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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is There An End?

Originally posted by JiffyJuff:
Originally posted by olinn:

there is no final zone, by hacking save files people have gone beyond zone 700. but yeah, the goal to beat is definitely zone 160.

Foolish mortal.

I don’t think there was nearly as many means to be able to beat Zone 160 four months ago as there is now.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Easter eggs??????

Originally posted by lirineu:
Originally posted by XDragon2003:

When I was fighting the octotentacle an enemy named kappa apeared in his place. Is that an easter egg?

no, that face is a meme that was added to a turtle and named kappa. It gives same moey as normal boss and have same hp, is just somethink to active players have fun with

So, essentially, yes. =P

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

Originally posted by franacho:
Originally posted by JiffyJuff:
Originally posted by franacho:

As the x100 Levels is used to upgrade heroes as much as you can, could it be replaced by a “buy all possible levels”?
Or just add a new hotkey like “X”?

We need more hotkeys!

x100 levels is used to buy a hundred levels. Maybe you haven’t gotten to that stage yet, but I frequently use this function to level my low-level heroes to exactly 1000. Any more above that is a complete waste and would be aesthetically unpleasing.

Or maybe add something to check how much will it cost to buy “X” amount of levels for a hero.

Please tell me if we’re getting somewhere.

Why do you have such a problem with hitting x100 multiple times? o.o

Also, having all the skills have lore instead of just Clickstorm would be cool. Something like:

Lucky Strikes – " ‘What do you mean, “lucky”?’ "
Golden Clicks – “Midas’s power turns everything he touches into gold.”
Super Clicks – “Beastlord completely surrenders his human side to destroy the enemy.”
Energize – “Aphrodite…well…I’ll leave this to your imagination.”

I don’t know if this has already been suggested; I just don’t want to read all the other pages.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / [Guide] What to do, and what not to do.

Originally posted by Gonkeymonkey:

Red? Red is t4.

Nicecoolguy0 meant robes.

…I think.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] Snow Reindeer Mount

Well, given the fact the it produces no extra buffs, it’s up to you to decide whether to get it or not.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] Report the in-game issue, bug and so on

Originally posted by Kharis_Chan:

I’ve a question… i’ve 55 gold but in the Star level i’m still at 0/100… why?

Selling cards doesn’t count.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] Report the in-game issue, bug and so on

Hi, I bid for 3 separate purchases on the Auction. I started with 125 gold (I think, but it’s irrelevant). The next day, I found that I had been outbid on an item and that money had been returned. HOWEVER, when I checked my bids, It showed me as the top bid for only 1 Item. I checked my cards, and I didn’t receive any either. As I was typing this, another auction I bid on ended, and I didn’t receive an item. If there is a ‘slight’ delay between winning the Auction and getting the cards, please specify. Thank you.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] Black screen/stuck loading?

Hey, IGG
It was no problem. I was pleasantly surprised to find the game running smoothly after a half hour or so after this post. Thank you for responding so quickly to the…unexpected occurrence. We appreciate all you do to help us with our problems, even if it seems you aren’t. =)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] Black screen/stuck loading?

Hey IGG. I don’t know if this is a multi-user problem, but a lot of us today cannot load the game properly, and are instead given a plain black screen. We can load other tabs such as News, Buy Gold, etc., but not the game. I did try this in Chrome and IE8, so browser change isn’t the issue, I believe. Please respond so that there may be something for we as users to help you by not constantly posting stuff like this or hogging Live Support with these complaints. Thank you.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

Originally posted by Aurian:

No. A speed run is always a completely fresh start. That’s the entire point of the feature. Keeping things between each sort of defeats the point.

After the speed run, do you get your stuff back (not on 2nd speedrun, just playing)? I think that you’re saying no, but, just in case! =)

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Random Loot Magnet?

Loot Magnet is beautiful (and probably very necessary) for the Treasure of the Pyramid. I love this new feature and hope that there are even MORE brilliant ideas by Tukkun =)

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Relic combinations For all level ranges

40-50 actually:
Toshi Tora, Copper Cog, Jade Cog, Pearl of Kazai, Keifer Challenge, and Black Flame Orb (Or replace Copper Cog with Izi Fuzen at later level)

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Games update

Battle Lantern drops quite frequently (In farming terms) for me. It drops approx. 200 fights…but that may just be lucky.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Games update

I also cannot scroll.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Facebook Coonect

Originally posted by ElGeneral:

when you are a lil older you ll understand that in the whole world no one is interesting for your opinion even not your own mother


When you get a little older you’ll understand that no one cares about you (Add worthless insult here).

Wait, why am I translating this? I forgot, no one cares. Oh well.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / How to be PRO at this game

It isn’t a troll thread. What he meant by pro is this:


See? That makes much more sense.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Speed vs. Power

Originally posted by willy123096:

I’m not sure about this. First, you claim to have a graph. Where is it? Second, who says your “fast” weapon strikes 4 times per second? what if it takes 1 second to strike once and the “slow” weapon strikes every two seconds? There are many unanswered questions. Dodge isn’t the same and crit isn’t the same. There is no “100%” because its not even counted in percentage. It is clearly said in the items that it is something like “crit:+10.” We can’t assume +10 means 10%. it can be 10/200 or 10/1000. So please if you can answer all these questions this threat will only be convincing. Other then that, there is no proof whatsoever because you are just making numbers. Thank you, have a nice day.

Whenever I use my Katara, it hits 5 (or possibly six; haven’t played this morning) times per second. Slower hits once per second or until the DPS is accounted for.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Some achievements are a bit far'fetched

Even worse (maybe) than those, there’s the ones that are win 10, 25, 250, etc. of your first fights in a row. This is impossible, due to the people who fight those 3 levels below them to steal money.