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Topic: Off-topic / Cryptids

What is a Coelacanth, anyway?

It’s an ancient fish.

And no, it’s illogical to be so ignorant.

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Topic: General Gaming / grid 16

He said… Grid 16 is rather nice but you must not have strong PC. I am the brother of the creator. For tips and questions to me, my name is Tomboeg. Respond, comment, or text.

Something like that.

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Topic: Off-topic / Cryptids

Not to be mean, but that one that you have as your avatar mark. It’s a fake. It was made for a show called “Penn & Teller B.S.”

Incorrect. It IS a fake, but it was filmed in 1967. – Just in case you want to read up. I definitely suggest at least mark_roland to read it, since he’s pretty much being ignorant. Multiple people involved have already came forth and said it was just a guy in a gorilla outfit. It’s NOT “Bigfoot”. Lol.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you! :)

Eh. 5/10. Too repetitive, hard to hear the song with all the sounds in the background, not fond of the singing or lyrics either.

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Topic: Off-topic / Cryptids

I have no idea what mark is going on about…

Anyhow, my username is derived from Cryptozoology, and yes I do believe in it. However, I don’t believe in any of the absurd claims of cryptids (such as “The Mothman” for example). Cryptids (you have to take into account that cryptids are not only creatures that are thought to exist but are not yet proven to exist, but also creatures that were thought to be extinct, which were rediscovered) are discovered frequently.

Just going to list a few of the cryptids of the past, which are now known to exist:

Komodo Dragon, The Coelacanth (believed to be extinct for millions of years), Giant Panda, etc. etc.

Just because it’s not considered to be a “monster” per say, doesn’t mean it isn’t considered a cryptid.

I don’t necessarily believe in “The Loch Ness Monster” or “Bigfoot”, but I do believe that similar creatures exist in the world. There have been far too many sightings of large water serpents around the world for it to just be a myth, not to mention that we are constantly finding new aquatic species. Creatures have found their ways of survival, their way to adapt, their way to hide themselves. Just because we haven’t seen or found them, doesn’t debunk it. I do think that some people go overboard and try to raise a stir by faking a lot of it though. But just because of a few idiots (or a lot in some cases), doesn’t mean that the initial claim has to be false.

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Topic: General Gaming / Longest Time spent on a console

There once was a game for the Super Nintendo that I had and was addicted to. That game was Final Fantasy VI. So addicted in fact, that my father ended up throwing the game on the floor and stomping on it until nothing was left but bits and pieces of a broken cartridge. I never did find another copy of that game and I never got a chance to beat it either.

So…Christmas of ‘99 rolls around. We weren’t really well off at the time, so the school ended up buying us a Playstation 1 and a few games…One of those games happened to be Final Fantasy Anthologies. Which not only featured Final Fantasy VI, but Final Fantasy V as well. So yeah, I ended up staying up at the very least – 72 hours+. I didn’t sleep until I managed to beat both games.

The funny thing is that it wasn’t even Christmas yet. During that time, I had carefully used a needle to open up the Christmas presents…found out that I had a Playstation and that game, snuck it to my room, and played it. Due to me not really coming out of my room that much, my mom knew something was up, so I ended up confessing to her about it. But, being the cool mom she is…she let me go ahead and continue playing, as long as my brothers didn’t find out. Lol.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Scariest Movie You've Ever Seen

Horror movies don’t really scare me anymore and most of the more recent ones aren’t too good anyhow.

When I was younger, Stephen King’s IT scared me, as did Child’s Play 1 & 2. Pennywise is just creepy and as for Chucky… I actually had a “Good Guy Doll”, which my relatives thought was possessed so they got rid of it.

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Topic: General Gaming / WWE Smackdown Versus Raw 2009

I just hope that it doesn’t turn out as bad as 2008. I mean, yeah they changed the system around to add more depth to the gameplay, but really – what’s the point of strong grapples and the submission system? Eventually, once you play it enough in multiplayer, everyone is able to counter both of those with no problem. If anything, I hope 2009 improves on the countering aspect to make the difficulty harder.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Top Rock Bands!!

Lol. This is pretty much impossible to keep down to just 10, so how about two separate lists of 10? One for classic rock and one for somewhat newer (even though it’ll still be pretty hard).

Classic Rock (In no particular order)

1) Creedence Clearwater Revival
2) AC-DC
3) Pink Floyd
4) Lynard Skynard
5) Queen
6) Kansas
7) Led Zeppelin
8) The Steve Miller Band
9) Stevie Ray Vaughan
10) Jimi Hendrix

“Newer” Rock (Also in no particular order)

1) Tool
2) A Perfect Circle
3) Muse
4) Alice in Chains
5) Creed
6) Bush
7) Tom Petty
8) Live
9) Soundgarden
10) Shinedown

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Topic: Off-topic / The Top Metal Bands!!

Just to put it out there, so people don’t think I don’t love Tool considering it won’t be on the list…I don’t really care what people classify their music as. I classify music into genres and sub-genres based on how it sounds to me, and Tool sounds more Progressive/Art Rock than anything else so…

At the moment (in no particular order, aside from #1):

1) Kamelot
2) Tuatha De Danann
3) Turisas
4) Rhapsody
5) Iced Earth
6) Demons & Wizards
7) Amaseffer
8) Lacuna Coil
9) James LaBrie (Solo Album)
10) Rammstein

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Topic: Off-topic / Best Techno, Trance, etc. Songs

- Orbital – “Halcyon + On + On”
- A lot of Safri Duo. Particularly “Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)”.
- Most of Darude.
- Groove Coverage – “Moonlight Shadow”. (Lol)
- Imogen Heap – “Hide and Seek (Tiesto’s in Search of Sunrise Remix)”
- Most of Ahck.
- Most of Quantica.
- Timbaland (ft. OneRepublic) – “Apologize (Jim’s Club Mix)” [Yeah, I know]

Trying to keep the list short, so not counting Darkwave/EBM, video-game based music, etc.

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Topic: General Gaming / Talesworth Arena: Death Watch

Sigh, reflective shield of the Juggernaut class should be cast instantaneously. The short time it is active and the difficulty of timing it exactly right to counter an enemy attack are a nightmare.

I disagree. If you have issues with timing it, then do what I did and focus all of your relics into decreasing your spell casting/cool-off times. With that much speed (if you have the relics that give -8% delays), combined with the ability to make the enemy’s casting slower…yeah.

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Topic: General Gaming / Talesworth Arena: Death Watch

Yeah you get some gold and runes later on. You eventually become the leader of the Crimson Brotherhood, taking Anya’s place.

[Pretty sure someone already mentioned this a few pages back.]

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Topic: Off-topic / What is the best kind of metal?

Mainly Progressive and Power metal. I enjoy mostly every sub-genre of Metal, aside from most black and death metal. Can’t really stand harsh vocals, although there are a few exceptions as seen in my suggestions.

If no one has heard of them before, Kamelot is a good band, with their best songs being “Rule the World”, “March of Mephisto”, and “The Haunting”.

I also suggest these bands: Orphaned Land, Arcturus, Tuatha De Danann, Gun Barrel, Dream Evil, Rhapsody, Symphony X, Iced Earth, Ensiferum, sHeavy, Demons & Wizards, Rammstein, Kotipelto, etc.

[Tried to throw in a variety of the sub-genres I listen to by the way. If you want some more suggestions or some sub-genre specifics, just contact me. And I know I kind of got carried away, but I love music. Lol.]

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Topic: General Gaming / Best RTS game?

I’d have to go with either…

Warlords Battlecry III – It’s just like most other RTS games but you get a hero that you can level up, equip, etc. Tons of different races and stuff to do.

Empire Earth – I’m unable to play II and III on my computer, but the first one is really good. You start in the Prehistoric Age (like most other RTS games), but you can advance all the way to: Atomic Modern Age, Digital Age, Nano Age, and Space Age. Goes beyond other most other RTS games.