more or less 100 mill crowns, & a bit over 1 mill CE… Good luck, and you better stay logged on =P

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Special mission solutions

There can be only one~ (This is done without any SB’s/agents, BUT getting any SB will help you a bit. I’d suggest SM building)
You’re gonna set 6 towers (If I recall correctly) on the first circle, so use your space wisely.

get a tack shooter on the first circle, upgrade it to 1/0.
Then get a 2/0 dart monkey on the last circle (to get rid of coming camos, you can also get a 0/0 and upgrade later)
upgrade the tack shooter to 2/2.
get a glue gunner on the first circle, set it to strong, upgrade to 2/0
get an apprentice on the first circle.
tack shooter 2/3.
Banana farm, near the first circle (Near, but not IN it. Near enough to get a village in range of all the first circle & the farm)
Banana farm 1/0.
Ninja 1/1 on the first circle.
apprentice 1/2
Banana farm 2/0
apprentice 2/2
Glue gunner 2/1
Ninja 3/2
Set your village, make sure it covers the banana farm & all of the first circle. Upgrade it to 2/2
Now, depending on how near you are to round 46, you will have to decide wether to upgrade the glue gunner to 2/2 & set an ice tower 2/2 in the first circle, OR set your SM (right under the first circle).
After you set the super monkey upgrade it to 0/2, if you’re still under round 40. If you’re already at 40, or later, upgrade the left path first, then 1 upgrade on the right path, then 2/2.

Place a cannon on the first circle (if you can’t, just make sure the village covers it.)
Upgrade it to 3/2 and set it to strong.

After that, upgrade the farm to 3/0, then the apprentice to 2/3, then the ninja to 4/2.
Upgrade your 2/2 super monkey to 3/2, then the farm to 4/0.
If bloons are starting to get near the end of the track (Due to wrong positioning, or whatever) Set a 1/2 spike factory on the last circle, be sure it only covers the place where the circle closes.
Then place an airplane (Forgot it’s name =P) near the village, upgrade to 4/2 ASAP.

If it still feels like it’s tight, upgrade the apprentice to 2/4, and use it’s ability whenever it’s needed.
Place a dartling gunner wherever you want (preferably under the first circle, near where the SM is, so that you can target the entrance directly. Upgrade it to 3/1.

After that you can simply place whatever towers you’re missing and upgrade them, if bloons are still leaking upgrade the spike factory to 4/2, that simply won’t let anything pass.

Congratulations! You’re done.
I’m sorry if it’s too long or something… Tried to do it as good as possible, but I don’t have much time to check exact rounds or formatting the post.

Hope I helped, GL & HF,

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Bloons TD 5 tournament

Uhmm… Can I join? Rank 68.

But… Exactly, am I supposed just to beat monkey lane on easy and then … what? Am I supposed to screenshot it or what?
If it’s that way, I can see several flaws.
*Anyone can use any tower to beat it, & then sell it to take the screenie after NLL.
*Anyone can use special agents, and do exactly the same.
*Anyone could even edit the screenie.
*A lot more flaws (too insignificant to post them all)

Now, if I’m supposed to record it, don’t sign me up =P My computer can barely stand BTD5 on it’s own, can’t record while playing.


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Topic: Spiral Knights / Good-Bye (Prizes & more!) ~Finished, no more prizes~

Well, I haven’t had much free time (I’d have responded earlier).

Anyway, I could find the last mail I got from Cronus, lifting my ban due to my account getting hacked, and here’s the pic:

Now, pic of the PM of the winner (I’m uploading the screen full of possible winners, just to save the actual winner from flamers/trolls/beggars/etc.)

That screenie shows about just 1 winner, I think showing 1 is more than enough proof of winners.

About the scores in LD, haven’t found the 26k in proto, so I’m just uploading the highest I’ve found so far (Still quite good, and better than any of you, probably. It was also done in proto). Please notice I don’t focus just in damage, it has some good caps also. Side note~ I tend to cap/defend/camp solo.

I had already asked my friend to send me pics of the cash, but he was the one who told me “Can’t provide any SS’s, since the cash is on the alt accounts and showing the exact amount of cash &/or the gear/name/whatever would reveal the alt’s identity.”
I’m gonna ask again, and if he decides to send it, I’ll upload it asap.

Did I miss anything?

And Mugiwara, I see you’re still responding, right? =P

Back on topic~ My friend scanned his computer, he had a keylogger… I tracked it down to the receiver’s IP, [Insert some technological stuff you won’t understand here]… The thing is, I found out that 2 of the winners were 1 person, who had sent a mail with the keylogger to my friend… He’s been disqualified, and he will find something… interesting… on his computer =P

So, back to 2 winners! You still have 15 hours until this is finished… Send your PM’s NOW!

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Good-Bye (Prizes & more!) ~Finished, no more prizes~

Well, I’m not responding to flamers. Haven’t had time to look for the SS’s, and I asked my friend, apparently he still has the SS of the 53k stored somewhere (It was done in his computer). I’ll upload & post as soon as he sends it to my mail.

Next point~ The actual score on the beta server was a 64k (I also got the 53k) BUT it was done abusing a flaw I’ve found on the game, so I don’t count it towards records. Depending on my mood I’m gonna make a thread later with LD tips/techniques/tactics/bugs/glitches/whatever.

Although I really don’t like responding to flamers, I just have to point out I’m not a liar, and I’m not a bragger. If you didn’t notice, I didn’t even speak too much of myself until you provoked it. In fact, my only intention was to help others enjoy this game as much as I did, without passing through all the trouble I had.

And apparently it’s working!!~~~

Back to topic, 3rd & 4th winners today… God, someone must be tracking me down =P (Seriously, I’m gonna check this. If the winners happen to be the same person, or tracked down the alts in some way, I’m taking back all what I’ve done. Don’t even ask how, let’s just say it wouldn’t be safe to say it publicly wink wink)

Side note, if someone guesses the last alt before wednesay, I’m giving away the random prizes earlier.

I’ve also decided to give away my most precious possesion in SK… My proto armor. You may think it’s just a proto, but it’s THE proto. I’ve been offered huge amounts of cash for it (Some people thought I had hacked it into massive HP/defense/ASI bonuses, etc… and they wanted it for themselves.)
The highest offer I had was of 3kCE, so it’s still worth it.

Oh, and Ruby doesn’t has a rev generator, he’s prolly as rich as I am, he has already admitted he uses over 1k CE per match (Most likely just GvG, but he still revives at least 10 times on random). And he’s like every other Jempire, a noob who thinks having a faster weapon, a stronger armor, more HP and Auto Aim makes you better than other people, they’ve also completely forgotten about skill.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Good-Bye (Prizes & more!) ~Finished, no more prizes~

Once again, you’re completely wrong _ (You don’t know how good writing that feels =3)

All that text wall is full of facts, which can be easily proved by asking around/making a real research.

Can’t provide any SS’s, since the cash is on the alt accounts and showing the exact amount of cash &/or the gear/name/whatever would reveal the alt’s identity. It will have to be enough for you to ask the people who have won the cash…

I can provide screen shots of the record in proto (Not in Vog, didn’t SS anything back then), SS’s of the mails where I asked to get banned due to getting hacked, SS’s of the mails where I got un-banned (Both being a GM in person talking with me).

I’ll just need some time to find them & SS them, because as I’ve said, I don’t have much time nowadays.

(In case you’re wondering, it took less than 5 minutes to type all that text wall.)

And Back to the topic~

CONGRATULATIONS!~~~ There’s a second winner already!, 3 more to go.
The character’s info should be mailed to you in the next 10 hours (As soon as my friend checks his mail)

Keep up the great work guys! 3 more days and this is over ;)

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Good-Bye (Prizes & more!) ~Finished, no more prizes~

teh_bomb, That’s because you’ve seen only half of the story.

The admin had SOME information right, but he didn’t do a real research about my current cash, etc…

The clearly stated that this account has never had such amount of crowns or CE. He also stated “achamaham & super-spiral-god” are the same account, and both of those statements were right.

If you had actually read the thread, I had stated way before that I’m not the one managing the alt accounts, it’s a friend of mine. (That’s because I don’t have access to my laptop right now, and he’s the one who started organizing this)

I can’t log into any other SK accounts through this CPU, and well, the long story:

This kongregate account has been hacked twice, and both times I asked a GM through mail (This can probably be checked with Chronus/any other person with access to past mails) to get my SK account banned, just as a pre-emptive ban in case the hacker tried to log into my SK account.

Both times it was banned, and I didn’t lose anything BUT, since it has been banned, I can’t log in/create any other accounts. That’s why my friend is the one making all the alts AND managing them.

About the cash, yeah, the admin was 100% right. This account has never had that much, most I’ve had on this account was maybe 200k cr at most (and a couple thousands of CE).
that was simply because after getting hacked twice, I didn’t want to risk losing the amount of CR/CE I was accumulating, which is the reason to have alts (Which were created using my laptop, when it worked. AND they’re not participating in this contest).

Thus the reason for not having ever touched those amounts of cash.

There’s many people who know I got the cash, many people who know I’m more than capable of getting it, many people who know my method, I got an online guide to merching, easy crowns with minor effort.
One of the persons I gave the info to, got over 250k cr the first day, and you can check it. His IGN is Swordofomen. (He could’ve quit already, I don’t really know. And he’s not the only one who has made use of my guide, but he’s one of the few who actually learned how to)

Now, the actual question… Why didn’t I clarify this on the official forums? Well, several reasons:

First of all, the admins were already mad, and since they don’t normally like being proved to be wrong in front of everyone, I decided to let it pass.

Second, I asked my friend, and yeah… He had sent the message from his account. He claimed he did it just because he wanted to see if I was actually willing to give the cash away. (The method was Receive the mail with the right ign>I read it, SS it>Send the pic to my friend>He PM’s the winner with the info) And I did send him the picture, just proving I was actually willing to give it away.

Third, I didn’t care at all about what people thought about me, or that account. Since I’m no longer playing, it’s just irrelevant.

Fourth, There were 5 winners already. I couldn’t post their names since the thread was locked. So, why waste my time posting them just to get flamed even more? The winners got the cash and they know I wasn’t lieing, enough for me.

Now, do you really think I’d have the time to do such an elaborated scam/troll/whatever?? You can check all which I had said, it’s all veridic, all fits exactly with the timings, it all makes sense… You’d have to be seriously mentally ill not to see it.

Just on a side note, teh_bomb is against me, simply because in his small-brain, I’m just a troll… And he got even more mad at me when he met me once at LD, I slaughtered him a couple of times, brushed it on his face and he rage-quitted.

Now, pato, I don’t know that Rudy you’re talking about, and in case you actually think no one in kong gets over 40k… Do you know Canozo? Other than me, he’s the only one here in kong who I’ve seen get over 40k. (Not sure about it though, it was a long time ago and it could’ve been a 30k.)
AND, that score was made a LOOOOOONG time ago. It was done on a beta server, in a friend’s account (I can’t do it on my own account, I’m F2P and therefore I got no access to such servers).
On this account, my highest score is set on vog cub, no UV’s, no trinkets. If I recall correctly it was a 32k’ish~, And on proto it’s about a 26k.

EDIT~~~ I’m clarifying this here simply because I’m not gonna let someone as teh_bomb call me a liar =3

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Good-Bye (Prizes & more!) ~Finished, no more prizes~

Posted about the highest and the avg simply because most people think they matter. They don’t matter for me, I’m not scared of someone simply because they’ve gotten a 30k/40k/whatever.

I’d gladly go on and destroy you a hundred times before you could land a hit, BUT, since I had quit a couple months ago, I’m missing LOADS of updates, and I can’t afford to waste that much time to download them all. I use the 10 mins I got spare between gym, work & school to respond here and check the PM’s.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Good-Bye (Prizes & more!) ~Finished, no more prizes~

It’s not about the scores, it’s about the skill. I’ve never found someone who could do what I do in my proto, people nowadays rely on ther armors, their UV’s, their pendants, to make up for the lack of skill.

That’s basically the reason why I’m quitting, nothing here gives me a challenge anymore… And Mugiwara, no offense, but seriously, you would never stand a chance, even if I didn’t use any trinkets and after not playing in months…

Back to the topic:

CONGRATS!! There’s a first winner already, you’ve already been sent the info of the alt, so log in and claim your prize!

Will there be more winners? I’m closing the contest and giving away the randoms next wednesday, so who knows?