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Topic: War of the Web / Strategies for All ( Incomplete )

The point of this war is to be the first faction to colonize on Mars. This will help aid in our colonization, since we have not been winning lately.

Main Strategy : Split Kong into two categories; fighters and researchers.

Focus COMPLETELY on having a offensive/defensive empire with no launch pads. Keep destroying tough enemy empires along with defending yourself. Plan to attack certain points with other fellow ants. By destroying enemy HQ’s, you are disabling them from attacking researchers. Repetitively destroy the HQ’s to give researchers the chance to even research. Plunder as much coins as possible, also. The repair process will be longer for your enemy.


  • Have a Level 9 HQ in center square
  • NEVER plant a launch pad in your empire. That is the researchers job!
  • You only need 1 armory. Any more would be a waste of coins
  • Place 4 strongholds closest to your HQ
  • 2 Level 9 Spy Hubs at most do a good job
  • Focus on defense as much as you focus on offense

Fill 8 squares closest to the center with cities, and in the very center a spy hub. Fill all leftover space with launch pads. Or if you want to REALLY help research, replace cities with launch pads etc.. Be completely dependent on the fighters.


  • To be filled…
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Topic: War of the Web / An idea for you.

The idea is great, but like deathkknight stated, it would be abused very easily.