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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Bug/Issue Report

Originally posted by geekdavo:
Originally posted by Tank__Girl:

I unlocked Carbine, but in my Armory all I see is Bulk Carbine. I cant fuse Carbine and its been like this about 3-4 days now.
Please help!!

think devs are away. i’ll take over tank :D have you got a weaver or a raider in your squad ? if you don’t have at least one of the units needed to fuse a unit it will not show up in your armory

Correct. Thanks Geek.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Spoils of War Starts Today!

Spoils of War x2 Credit event starts today at 14:00 server time!

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Raid Squad Damage Update

Originally posted by AgentGraves:

Oh, okay. I still take alot of damage from the raid bosses. Its just the mobs I am good at doing. You kind of have to be. So if there is some kind of exploit where people were cheating, you should totally take that out.

It still adds 10 damage to mobs, but that is small and can be regained real fast if that is the only damage you’re taking. This is stop players that are doing a HUGE number of battles and getting rewards for it. As mentioned, it shouldn’t really change the way the raid works for players playing fairly.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Raid Squad Damage Update

Originally posted by AgentGraves:

I can do some of these raid auxes without taking any damage. That’s not from exploits. That’s more from your insane powercreep. I use a three unit squad on foundry that takes 0 damage on average. AI Core isn’t much harder. I’m working on figuring out how to take no damage from Ammo Vault and Defense Pylon now.

Are you sure there is an exploit and not people just beating it? And what is the problem exactly? The raids are working fine now. Why are you fixing something that isn’t broken? The league is beyond messed up. You want to fix this?

I don’t get it. Sorry. Thanks for putting mantidae in the silver crate though. You should make that permanent. Thank you.

Yes specifically with the bosses. The change is made to make Raids fair for everyone, but I understand that mobs are easier and can be be brought down faster.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Raid Squad Damage Update

We’ve been doing some analysis on raids and recently discovered an exploit that allowed players to do large numbers of Raid battles quickly and without damage. We’ve added a minimum of 10 squad damage from any battle in the raids. This change will be live when the Raids re-activate today.

Players who play the raids normally, should notice no real change. This is a measure to stop players that may be botting or exploiting the raid unfairly. Feedback welcome.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / FAQ

Sinbad is right, posting here or asking in web chat is the best place to get help.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / IS This a Guild War Event or a Tryp versus BL event?

Thanks for the reports on the MM. Guild Wars have 21 matches so some repeats are expected as long as they do not follow each other immediately. We’ll be making a few tweaks to Guild Wars before the next one based on player reports during the just ended War and posts here.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [To Dev] Are we waiting for the words?

We added Gauntlet two weeks ago, took input from it and polished it up re-released it and are continuing to polish it. For Solo Bounty we are working on something for the next one that should be exciting, and has been suggested here on the forums before. I will post about it after it begins to get tested and we are confident will go out with next solo bounty.

So here are your words, SexyFury : “The game is still on. We’re still working on it”.

Rather than doom saying and cawing death from the mountain, you may make helpful suggestions or meaningful critiques. inb4 “you never listen to them”. That’s not true. Change takes time and testing. If MM is wonky, we need to look into why. If players report an issue we look into it and see if it can be patched. Some changes require a client update, which is a time consuming process both in implementation, testing and release. The game is being serviced, we care about our player’s experiences.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Missing scans have ruined league this week

Originally posted by sinbad69:
Originally posted by gelt2:

I thought everyone got their scans back? Was this not the case?

it is.but some folks was sleeping at that time
so they are lost 15-20 scans
because max scan stack are 20.

Originally posted by N7791:

Yes, I am really annoyed too. I lost 20 scans instead of gaining them. Really not cool at all.

You’re scans weren’t lost. If you logged in during the the issue, your scans were re-added correctly. If you logged in after the issue, you would have had the correct number of scans, no scans were missed.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] February Roadmap

2/5 – 2/8 Spoils of War x2 Credit Event
2/12 – 2/15 Guild Bounty Hunter
2/19 – 2/22 Gauntlet: Rage
2/22 – 2/29 Guild War

2/9 – 2/22 Missile Barrage Strike Skill Event

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] January Roadmap

Originally posted by sinbad69:
Originally posted by 999Ryan:

We need a new map soon

we need it now

It’s coming!

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Gauntlet: Wrath Announcement and Gauntlet Changes

Originally posted by N7791:

Why do all players have different timers for attempt respawns?

It depends on when you ran out of attempts.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] January Roadmap

Originally posted by alex_diabloman:
Originally posted by Rudgutter:

1/8 – 1/11 2x Credit Spoils of War
1/15 – 1/18 Gauntlet: Fury
1/21 – 1/25 Gauntlet: Wrath
1/22 – 1/25 Single Bounty Hunter
1/25 – 2/1 Guild War

1/12 – 1/25 Rally Overdrive Event

Happy new year! Gauntlet is being tentatively planned for the weekend of the 15th. If that changes I will update it here. Feedback welcome!

what can you tell us about the Planned Site Maintenance on Jan. 26th is right in the middle of the guild war, will the game be down for everyone?

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Bug/Issue Report

Originally posted by kali4nication34:

Bounty Problem – I was just now going to do my last bounties i selected them, entered the figth and it said "you must select a valid “something” and they all disappeared… What the hell is this?

Was this on web? Did you leave your window open? It’s possible they had expired but were not cleared away.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Kong Downtime Tomorrow

Kong has announced there will be downtime tomorrow as they move their servers.

This means that GA web will be down during that transfer but the game will still be playable on device. Additionally, some functionality like forums and GA guild chat in the Kong button will also be down until their servers are transferred. During this period, you may not be able to log in to Kongregate accounts on device. Please direct any questions to the thread linked above.

Thanks for your patience!

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Topic: Global Assault: General / To Dev : can you publish road for next month in advance

We may get a roadmap out this week for next month, otherwise it will be up on the 1st.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [to dev] Gauntlet rank system

Originally posted by blues0613:

they got there before you.


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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Upcoming Events Reminder

Check out our January Roadmap here

Today we launch a new Gauntlet . That will be up at 14:00 server time.

Tomorrow there will be a Solo Bounty Hunter at 14:00 server time. On 1/25 there will be a Guild war at 14:00 server time.

Get out there and fight!

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Gauntlet: Wrath Announcement and Gauntlet Changes

Don’t forget that this will be starting tomorrow!

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Topic: Global Assault: General / To dev add catalyst to filter option

It’s a great suggestion! Thanks moha_arc!

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Gauntlet: Wrath Announcement and Gauntlet Changes

Thanks everyone for the feedback with the first run of the Gauntlet. We learned a lot of things and will be making a few changes. We’ll be running another Gauntlet from 1/21 to 1/25. This will overlap with the Solo Bounty Hunter. The roadmap has been updated to reflect this.

Improved Rank Prizes
We want to improve the ranking rewards as well as expand those tiers to better reflect the intensity of Gauntlets. We will be improving the rank rewards to better reflect what we are aiming for.

Increased Attempt Cap
When the event begins players will start with 3 attempts, however there will now be a max of 6 attempts. Attempt regeneration will remain at 8 hours. This allows players that start the event a little late to remain on even footing with players playing from the start of the event.

Command Pod Health Scales Up
The command pod health will scale up along with the unit health, attack and skills. The command pod will start at 100 health.

The Correct Amount of VC Will Be Charged For Refills
We noticed mid event that the cost to recharge a Gauntlet attempt was not removing the correct amount of VC and was just removing 1 VC. This will be fixed for this week’s event.

Additionally we are aware that players cannot see skills scale up with the BGE. That is something we aim to improve in a future client update, which will be released later.

Feedback or questions on these changes welcome!

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [To Devs] Gauntlet Problems

Originally posted by chabadu1:

Summary of problems. Many posted already, but here for your convenience:

1. Gauntlet favors those who play it first – tied ranks goes to the first to get there and attempt regeneration only begins after you have less than 3 attempts remaining. So if someone didn’t have time to start until the 2nd day, they will have 3 less attempts.

Make the gauntlet on even ground. Use a different method for tie-breaks (suggested already), and make attempts regenerate more than max 3 so everyone gets the same amount of free attempts.

And btw, right now tied ranks are random, not based on who got there first.

2. Since advantage is to those who play first, we have ~60 battles that we need to finish in the first hour or two when gauntlet begins, and then 3 days of waiting for the rewards to come in while playing maybe another 9 battles. This won’t be a problem if you fix the above problems.

3. We can’t see the stats of the enemy units.

4. Early matches are a waste of time for high level players. Start at different levels based on SP or Dom.

5. PVP rewards suck. Why only give to the top 100? I guess cause they pay you to… (I doubt any top 500 player considers 25 scrap a reward).

I’m sure there’s more problems too

1. Attempts begin to regenerate as soon as they are used. For example if you have 3 Attempts, lose and go to 2 the timer has already begun counting down to your next regeneration. We’ll work on better surfacing that in the future.

3. This is known and we’ll add to future client update.

4. This may be solved with an announcement later this week.

5. They can definitely be improved.

Originally posted by DJSway:
Originally posted by Rudgutter:

Thanks for the feedback so far, keep it coming.

Rud, glad to see you reading and listening- very encouraging! How about this for next gauntlet: Give T1 for reaching level 10, T2 for level 20…..T6 for reaching level 60, T7 for reaching level 70. Then roll it over to the competition rewards as you did on this event. Too many quit after getting the solis and the event is over for them- they have no chance of getting top 100, 50, 25, etc…but they would keep striving for level 60 for the T6. Just don’t make it insanely difficult to get to those levels- people want to play this game and you can see how much so many love it and support it. Gauntlet is a great idea and we are off to a good start, just keep improving it!! I really believe that if you “throw a bone” to the community it will pay off in the long run for you guys.

Interesting idea, thanks!

Originally posted by torquer:

My complaints with gauntlet are very similar to OP:

1) The gauntlet level progression was totally unbalanced. I’d guess 90% of the player base ended between levels 40 – 60. For me, I easily got to level 50 within the first couple hours. I then spent the next few days barely being able to make it up to 56. I.e, there are way too many easy levels, and then they get really hard way too quick. And then, judging by the fact that the top few players got to well over level 100, it seems they taper off again in difficulty, and become a grind fest for the top whales.

2) The reward tiers were completely absurd. Nothing new there; that’s the complaint nearly every event. Anything attainable is useless to the player that can attain it. I agree with the people saying should have expanded reward tiers by 10×.

3) As people have said, it was really annoying to not be able to see units detailed stats.

4) Lastly, for goodness sake, please make attempts refill quicker than 8 hours. There’s no reason not to make it every couple hours. As I mentioned, I used my first 3 attempts within the first 2 hours. Then over the course of 3 days, I got a total of 9 more attempts. This was just boring… I remember last Solis event I barely missed getting it. But at least I was able to try to complete those missions probably 40+ times. In the end, I realized my squad just truly couldn’t do it. If I was weaker than I am now, and only had 12 attempts to get to level 50 and get Solis, and I only made it to the high 40’s I’d be PISSED. And I’m sure that happened to some people. So, why not make it a more interactive event? More reward tiers that are better, and more attempts to get there? I guarantee the player base would be thrilled, instead of feeling let down by the anticipation of gauntlet, like I am now.

Thanks for the insight, many of your points echo the ones in this thread as well.

I’ll be making a post later in the day regarding Gauntlet.

Please keep the feedback coming.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Gauntlet units stats hidden from view

Thanks this was reported elsewhere as well and was a known issue. We’d like to fix with a future client update.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Barriers @ Global Assult Forum Admins

Barriers do not currently stack, and we don’t plan to have them stack in the future.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Bug/Issue Report

Originally posted by hubomat:

Just upgraded to Android 5.02 and now game doesn’t load anymore. Tried reinstalling, but to no avail. Why?

Please send us a report here: