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Topic: Game Design / [Feedback] Control scheme

Hmmm. (Stumbled upon this while looking for a place to post my question about a shooter design…). Nice idea (one I don’t think I’ve encountered in a top-down shooter before), but, it makes sense. I suppose the questions you must ask then are: ‘Will the movement of enemy ships have the same effect on their bullets (firing along the normal to their velocity)?’ and, (more importantly) ’Will the player be responsive to this atypical mechanic in a top-down shooter, or dismiss it as an annoyance?

My opinion is such as you answered with your last question; give the player the option of both. As the default option of firing for a top-down game is to inherently have the ship ‘strafe’ through space (and realistically, if we had such ships, do you think they would really strafe?); it would be nice to see such a game incorporate the more realistic approach and have it fire in the direction of its movement (albeit, none of the games in this genre are even quasi-realistic by nature). So again the determining factor is ‘FUN’. Therefore, I would like to see such a mechanic implemented in game-play, but if (after attempting it), did not find it an enjoyable experience, would like the ability to revert to the more classical schema. So, bottom line (after much fluff), give the choice in control (unless your prime directive in the game is to offer something new).

Finally, if you are able (which I’m sure you are); have many users beta-test your game and see what they prefer. Again, I think this will be greatly influenced on how the AI reacts and how you have your base engine assembled (i.e. if it is a uni- or bi-lateral scrolling game).

Wish you well.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: Activity feeds for everyone!

OK, putting off my distaste of this for a while, I feel now is the time to comment as I noticed both a positive and negative situation recently. On the good side; I was informed via the feed about a new competition by staff (i.e. “Yo dawg…”, but on the opposite, I started following a user and upon looking at my ‘feed’ I was somehow automatically following another user whom I had no clue whom they were (my apologizes for posting and not saving the information before I removed them as a person of interest to see if this was an ongoing issue (will attempt to duplicate)).

Though I have not commented on this matter in the past, I did not like the manner in which this system displays information (every game you ever played spamming updates of ever friend you ever had appearing in your feed, every badge every friend achieves, etc.), most of which have been addressed. But, if this system is to be something the users actually enjoy, it MUST be something the users can control as to what information they want presented. That is; perhaps only messages from staff, only selected friends, only badges, only forum posts, only [x], etc., or the option to opt out of this feature completely. NOT a plethora of information that the majority of users don’t care about and make this more a cluttered waste of space.

Much of what I’ve said has been said before (in this post and others), but replicated, feeling that more users need to express their likes/dislikes of this feature so that it may be tuned to a welcome feature rather than an annoyance.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Copying savegame from Armor Games

I understand your pain InfiniteVoid. I too purchased the Premium Edition on Armor Games, and since it is the DEVELOPERS that get said money for extra content, I felt strongly that such accounts would be accepted once the game was released on other sites. It even took some time for my data via my AG .sol file to record on the Kong API, but I still cannot access the content I already paid the developer for, albeit via a different site. I have expressed my issue with the developer and hope that this will be an issue they can resolve. Granted I thought they would have had such a system in place after several months, but now it seems they are either attempting to rip off the players of their games, or just messed up. I have long since loved GiaB, and hope that they will soon rectify this situation. I will NOT pay the same company TWICE for the same thing simply because it is hosted on different sites. I paid the Dev’s once for the content, and I (and all) should be able to access the content we paid for no matter where the game is hosted.



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Topic: Kongregate / I remember way back when....

Typo error there Dr.. (Hmm, looks kinda weird with the double periods…), but my point is, when I look at the badges I still need, or that are released, there are less and less impossible badges and more hard badges that (when I joined the site a few years ago), would have been labeled impossible. There has been a flux in the rating of impossible and hard (and even medium for the case) that I feel needs to be made consistent. That is my point.

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Topic: Kongregate / I remember way back when....

Since when did some of the ‘impossible’ badges simply become ‘hard’ and where did the impossible badges go? It seems now (no offense rawismojo), that some of the hard badges are now the equivalent of what impossible badges used to be…. I seriously think you staff need to meet up, play the games and actually come to a conclusion on this. Just my input, but it has changed so MUCH over the last year. If you need to, come up with a new point badge (now that GameStop has your back you should be able to do this in one day (trust me, it’s not that hard), or adding more than 4 badges per game. If you need the help; I need a job!!!! What do you you want; RoR, AS3, XML,etc? Well this is my rant ; BECAUSE MY CHAT STILL WILL NOT WORK IN FF!!!!.

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Topic: MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 / Search Here First For Answers

Originally posted by qwasde:

how do you get a silver ring?

Buy one in Goznor or Cambria.

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge Suggestions!

Even yet more still suggestions for Pixel Purge

Easy: Reach level 5.
Medium: Complete Bestiary.
Hard: Get all trophies. (Granted this is easier than some hard badges and easier than some mediums though, so maybe make it a medium and if so….)
Hard: Score 5 million points (forget the hackers on the leader-board).

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Topic: General Gaming / The LaCoGeSSta Reseearch Walk-through

So I decided to post this walk-through for anyone getting frustrated with the awesome new puzzle game The LaCoGeSSta Research. Please do attempt to complete the levels on your own first as this is a great game and is worth the effort. Special thanks to PirateKingAtomsk for helping with this.

Level 1: D,R,U

Level 2: D,L,R,U,U,L

Level 3: D,DR,L,R,UL,U,R

Level 4: D.UL,U,U,L,U,R,UR,U,U,R,U

Level 5: D,R,R,U,L,R,L,L,U,U,U,L,U,U,R,R,U,U,R,U,U,L

Level 6: D,R,U,DR,R,L,L,U,DR,L,L,R,U,UL,R,R,R,U,UL,R,L,L,U,UL,R


Level 8: D,R,UL,R,U,DR,U,DL,L,L,U,R,U,

Level 9: D,R,R,L,U,R,R,L,DR,R,L,R,U,R,R,R,R,R,L,

Level 10: D,UL,U,R,U,L,U,R,L,UL,R,L,U,U,DR,R,L,UL,

Level 11: D,R,U,L,U,R,U,L,U,R,R,L,UR,L,DR,R,U,L,DR,R,R,L,R,L,R,L,

Level 12: D,R,R,R,U,U,R,R,DL,DR,R,R,R,R,U,U,L,L,L,U,U,L,L,L,L,DL,DR,R



…I really hope I didn’t make any typo’s… If so, please just point them out and I’ll update. Also if you can’t figure out what the letters stand for, you’re probably better off playing a different game. ;)

Now for level 15, I am NOT typing out the entire sequence (I’m lazy); so here is a screen shot of the completed level. Just follow the description and travel down in a column of two units, then up in another column of 2 units. Repeat until finished.

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Topic: General Gaming / Elona shooter discussion and strategy

Originally posted by zen0:

2, What does fame do? The impossible medal gives you +20 to starting fame

I am not positive on this one, but I’m sure if you leave naonao a whisper, he will get back with you rather promptly. What I think it is, is the internal value used by the game that allows you to gain your next title. So say each day would yield 1 fame point, at day x you would be allowed to ascend to title y, with the extra fame points allowing you to get the next title more quickly, and therefore more daily money, earlier in the game. Best thing I could think of.

4, Anyone found an optimized upgrade path for the castle? I went a more balanced route between all 4. I ended up with lv 18 wall, lv 5 sandbags, lv 6 looters, lv 4 repairman. I’m sure there is a better way to upgrade

I wouldn’t say my method is in any way optimized, but I did seem to notice a few things. Looters, in my opinion are kind of a waste of money which can be better spent elsewhere, especially in the beginning stages of the game.

To me the level of your wall is rather high and at such a level just increases the daily maintenance cost of your castle, I found it better to max out my sandbags and get my repairmen to a higher level (I think they were at least 9 or so by day 100); and as for the flying enemies, I would always make them top priority other than suicide bombers.

The other things you did not mention that I found extremely vital to my completion of the game were the Museum and Villa upgrades. I upgraded my Museum pretty high as soon as I had the money to to give me the extra income that is a rather important thing for getting the impossible badge. Also, I don’t recall exactly, but I know I had my Villa upgraded so that I would be doing at least 100% more damage per day (which I always spent the AP on in later stages first and foremost) which is rather important for the simple reason that it is MUCH cheaper to upgrade the Villa as opposed to all of your characters weapons to obtain the same or greater overall damage you can dish out.

Well I was just going to post to attempt to answer your questions, but while I’m at it, and you didn’t mention it, were mods. For me the key to success in obtaining the impossible badge was the leech mod. Granted I used a different setup than you in party classes and weapons (but my main character was still a Hunter with a kickass bowgun), but I insured that all my party members had a leech mod on their weapon which was typically in the first slot if able so I would not loose it when upgrading. Granted they are the rarest mod, and possibly the only reason I did so well was that I got several earlier in the game, but they are such wonderful things. With all 4 chars with leech mods, and my repairmen doing about 22 points per day at the end, it was EXTREMELY rare that I would ever loose more than 20% of my castle health on any given day.

Now I realized I’m going on and on…. End session.

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge Suggestions!

Lateral – The Word Association Game

Think Laterally (easy – 5 points)
Get 20 stars.

It’s All Relative (medium – 15 points)
Get 75 stars.

Truly Abstract Thinker (hard – 30 points)
Complete the game. (making 458 connections)

OK, I’m not the best with coming up with clever names or limits and the game is new so they can be adjusted. Just give it badges

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Topic: Kongregate / Gemcraft Chapter 0 Amulets

Please see my initial posts on this here and here.

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Topic: General Gaming / Stop hacking

Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

My opinion: Grindy games deserve to be hacked. Games are for your enjoyment, not for wasting time on meaningless things IN ORDER TO enjoy it.

There have been
many many posts brought up on this topic already. The bottom line is that it is up to the developers to make their games as ‘Hack Proof’ as possible. But if you are a developer, what you want is: the number of time played, the enjoyment of the game, the ability to do better in said game (I would hope) and so on, Other than simple encryption algorithms that many devs are using as of late, this is becoming less of an an issue; especially if the game does not store any game data on your local drive. Other than the server sided games that Kongregate sponsors, there is little to be done.Granted it annoys me as well, as I consider myself a very much above average gamer, there are still those with no skill at all (and trust me, I can PROVE it in many cases) that think level an icon. A becon to tell others that !I am better than thou art!, and all that other nonsense. The bottom line in all of this is ‘Let it slide’, ’Dea; with it as you were asked, or move on with your life.

This is a GAMING SITE and is not ment to bring ANYONE discomfort or dismay. It is here free for all to enjoy. If they do not appreciate the services of the site; I say Fuck them (note this is my opinion alone and is not reflective on any staff member).

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Topic: Game Programming / [Kongregate API] High Scores

So is there any replacement of the ?debug_level=3, etc. that is available for the new chat interface?

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Topic: Kongregate / Pyro II Level Contest! Level Editor Inside

Originally posted by johnrulz:

Don’t throw fireballs in a glass house


You took my unrealized idea (and probably did a much better job).

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Topic: Kongregate / Pyro II Level Contest! Level Editor Inside

Well here is my unfinished attempt, before I realized that there were different coefficents of elasticity for each material. If anyone wants to pick it up, feel free, but as it is it is Acable in one shot.


Just remove the hard returns yourself.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] Strategy Thread

Originally posted by phammen11:

I can’t find one of the Lost Amulet listed on page 7 by McCoyEVP. The one I’m having trouble with is listed as #29 Sudden Death (Hidden level). However, when I bomb everything possible on that level, which is Level id : #4 based on the details that appear when I mouse over that level, I don’t find an amulet. Can someone confirm that this Lost Amulet is really on this level for Sudden Death mode?


The numbering system that I used was based on the amulet’s location on the awards page, this was way before the games latest update and before the game was posted to Kongregate. As such some of the content was made exclusively for Armor Games, so you will not find the Lost Amulets that I have numbered 19-22, 27-30 and 35-38 if you play the Kongregate version as these are those that are covered by the ‘Armor Games’ logo if you view all the Lost Amulets that you have received in the awards (or acheivements) section.

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Topic: General Gaming / Protector III: Awards and strategies

Originally posted by aznzergling:

Anybody have a strategy for Ritual Path? I tried the strategy posted on page 2 and it didn’t work at all for me.

Use the same strategy that is on page 2, but also add 2 additional mages next to the two shown on the map (I used the square above them, but below them should work too), and upgrade them the same way, but make them debuff instead. Don’t do this until at least wave 5 though.

Originally posted by nickconsumption:

What are the best maps to use to reach the 300 Fire and 300 Poison awards?

Not sure if it’s the best, but I have been using the first level; there are probably better ones though as you only get about 8+ mages per run. But, the runs are very short.

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge Suggestions!

In regards to the Gemcraft 0 suggestions.

Originally posted by konquake:

How About impossible to get all stages beated and impossible to get all lost amulets¿? should be good to be a game with more than 4 badges

Getting all of the Lost Amulets is not difficult at all (expecially with the guide I made). No way for impossible.

The Quest Has Just Began(impossible-60 points)
Complete all battle modes on all stages in Gemcraft Chapter 0.

I think it would be better to have an impossible for getting ALL Amulets as getting the complete 60 levels in each mode and some of the Journey Amulets is lengthy enough for an impossible endurance badge. Completing all modes on all levels is a bit of overkill in my opinion.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] Strategy Thread

Originally posted by wmheric:

By the way are the lost amulets available only in some battle modes, so that you can’t get one even if you have destroyed every building in certain “correct” maps?

All modes for each level are listed in my initial post:

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] Strategy Thread

Originally posted by Craven:

I’m still wondering if finding all lost amulets gives something extra…

Nope, nada, nothihng, zero, zilch for getting all the lost amulets (except the exp bonus they offer and a sence of accomplishment for getting them all.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] Strategy Thread

Originally posted by Jayless:

on another note… has anyone noticed that the victory amulets are listed x/60, while there are only 50 spots? Do the last 10 unlock later, or is that just a typo? And how many giant monsters are needed to get the gold journey amulet? …because it isn’t the listed 1200 (my guess is 2000, considering the 100-500 for bronze and silver versus the regular 100-300-1200 for tower, traps and destroyed beacons)

I think the 60 may just be a typo (unless by some odd chance something else unlocks after getting all other amulets; let you know if I put in another 30 hours of playing…), and as for the giant monster kills, it is 1,200 for the gold. Also as far as I know you are only able to get 59/64 of the Shrine Burst Amulets as well as it will not allow you to drop many of the colors into the Special Ability shrines.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] Strategy Thread

Originally posted by LucasBurgel:

If someone have a higher level:
How many points are needed to put all skills full?
just put a skill full and count the points to get full to it, reset and try another.

It takes 36 (not 34) points to max out each skill, so you will be able to max out all skills at level 202.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] Strategy Thread

Originally posted by Jugglinguy:

Very nice work on the guide McCoy.
How’re people getting such insane reload times on their supergem? I’m adding at least 20 level ones onto a supergem and I don’t even break 80 with it. Maybe I need the process explained in more detail?

The way I go about making gems with the 279 (?) attack speed is to try and use either purple or cyan as one of the colors (I prefer to go with dual gems as opposed to prismatic; the prismatic ones just seem a waste to me as the color bonuses are just too low. Instead on the levels with all or most colors, I make various dual combinations and get higher color effects), and create a two tone level 6 gem to start with, making it as fast as possible. Then just start pumping level 1 gems of one of the colors into it (cyan and purple will increase the speed faster than other colors). Once my gem hits the speed limit, I work on another one. Try to put as many in as fast as possible especially if this is your primary gem as monsters will slip by while it is recharging, so it helps to have 2 gems to be working on at the same time so one will always be firing. Also slow it down and try to work during gaps in the swarms, but still allow yourself to send in every wave early (on all modes except Endurance as there is no bonus for such in that mode). But still expect to put in about two full screens of level one gems to hit this mark. DO NOT attempt to make a gem with a high firing rate and THEN upgrade its grade; this will actually cause the speed to decrease. Get it to the level you want and then pump the level one gems in. Also the speed limit is faster for gems in traps (I’m not sure if that’s just due to me having skill points in that trap mastery thingy though).

Some strategies that I typically go with are orange/red in a trap near the spawn point (or a convergence point if swarms come from off screen too), I like the purple/yellow for towers, maybe some red/blue or green/blue in traps and the rest is what ever I have left over in towers which is typically something with cyan in it if possible.

Although I can’t touch the 100K scores on endurance modes (dunno why really), I can quite easily get into the 70’s (wave wise) with only about 6 gems, but at this point, while I could probably let my PC run for hours, the lag is SO bad and the monsters have almost 2,000,000 hp EACH! So while my mana would keep me alive with very little decrease from banishment once it’s over the 100,000 mark, you are not really killing enough enemies for the amount of time you let it run and lag and lag and pause and….

Sorry, kinda went off your question at the end there, but hope that helped a bit.

And while I’m at it, time for my question. Am I the only idiot that can’t get the ‘Special Damage’ Shrine Amulets? I have them for cyan, blue and green, but the other colors will not allow me to drop a gem into the beacons… It just says something like ‘Cannot use this gem’, and yes they are pure and level 6 or higher, but I can’t use them in these particular shrines.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] Strategy Thread

WooHoo! Thanks Jayless, also found the last one (#10). How dare they sneak in two amulets in Time Siege mode!!!

List is now complete (well a little discrepancy with #2, but oh well…)

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] Strategy Thread

Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

What does Beyond Corruption mode do?

It’s just another mode available on every level (except bosses) that unlocks after beating the game that starts you with 6 gems of grade 5 (in addition to ones from your skills), +100% number of monsters, +150% monster hit points, no giant monsters, 10 addition waves (increases by 2 waves after every victory).

So pretty much it’s just another mode that gives you a little yellow section at the bottom of the stone boarder for each level you complete it on (instead of blue), and is needed to earn the additional 5 Victory Amulets associated with a total of 60 wins in Beyond Corruption mode.

Also it’s just another way to bring the total level count up to 726 (all levels, all modes plus bosses).

EDIT:Just got all kindsa’ ninja’d…