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Topic: undefeated spider / Starting Out

Decided I should probably post my wall of text of a Black Mirror build. Idea started with the Dark Mirror build posted on these forums, but it was extremely broad. As many people have asked in chat, I decided to commentate my personal build and knowledge gained over the past couple of days. This build is good AFTER you have beat normal with 100 stages, and can be used for the first couple of challenges and should easily change your 100 stage record into a higher one.

Start with Ranger(^ = starting skill) if you don’t own Hero Mode(with hero mode you can buy special tomes for Guardian Power). Otherwise go Banshee(~ = starting skill). Later once you have a few more stars, starting as Sage will be best if you still wish to play this build.
This build is about massing health pool and health regen in order to to massive damage against late game enemies. Later in the build, you will add armor.
Early on, Physical Reflect is generally the go-to for damage as you are already tanky, however you can use any method of cheap and easy damage until the spider starts to burn you. Once the spider starts to burn you every round, ensure that Black Mirror and your regeneration are high enough to quickly kill the spider.

The following skills are to be used, keep them relatively balanced. The skills with two horizontal black bars have diminishing returns, and shouldn’t be focused on once the return is low. Other than that, Z-click the ones that cost 5,000 (5k) starting with HP & HP Regen, then moving towards your damage.

Physical Reflect (Damage until you start to get burned, I generally put 500 points here)

~^Max HP (HP)
~^HP regen (HP Regen)

^Guardian Power (HP)

Dark Power (HP)
Blood Link (Leave at 1 until you start dying)
Vengeance (Leave at 1 until you start dying)
~Black Mirror (Damage once the spider starts to burn you)

Life Power (HP)
~Regeneration Bonus (HP Regen)

Utility: (These are for making sure that you maintain an edge over the spider, only put points when you can do so without losing the round)
~^Skill Cost Reduction (Generally put 30-50% of your starting stars into this skill at the very start of the game)
~^Star Gain (Buy this until it is no longer 5k/100 at the start. Then increase this whenever you have spare stars sitting around)
2x Star (Buy this until it is no longer 5k/100 at the start)
Tome Cost Reduction (flat) (Early on I grab this after dumping into the first three. A few hundred in it ensures I can get cheap tomes and unlock every skill)
Item Destroy Value (flat) (More stars = more skills)
Gold Find-Flat (More gold = more tomes/shields)
Gold Find-Percentage (More gold = more tomes/shields)
Extra Item Find (More items = more stars)
Item Rarity Increase (flat) (Helps special bonus)
Extra Shield Rarity (Helps special bonus)
Item Special Bonus (Prevents are more common and last longer)
Item Uses Bonus Chance (Get it last, it helps for broadening your margin of good shields)

Late-game Evil:
Once you are sitting decently comfortable, setting armor damage up is the next step
Assimilation (Scales off of spider, steals armor)
Armor Link (Steals more armor from spider when you are out of it)
Haunted Armor (Heals with armor)
Armor Burn (Deals damage with armor)

Late-game Special:
Stage Scaling Increase (Helps a little bit with Assimilation, 4% → 8% at most)

Late-game Attack: (Shouldn’t be necessary, but it’s an option)
Armor on Attack (Another source of armor)
Attack Speed (Speeds up the armor gain)

Status Prevents (Yellow, Special Bonus, DO NOT GET BURN-PREVENT, this should make it so you have 7 unique prevents on your shields, 2 on each is easy!)
High Base Armor (Less important, shouldn’t matter but if there is two shields that are exactly the same, this is the determining factor)
Star/Gold on use (Early on, if you have an item that has this and you have no status prevent shields, use it!)

Prevent priorities on shields:
Void (The hardest one to get, you may have to set this on a solo shield for a while)
Poison (Second hardest to get, play your other shields around void & poison)
Burn (Don’t get this or your main source of damage is gone)
Acid (Impossible to roll on shields right now)

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Topic: undefeated spider / What do I do

Other than Max HP there is Void Reduction, Life Power, Guardian Power (careful of the non-reflect damage decrease), Dark Power (careful of the status increase). Any of these would make that survivable. Though you were only able to hit 126 on normal, I suggest doing the challenges in order to get more starting stars/gold which will help immensely.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Ultimate IOU Optimizer - by Nano Destiny

Hello everyone, I have worked on many spreadsheets in my time and figured it was time to pick up IOU and run with it. I just pushed out V.2.50 and am interested on the returns it gets with the primary new addition of three large efficiency calculators. The three that were added this update are Gold/Hour, Exp/Hour, and Challenge Damage. These calculators are based on your skills and your party’s skills (due to party skills being delegated based on the highest in the party) so be sure to invite your friends to use the same sheet as you!

If you have any suggestions or problems please don’t hesitate to contact me by whispering me, posting here, or through a private message on Kong. Thanks!~~

Public Copy:

Blank Copy for your Guild:

Credits to:
Jmcclain1299 – Overall work and my collaboration with him until this update (Thanks for pulling me into the community!)
Uroogla – Assistance on fixing several formulas
BashNSmash – Assistance in verifying formulas
Harald – Base spreadsheet
SantansMistress3 – Color Scheme
Blackie – Better hits/s timer

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blue Moon] Suggestions

Item trading would promote multi-accounts to bypass the hard mode limitation. Doubt it’s going to happen as it would break the game.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / The game loads, but the "PLAY" button never appears

This is caused by the method that the game is loaded, of which I will not reveal here. I wish I had a fix, but I do not know how to get around it, nor what prevents the actionscript from triggering. Hopefully a developer can help you, and for the time being I will look into it a bit more than I previously have to see what I can find. I wish you all luck.

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Topic: The Gate / An Open Letter to Spicy Horse (麻辣马)

They have been working on The Gate since Crazy Fairies was released. They have a timeline of releasing 10 games over the course of two years? They have one more game to release by the end of this year as far as I remember. Most of the games released so far were crash and burn, as games will do if you rush them. I’m interested in seeing what they do after 2014 but I am concerned with their Q&A department, always have been.

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Topic: War of Omens / Tips and Tricks for Vespitole playing

Bump, love it. Thanks tay.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Crazy Fairies] DEATHEYE TOURNEY

Level playing field needs to happen in the tourney. Maybe make there be two, one for non sets and one for full sets (in the future when we have more players at least) so people can try out set bonuses when not relying on the stats of their items.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Crazy Fairies] New Community Mods

Hello everyone.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Crazy Fairies] Rareness of Items in chests

Eh, 4got, I might as well just post the link now as a temporary link until wiki comes out so people hear about it and want to donate their information.