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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / CT round 40 from level 9: Hack?

Originally posted by Dualic (undefined):

Please note that the level of other players doesn’t update during the CT. Therefore the level 5 could be a level 20 by now, the game is just not updating to show it to you.
To prove this, check the levels of all the players on CT and mark them down. Check after 2 days. Did anyone’s level rise?

I see no way of getting from level 5 to 20 in a single week. Unless you spend a lot of real money. That said, the update of city level could use tweaking indeed. When I got second city to level 5, I had to refresh the game, because engineers were still unavailable.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Bug Reports and Issues

Originally posted by mac187:


I have 2 cauldrons one tier3 one tier2…i have a sorcerer and druid both working on low level items. scrolls and such.

They will only use one cauldron (the lower tier one) and will not even use the tier3 one and just wait for the other guy to finish. IS this supposed to happen? Can this be fixed?

This happened to me too. I think this only happens, when you are playing at the time the working station finishes upgrading to higher tier (Tier 1-V to Tier 2-I and Tier 2-V to Tier 3-I). Just refreshing the page fixed it for me.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Town recruitment thread

Ssayheim city looking for players, suitable for ranks around 20-40. All tier 3 resources available, 30k population. Send me message if you are interested in joining.

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Topic: Technical Support / My save data keeps disappearing

I have lost all saves too 3 days ago, except the two i had running at the time it happened probably. I found out the local storage for was set to 100kB. I also found out I installed windows updates on the same day (KB2533623, KB2555917, KB2532531, KB2507938 and KB890830 if anyone is interested). I don’t recall doing any other unusual things with my PC on that day.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

My suggestion is that the links open in a new window. Not in the same window, where the game is. I clicked Submit a bug report once and lost my entire game progress. Oh, the pain … :/

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Topic: General Gaming / dolphin olimpics 3

I would definitely like some kind of bullet time ability. Or deeper water :)