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Topic: Off-topic / HALF LIFE 3 IS OUT



Topic: Off-topic / Insert mature thread here

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / I dont get Quests

…there isnt quests in adventure capitalists…

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Topic: Off-topic / The greatest video game ever made


Best game.

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Topic: Off-topic / How many people are YOU subscribed to in Youtube?

100+ ive had it since 2010 or something
Also im back

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / RIP Skins bois.

Originally posted by TheWhackers:

Well now I can’t play on my 3900 Newspaper 500 trigintillion angels AdCap. Thinking about quitting this game now. It was fun. GGNORE Google.

wow that is allmost exactly where i am right now..
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Topic: Off-topic / What was the last thing you copy/pasted?

I copied nothing

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Topic: Off-topic / You meet the above user IRL, 1 minute only

kill his family.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / All the inactivity for this update?

This is obvious. They removed the import and export AND hard reset for no reason. Why was that? No reason. So what if a couple people get a headstart and play? That means nothing. They just want one of these 2 things:

To see what the future upgrades will be
To just play ahead

If thats bad, Heres the good sides

Share saves with friends
Start from scratch (which is impossible now)
The 2 reasons stated above

Not to mention the mega bucks/tickets system
Then aprox 1 vigintillion for 1 ticket.
Then aprox 1 trigintillion for another.
Then aprox 1 quadragintillion for another.
It gos on. I saved up 56 megabucks just for a profit that doesent even work correctly. Test it before you upload it.

Heres a little poll. Once in a while i will update it.

I like this update: 0
I dont like this update: 0
This update sucks: 1

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Ideas for areas! (after moon and earth)

How about this
Each planet gets slightly harder, and at the godly planet everything is 5000% better then earth

1 decillion = moon
1 quattuordecillion moon= mars
1 vigintillion mars = meteor
5 quattuorvigintillion meteor = bronze planet
5 trigintillion bronze = silver planet
1 sextrigin silver = gold planet
1 quadragintillion gold = platinum planet
1 quinragintillion platinum = obsidian planet
5 septragintillion obsidian = GOD
And the grand finale….
1 centillion god = Hax planet

Hax planet = you basicly beat the game, nothing else to do accept reset

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Corrupt a Wish-AC Edition

Granted. But, due to taxes, you get one at 1/948 octillionth of the size.

I hope someone crushes my dreams, my hopes, kills my family, and kills everything besides me. I have a ultimate sheild of invincibilty with the power force of 999999999999999999999999999? and i die a miserable life.

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Topic: Off-topic / Hi, I'm Candy Toot

Welcome to hell

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Topic: Off-topic / My laptop broke

So now I have a tablet that has autocorrect and I type 1\3 as fast as before. Inb4 I fun give a fik11!

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Topic: Off-topic / don't let your kids wach tv

Don’t give a fuck..

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Topic: Off-topic / Why guys are fucking ducks, I truly feel for this girl

is this a joke

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you hate?

School and the morons there that think theyre cool by making shitty “YOE MAHMA” jokes, People asking for my skype (when i dont have one), Popups on my pcc(which i get a shitload of) anime, september, and alot more im not listing

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Topic: Off-topic / 2000th post.


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Topic: Off-topic / Would you kill a puppy for $1,000,000?

“Trip” and fall on its head

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Topic: Off-topic / I am back again!!!

who are you

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Topic: Off-topic / Most legit food youve ever made

I mean by that, not just fast food, stuff out of the kitchen.
me, its a burrito with bbq sauce, chips, and hot sauce.
inb4 ur moms milk frum titz

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Topic: Off-topic / Yet choose another Pokemon before entering this thread, once again.

i thought fried pikac

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Topic: Off-topic / I am a slowpoke

Originally posted by Cwovictor:
Originally posted by tHErofLwaffLe:

who cares

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Topic: Off-topic / ...Its just... Just wow... Its just that... Its the wrongest thing to say...



Topic: Off-topic / A girl is stalking me

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Topic: Off-topic / Fun Facts!

This is my 1823rd post