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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Official] Balancing issues


The experience and BC reward for FCG has been stupidly good so far for me (BC was just icing on the cake). That coupled with the fact that I enjoy FCG is why I maxed out the card player career and pet bonus really early, level 2500 maybe. Maybe this should be nerfed.

The enemies all become easy once you figure out how to deal with them, though getting long win streaks against some can be a matter of luck due to inevitable bad draws. Also very high difficultly enemies should give more reward than they do now compared to lower difficulty enemies because right now it seems most efficient to grind level 6.

After initially purchasing booster packs, then just buying the cards needed for a cheap but effective deck I’ve never bought from card packs again. Better to get cards/cash from defeating foes and buying what you need.

Time warp is insanely good, it can be used in just about every deck you make. Maybe a slight nerf like increasing its cost by 1? Though this will ruin a lot of strategies out there at the moment, and will cause all sorts of balance issues, which may or may not be desirable. Might also be a good idea to add cards that allows you to directly increase defense, only one available at the moment is holy symobl which is 12 blue mana for 2 defense. Currently the only viable way to go for a defense strategy is perma monster + crabs.

Might be worthwhile to add a penalty for damage received, and perhaps a major bonus for not being damaged at all, though the latter would encourage even more low-level grinding. Either that or make damage received be a bonus, and perhaps a major bonus for tanking a large amount of damage. Regardless I think damage taken needs to be included somewhere.

Power user card seems fine to me.


Ever since I bought this it has been my main source for GC by far. I see nothing wrong with this however since to make the most out of it you have to be playing the game and not idling.

Overall the market seems fine just the way it is.

Awesome Adventures

Exp gain is very minor for me.

I don’t know what the affect of reputation is on reward, so can’t comment (currently 5500ish reputation).

I almost always give energy refills to the tired adventurer, though I might start saving them to go level up my adventurer career (currently level 0 lol). Also I haven’t bought anything from the shop in awhile though might start buying BC in the future.

The cap on refills prevents hoarding large amounts for super quick career exp. This is probably a good thing, because otherwise I’d save a ton then power level the career from 0 to 100 and get a stupidly large business bonus.


Don’t really fish that often because I want to gain mastery at the same time, which can only be done after spending YC. Currently spending YC on other things. Though fishing should be idleable imo.


I feed it but don’t know why. Guess it’s because it keeps hinting that it’ll give me the sword eventually. All the other rewards it’s given me so far have not been worth it, excluding occasional dragon boost.

Epic Skills

Price seems right, though double progress is the best skill by far. Money mastery and pixel bonus become more and more useless as time goes on. Battery charger is almost worthless due to printer being almost worthless, maybe it could increase printer speed as well?

Mystery box

Currently hoarding my BC, almost up to 250k. From the boxes I’ve gotten through other means pixelated mystery gives a lot a junk, explosion crates have given me better battle arena stuff than pixelated mystery boxes for my level. Chaos crates are definitely a poor purchase at my level. Awesome crates are alright, attendance box gives some nice stuff, legendary boxes are good too (get a more expensive card but card is random, fair enough). Haven’t opened any gambler’s or progress boxes yet.


Early on bought demand master and power user cards, now I mostly just open boxes.

Unless battery charger provides an insane boost to the printer (I’m thinking 10x faster at least) it is definitely not worth its price. Everything else seems fine.

2x cards shouldn’t be sold separately. Encourages people to buy legendary boxes. If they are sold separately then they should be expensive because they’re pretty good.

Trading unwanted cards for boxes should be 3 to 1, maybe give a slightly better ratio if trading a bunch of cards at a time. If implemented definitely don’t make 2x cards sold separately as we’re reducing the randomness of legendary boxes by doing this.


I’m never getting the pong and ultimate avoidance achievements. Others might have difficulty with other games. Easy mode pls.

Also am just short of stadium’s “speed runner” achievement, though could probably get this if I tried. Same with “godly streak” fishing achievement.

Another little thing: once I get a secret achievement, would like a description of what the achievement is. I’ve gotten some and have no idea how I got them.


Seem fine for the most part, though random arcade quests are either too easy or too hard based on the game. Also early on career quests are a pain because you don’t want to sink money into activating careers just for a quest, though later on this isn’t as much of an issue.

Special shop

Seems fine to me.


There’s a huge jump between the cost of one career to two, then a smaller jump from two to three. Activating more than one career early on (say under level 2500 or 3000) is not worth it.

Button basher career exp is both easy and hard to get. I truly hate the button machine. For the most part career exp seem balanced enough though can’t really judge some careers since I haven’t used them really.


If my pet does start to starve I’ve got plenty of arcade tokens to feed him thanks to mindsweeper. Can’t really comment too much on the pet, though the max exp bonus seems fine.


Everything is fine, though would really like some hint as to what level reward I’m going to get once I quit the business.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Official] Balancing issues

Current level of 3200ish, here’s my thoughts on parts of the game so far. Some thoughts are more like suggestions rather than balancing comments but figured I’d mention them anyways:


Another garden cost seems to ramp up very quickly, though unsure about if it’ll continue to ramp up quick (only unlocked 5 plots so far). Also would like an option to trade fertilizers for mega fertilizers and vice-versa.

Battle Arena

The ice spirit from the frosty zone took me an unusually long time to be able to kill, I was considerably higher level than it before I was able to take it down, using adventurer’s trophy as weapon and being rank 140ish. Don’t know if it’s due to imbalance or because I had a weak setup however.

Would like the difficulty to scale more evenly. I spent hardly any time in the beginning areas (mystic forest through beach, training zones should be short because they’re for…training) then suddenly got stuck at volcano peak-binary battlefield. Note that this was just before triangle apocalypse but the problem still seems to be there. Maybe balance it so that newer players spend more time in these zones and get better rewards?

Also a guide for certain features (mining, unob enhancements, spirit skills, raids etc.) would be helpful. Having to dig around the forums for information is annoying. Though some things the player should still have to figure out for himself, like how to kill the grinning colossus.

Button Machine

Should remain one of the best sources of GC and BC because it’s so mind-numbingly boring. Balanced fine imo, though I was unaware there was a limit on the number of clicks per day. I would get rid of the limit because very few humans are going to click the button for more than 50,000 clicks and if there’s a determined individual out there who wants to break the 50,000 click barrier let him go for it. As for people using autoclickers they’re already one step away from just editing the savefile so I wouldn’t worry about them. Cheaters gonna cheat regardless of what you do.

Money printer

Already is insignificant at my level. Maybe more upgrades or some other option to greatly increase output. Haven’t used a battery charger card yet so can’t comment on that. Critical print rate is fine though.


For me, pong and ultimate avoidance are extremely difficult, though could probably get better at pong if I tried. Math master I can get around 500k (no calculator) though some people average much higher and others much lower from what I’ve read. Whack-a-greg I’m barely not able to get the final highscore achievement though this is due to the fact that I use a touchpad instead of a mouse. I absolutely crush mindsweeper and triangle count. Triangle count should probably be harder imo.

The 25 tokens per day limit doesn’t bother me because I get plenty from awesome adventures, and if I really want to play even more I just buy the unlimited tokens per day (medals provided mostly by mindsweeper). Also the arcade tokens should not be able to be exchanged for BC, though YC and GC are fair game imo.

I’d absolutely love an easy mode. Though if some poor person out there has trouble with all of the arcade games he won’t have any 100k medals to purchase easy mode with.


Would comment on this, but for some reason I find the stadium only slightly more fun than the button machine. Which means not fun at all.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / FPS issue

@Draconi: If you’re running Firefox on Windows (it works wonderfully on Linux) you might want to try disabling the plugin-container. I remember when I used to run Windows with Firefox that this thing caused me never-ending woe:

Note that you’ll have to type “about:config” (no quotes) in the address bar to access the preference.

If you still have lagging issues then you can try fiddling around with some of the other values in the config menu. A complete list can be found at:

Also tried Opera, but it doesn’t feature a decent input grabbing. If you’re in another application you need to click once for Opera to become active, once for the game to become active, and a third time to get the inner game window to become active.

When you say “input grabbing”, are you meaning options to change window focus behavior? If so then I’m pretty sure you can also change those settings in Firefox (maybe Opera has something similar, dunno). If you don’t mean that, then I am confused at to what you’re talking about :/

Finally, though I’ll hate myself for suggesting this, have you tried Internet Explorer?

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Bug Report

Bug/exploit involving fire succubi (also Viegraff’s dino slash combo):

If you move your hero as far to the opponent’s side as possible, and the opponent summons fire succubi, you can be dragged past the invisible boundary that keeps you from walking farther to the right. You can also move past the boundary by using Viegraff’s dino slash combo, so long as you don’t try to move via wasd keys at the same time. Repeatedly using dino slash combo can cause your hero to move outside of the battlefield, provided nothing bumps him back into the normal boundaries in time and you don’t try to move via wasd keys. This effectively makes him invulnerable since nothing can hit him.

It looks like the game only checks to see if the hero is within the proper boundaries when the player moves via wasd keys (after moving outside the screen view using the keys will cause the hero to magically reappear at the traditional boundary), the game also needs to check whenever the player is hit or uses an ability.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / The NEW FCG Thread(Post Decks Here!)

Originally posted by shinki12345:
Awesome Face: Can only be acquired from defeating Tukkun(level 10). Awesome Face is commonly used in synchronization with Perma-monster to create cheap, easy stats for out-damaging level 6.

I managed to acquire 2 (upgraded) awesome faces after a long business run. Also got a third (also upgraded) from somewhere else, I think it was lvl 5 but not certain.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Extreme levels guide

Originally posted by zz1000zz:

I had a bunch of of those equations figured out, but I lost the file with them listed. They wouldn’t be hard to figure out really, but some of the equations have weird values, like damage increasing by 5.125 per tier. Because of that, you can wind up using five Apex Forges, thinking you have the right equation, then later come up with wrong values.

Yup. Usually try to use consecutive data points that are low level (say around tier 10) and consecutive data points that are high level (say 1000+ tier) when trying to confirm an equation. Though it’s really annoying when you have something like this happen for high tiers (equation for staffs):

base damage ?= 6*tier + 14 (this is slightly off, tier 2692 damage is off by 1 :/)

If you do know/figure out some of the equations feel free to post them on the wiki.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Monsters' Den Chronicles Wiki

Hey if anyone reads this I’m trying to determine the equations for the base damage of different weapon types (see ) and could use some help. Read the linked-to section for details before posting (it’s pretty short). Also if you think you’ve got an equation figured out (or notice an error) feel free to edit the wiki

Equations to confirm (if the equation is even off by one for a certain tier please post):
Dagger base damage = 4.8*tier + 12 (always round down decimal part)
Two-handed axe base damage = 9.3*tier + 22 (round to nearest integer, round up for .5 decimal part)
Crossbow base damage = 6.3*tier + 15 (round to nearest integer)
Sceptre base damage = 3.6*tier + 9 (round to nearest integer)
Staff base damage = 6*tier + 14 (this seems to be slightly off?)

There’s other weapon types but these are the ones I’ve done for now. If you feel like helping and have a high level character (around lvl 1000 or greater) it’s usually simple to determine the factor to multiply “tier” by, divide the given weapon damage by the tier and round to the nearest tenth (could possibly be hundredth but probably tenth). The result is probably the factor to multiply by, then what remains is determining the constant to add by and how to round.

Also if you feel like editing other parts of the wiki go for it, the wiki could use more editors.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Extreme levels guide

You should make a new thread to figure it out :) ill happily contribute data, resetting characters when needed.

Maybe in the future, right now I’m trying to determine equations for base damage of different weapon types (see ). Also this will be harder to determine then weapon damage equations because of some of the factors that I previously mentioned (non-constant xp/wave, non-constant monster lvls, possibly different xp for different monster types).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Random questions you'd like to know the answers to but are difficult/tedious to check:

Originally posted by Sniddy:

Are there any artifacts in the game?

Don’t think so or I’d expect to have seen one – or wiki would have info BUT….worth asking

There is one, but you’ll probably be disappointed:

Also note that the wiki is not complete, needs more editors too.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Extreme levels guide

Wall o’ text incoming, just a fair warning.

The levels (more exactly xp/wave) you gain per wave is based on the level difference between the low-level character and the monsters. The greater the difference, the more xp/wave. Using a lvl 8074 and a lvl 59 character (“received wisdom” ring on lvl 59 for 20% xp bonus) yields monsters of lvl 4067. (8074+59)/2 = 4066.5, round up to 4067

After defeating 1 wave and then retreating the lvl 59 character gained 60752 xp, or 60752/1150 = 52.8 (approximate) levels. So roughly 53 lvls/wave. However this does not take into account a couple of things. First, the number and type of monsters per wave is not constant, so the level gain per wave will be different for different waves. Second, the monsters continue to level as the number of waves increases. These factors lead to slightly greater xp gains/wave.

From your run we have a lvl 16597 and a lvl 1 character which yield monsters of initial lvl (16597+1)/2 = 8299, making the initial level difference between the low-level character and the monsters 8298. (without the xp ring?) this yielded an average gain of 345 lvls/wave.

So we have the following rough data:
Initial lvl diff of 4008 = 53 lvls/wave (using xp ring)
Initial lvl diff of 8298 = 345 lvls/wave (using xp ring???)

So we can see that the xp/wave does not scale at a constant growth rate. This is why it is possible to achieve such high levels. Figuring out the exact equation that determines the xp bonus for killing higher-leveled monsters will be more difficult to figure out (need cleaner data + more data points) but I’d guess it looks something like this:
earned xp = (base xp)*(lvl_difference * X + 1)
“X” is some constant between zero and one, probably around 0.1

other shit
1) Are you approaching 2 billion gold? If so I’m curious about what happens when you exceed 2^31 (about 2.2 billion) gold. Backup your save file before trying this though. If you can store more than 2^31 gold then see what happens when you pass 2^32 gold (roughly 4.3 billion).

2) You won’t be able to achieve a 2^31 or 2^32 level because your character will encounter problems with overflowing numbers before then, say from armor, health etc.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Random questions you'd like to know the answers to but are difficult/tedious to check:

Originally posted by freijie:

Its better to spark item that benefits the most from gaining tiers. I’d say Weapon>Armor>Accessories.

I agree with this with the exception of the Martyr’s Signet. 5 hp regen/tier is stupidly good (the +2 str/tier is just icing on the cake)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Useless Potions?

I don’t think it’s possible to do the type of sorting you want, since both the full and lesser versions of basic potions are classified as “useless” (gray border). It is possible to sort magical (green border) potions such as a protection potion from basic potions however.

Though if you’re to the point where you’re hoarding epic items it’s probably best to just automatically discard consumables under “epic” (purple border, epic consumables are the various tonics) quality since potions are dirt cheap from the shop.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] An alternative RNG

Eh I’ll give my 2cents:

Hardly. Incinerate’s a lot better for enemies in the front row since it consistently does more damage than Electrocute does at maximum, and for a lesser energy cost too. And if an opponent’s gauge is less than half full, Freeze will do more damage, also for a lesser cost (well, two less, but meh).

True, but there’s a couple factors to consider.
1) Incinerate only hits the front row
2) Incinerate is not a guaranteed hit versus enemies w/ evasion (though you could use accuracy-boosting equipment)
3) Incinerate is only usable by one of the mages

Incinerate is a solid skill but electrocute is more versatile. Plus nobody mentioned disintegrate (great finisher when facing necromancers or ascendents, only usable by conjuror) or mage missiles. Mage missiles usually ends up being the most damaging skill unless the enemy has resistance to ranged/is on heavy or light cover. This is especially true if you have two mages since the bonus damage keeps on stacking. Repeated use of mage missiles is more costly in mana though unless using spirit leech (or if you have a very high-tier rune-etched ring for lots of mana regen).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Extreme levels guide

8. Continue this process, im currently doing the next step with my lvl 1800 and lvl 16000 clerics. After 1,000 waves I should be like lvl 300,000+.

I tried something similar (lvl 1200ish and 8500ish clerics) and after 500 or so waves attempted to retreat so I could level and the game crashed. You start running into numbers that are so large that the game can’t handle them. If you do actually manage to successfully gain the levels would like to know however.

Originally posted by Darkruler2005:

I am very certain the developer intended for this to happen.

I’m very certain of the opposite. Unless there was supposed to be sarcasm in your post (hard to tell on the Web).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Army of One build (no tonics, no spirit guided equip)

It shouldn’t be too difficult to get items with either the “spiked” or “of thorns” attributes (if the item is able to have both). Getting specific combinations such “socketed cloak of thorns” is much more difficult, though other general characteristics other than spiked/thorns are “enduring” and “socketed” so there’s more combinations that are “good enough”.

As for restocking the Emporium, it’s probably easiest to first upgrade all categories (takes about 2 or 3 hours of gameplay I think), buy one piece of high tier heavy armor with an endurance bonus and one with thorns/spiked and put spirit guides on them, then store some gold. Then reset your characters (don’t reset game progress) and refresh the emporium until you get one or two of equinox robes (chest armor), barbed brutalizer (weapon), and doomwarden (shield, under accessories). Refreshing should be dirt cheap compared to the amount of gold you’ll have (250 at lvl 1 I believe). Don’t be surprised if it takes a good number of refreshes to get everything you want. Once you’ve got what you need equip everything on Lucius, drink a protection potion (if necessary, shouldn’t be with spirit guided armor) and trolls blood potion (or equip martyr’s ring if you bought from shop) from the party selection screen. Then let Lucius do his thing on Campaign IV (beginner difficulty for quicker waves).

@Redeemed: Oh didn’t realize that. Haven’t bothered to test myself, maybe I used the spark on an item that was lower-tiered than I thought.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Army of One build (no tonics, no spirit guided equip)

2692, everything has a spark of legend in it. To calculate what tier a piece of equipment using a spark of legend is take the character’s level, divide by 3, then round any fractional part up to the nearest whole number (think I’ve been saying round down in other posts but it’s actually round up). Also I believe the spark of legend slightly improves an item’s stats though I’d have to verify this.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Army of One build (no tonics, no spirit guided equip)

lol yeah. Maybe Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or a puffer fish or sea urchin would be more appropriate. I’m happy with Superman though :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Two minor changes to improve gameplay

Having played this game more than is healthy, here’s two very small changes that I feel would greatly improve gameplay (I can think of more but these two shouldn’t take much effort to implement):

1) When restocking the Emporium, make it so that the shop window stays at the currently opened window, rather than automatically changing to “Emporium Weapons”. While searching for that piece of epic gear or rune it’s a pain to have to reselect the window that you want opened again and again.

2) When using “gambler’s dice”, drag and drop to select the item for the initial roll. Then have a window pop-up saying something like “You have rolled X warplate breastplate of Y, would you like to roll again? (Z dice remaining)” and let the player continue to reroll until he runs out of dice or is satisfied.

There’s also some minor bugs (for example a level 1 character never gets runes/shards when restocking the Emporium) but nothing of import that I’ve found. Great game regardless.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Item Drop Rates from Dimensional Pockets

Opened up one pocket, got an epic item. Not the largest stash but figured I’d add it lol.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Army of One build (no tonics, no spirit guided equip)

Just figured out how to customize a character sprite, figured I’d throw these up for amusement:

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Custom Sprites

Didn’t get a totally transparent background since that will take a decent amount of effort (would have to go in close and erase every pixel that is not part of the golem). Threw the picture up on the wiki:

If you’re looking for a free image editor, you could try GIMP. It’s primarily for Linux users but there is a Windows version as well:

I’m guessing you’ll only need to visit the second link to get GIMP (assuming you’re using Windows). If you do decide to edit the picture and get a totally transparent background please throw the picture up on the wiki, filename “wargolem.png”.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Random questions you'd like to know the answers to but are difficult/tedious to check:

Originally posted by Buugg:
Originally posted by 1234qwerty4321:

“1) Does clean slate wipe your stat tonics? it says in the description that it resets to base stats… seems costly to try and find out.”

Just tested this, and the answer is no. You keep your stats from tonics.

I tried to reset after giving my mage inteligence tonic and stats were reset to 1/1/1/1.
How you managed to keep your stats?

When you say “reset”, do you mean reset the game? If so then you’ll lose any stat points from tonics. We were talking about the “clean slate” item resetting tonic stats, not resetting characters.

Originally posted by Nathan11101:

What level do shards appear in the Emporium? At lvl 40+ they appeared quite often, but after resetting my characters to lvl 1 they didn’t appear once after spending 200k gold on 1,000 restocks. Mind you this gold wasn’t wasted lol I got 4 sets for my characters: Annihilator, Omniscient, Ecclesiarch and Prowler set’s.

The game is funny that way. For lvl 1 characters the emporium never sells shard or runes, but it will for lvl 2 or greater.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Having a problem with your saves/game in general? Post here!

Originally posted by MrWATER:

I havent been able to load my save. I have done it on mozilla and internet explorer and on top of that I have had nothing running other than those.

First determine whether or not the game is creating a save file. See to find the location where your game should be stored.

If the game is not creating a save file, your browser(s) may be set to automatically the file the game creates. To see if this is the case (in IE):
1) Click Tools→Select “Internet Options”→click “General” tab
2) Look in the Browsing History section, and see if “Delete browsing history on exit” is checked.
3) If it is checked, uncheck it, and click “apply”.

Another possibility is that you are manually deleting the save file. Do you clear private data/browsing history obsessively? Then this could be the cause. If you want to be able to clear your browser data and still keep the save, you’ll need to backup the save file somewhere else such as the desktop.

Another possibility is that you haven’t cleared your browser data in a long time and your flash player doesn’t have enough room to store the files. This can be fixed by either clearing your browser data or changing the flash player’s local storage settings. To do the latter:
1)Go to
2)Slide the bar over to “unlimited”
3)For good measure, check the “Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer” and “Store common Flash components to reduce download times” boxes if they aren’t already checked.

If it still isn’t creating a save file then I’m out of ideas. :( If the game is creating a save file and isn’t loading it then I’m stumped as well.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Having a problem with your saves/game in general? Post here!

Before posting, try to be as specific as possible to help the developer. A helpful post should have these qualities:

1) A description of the problem. Does the game never save? Save and then delete later. A black screen? An error message? etc. Try to be as specific as possible. Also state if you’re running other programs in the background.

2) Your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) and its current version. A common mistake is having your browser set up to automatically delete temporary internet files so make sure this isn’t the case.

3) Your flash player version. You can get the newest version from here:
If you happen to be using a player that’s not from Adobe try disabling that player and downloading the player from Adobe.

4) Finally your operating system and version. For most people this will be some version of Windows.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Restocking the Emporium

Originally posted by rahsossprout:

the tier of the items in your emporium will be the average level of your characters and should be the same tier as the drops.
tier is calculated using the following formula. tier= (level – 5) / 3 so a tier 20 item is usable by lvl 65 and up.

I believe tier is level / 3, rounding up any fractional part. A level 30 character has the emporium restock at tier 10 and a level 61 has it restock at tier 21.

Also for multiple characters the emporium will restock at most one tier above the lowest level character’s tier. A level 8055 (just using him to try to determine game rules/constants) and a level 12 restock at tier 5, and the same 8055 and a level 61 restock at tier 22. This holds true for larger parties as well, as a level 8055, a level 1246 and a level 12 restock at tier 5.