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Topic: General Gaming / [Desktop TD Pro] share your kick ass towers

design kick ass towers here i have some diarmer can greatly weaken enemies and they lose their special abilities:cost 350. damage 350. speed 350. attack all units
upgrades doubles attack and speed and price is increased by 35

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Topic: Bad Eggs Online / i will try make weapon pack 9

weapons:terrain detruction: a drill that destroy whole terrain and deals 65 damage
to everybody
change gravity:deals 20 damage and all other players in other rooms start go to fly to space and lose the game
super laser cannon:a cannon that shot 100 ion cannon shots that each deal 30 damage also laser and gross accurate
lvl up button:a button that make you level up immeaditly also work on any prestige
brain crushing:deals 25 damage and all other players or other team suarts to shoot on their own teammates

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Topic: Bad Eggs Online / i updated mega weapon

to get it you need have everything also prestige 5 and lvl 80 plus 10000000 kills and 10000000 wins and 1000000 win streak