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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kingdoms CCG] Suggestions Thread

Kingdoms CCG Suggestions by Avilance

singles for gold
atleast unc and commen, I suggest:
500g common
2500 uncommon
(if higher, you might aswell buy rare pack)
7500/10,000 rare?

Chaos Alchemist:
make the acid spray skill only opponents, this way I believe the hero is worse then its tier 1 brother

also lvl 2 and 3 of unstable concoction has no advantage over first stage, even a disadvantage that you won’t be able to spend all your (leftover) mana on it.
I suggest making the odds higher on higher lvl or the cost lower (like lvl 2 2mana 0-3 damage, lvl 3 3mana 1-4)

Rewards for Arena battles,
Tournament varients (set time, reward for rank at end of a period)Reward could be a gold price, or a card price (gold for bronze, silver+ for no1 in an epic card, no 2-3 a rare card, 4-10 a unc+ gold depending on how many people entered the tournament.
Also is gem tournament an option, where you buy in your spot for like say 5 gems, and the grand price is 100 gems.

Make achievments award gold, even if its a tiny amount, its something to make people strife to obtain achievments.

Well that was another exception from me for this game, I rarely post on forums :P