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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Petition Madness

Goddamn. I went and spent time typing a long post about that petition and when I went to post it, it was locked. Here was what I typed:

What exactly is the point of this? This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Not to mention the way you typed it sounds like an infomercial.

In your post you say that the petition is for more “bigger and badder heroes”, more “awesome skins and heroes”, a “story mode and possible boss battles” etc etc. Basically you are asking for more content. Players and consumers want more content. We know this. FRG, the developer, knows this. Everyone knows this. Petitions are for things that you want changed, or something that you feel the general public wants to complain about.
So what’s the point in this petition?

The only possible reason I can come up with is that you are dissatisfied with the amount of work FRG is putting into the game and you think that FRG needs to sink more resources into it. But FRG do not have unlimited funds or time. FRG needs to work at a real in order to cover living costs. Freefall tournament is way too small and free to play for it to be profitable enough to sustain itself. Believe it or not, new content doesn’t just magically appear as soon as the developer thinks of it. It takes a huge amount of time, and time is money.

Maybe you just want to be the leader of a new community. Or you want to somehow promote FFT from within the people that already play it? I dunno.

Okay. So even if your petition was justified, and even if it had a point, there is absolutely nothing the petition can accomplish. If the community was already upset with something that FRG did with the game, it can be easily seen and quantified on the forums that we already have. Also, FRG isn’t a government that can be affected by public opinion. FRG is just a couple developers. But lets say FRG was some sort of elected official. If you think a couple hundred (if there are that many regular players that care enough) kids between the ages of 10 – 20 are going to change anything, then you are very, very naive.

The bottom line is that if you really want more content in this game, spend real money on it or promote it outside of Kongregate. If FFT gets enough funds and players, then you really will get more content, faster. Start a Kickstarter or similar, maybe? I’m sorry if I came off harsh, but I sometimes check the forums and very regularly just don’t understand the thought process that go into some of these posts. I get the feeling that many of these people are very young, and I guess I can forgive them for that.

TL;DR: There isn’t any point in this petition (or any petition regarding this game for that matter). If you want more content, spend money or spread awareness.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / fix the characters ablity

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / I WANT TO KICK USELESS PLAYERS

All I can hear from this OP is “guise I just ranked up to col. please tell me I’m pro at this game”

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What features do you want back?

Did the numbers make the game lag overall, or for that specific player? If overall, then I guess it’s best to remove it, since it isn’t crucial. If it increases lag only for that player, then wouldn’t it be a better idea to make it an option in the settings? Oh, and nice attempt at trolling, Waffles.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What do things actually do?

Originally posted by shadowex1650:

I think of him more as a guy who wants to actually properly calculate the best and most efficient way to deal damage while staying alive and being on the CP.

This. I’m actually quite casual, evidenced by the fact that I’ve probably played this game longer than most active Generals, and yet I’m only a Captain. But I want to make sure I know some things in case the situation comes up. For example, I’m tech, and I get panic bombed. Do I still heal everything, or is there a risk of healing an enemy? Or when I’m up against a certain weapon can I be sure that my weapon can out-damage that weapon, or will I have to do something else?

1. I know what upgrading to level 3 does, I’m asking what upgrading after level 3 does. It certainly doesn’t go up to level 4.
3. I’ll take a look at the old forum posts when I myself have some time. I wish this stuff was on the wiki…
5. I guessed that the ministun happened because of a critical hit. Is it just a chance thing, then? Alright, I’ll call the ministun daze from now on.
6. It’s not the Ubercharge, yeah ;)
7. I learnt a few new things here, thanks! Didn’t know the tech skill dazed enemies. Daze doesn’t last very long at all, I can’t really see it being much use. I always thought stacking the orbs did so much more damage than shooting them separately, but I thought it was just my imagination. Do you know how much extra damage? As for the poison stacks, I think the amount of stacks is irrelevant from that article Abraaz linked in his post.

Was very helpful, thanks!

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What do things actually do?

Thanks for the information, but I’ve got quite a a lot more questions to ask. Is there any way to find information about the game mechanics directly?

Does upgrading a level 3 suppressor/aegis actually do anything? I remember the supressor used to send out an emp blast, and while I see a flash of white, I haven’t actually seen it do anything.
So weapons do a fixed amount of damage, which is final, or is there some damage spread?
By how much does the railgun increase it’s damage in relation to distance? Do any other weapons have damage fall-off/ramp-up due to distance?
How long is the duration of the ministun/throwback that occurs when using weapons such as the concussion bomb?
How/when does the heavy rocket launcher apply this ministun effect? Or it a different ministun effect?
What does supercharge do exactly?
Are there any other hidden attributes to abilities and/or weapons in the game, such as Innervate shocking all nearby enemies?

I might be taking this a bit too seriously. But still, I’d like to know.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What do things actually do?

So I’ve been playing this game for a while, but I still seriously don’t know the details of a lot of things. For example:

What are the exact cooldowns for all the skills?

How is damage-over-time from burns and poison calculated? Is it true that poison does more damage to health than shields? Does the damage scale with the number of stacks on you?

What exactly does armour/defense do? How much damage is absorbed?

How much damage do all the guns and bombs do?

When hit by the panic bomb, if you attack an ally do they take damage? What if you hit an enemy with the electric gun? Do you do less damage in general?

I feel like most of these questions could be answered if FRG provided some more statistics on the game. Until then, can someone give me the answers to these questions?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What features do you want back?

I have a feeling we’re going to see some of the old weapons in the hands of new classes. I mean, why throw away all that time and code spent on them when they can be recycled somewhere else? I’d really like to know why the damage numbers were taken out, did they cause lag problems?

Originally posted by Dotaman:

You are forgetting the fact that airborne gunners cannot crouch. While snipers are on ground, they can switch weapon and crouch, landing more damage than a flying one can possibly deal. This is one of the merits a Sniper deserves.

And no, you are not to be praised for making up fun facts regarding Oxford Dictionary.

EDIT: And about that tunnel-view snipers, an experienced Gunner are always looking up to their surroundings and making ‘less-likely’ a more common possibility of survival rate.

I haven’t forgotten that, but thing is a crouched gunner is so much more easier to kill, which by far offsets the increased damage. Once again, I have to stress this – I don’t think the railgun is bad, just less useful when compared to other weapons, and it is not the most useful weapon.

Oh, and congrats on not even coming up with a reply to the second part of what I wrote, instead throwing some random jab about praises.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What features do you want back?

shadowex, I mostly agree. My point was that the situations in which the AR is more useful than the railgun is far more often than situations where the railgun is more useful. Then again, like you said, it could just be because different people have different playstyles, some players might prefer long range combat much much more than mid-short range, and therefore use the railgun more – they might only use the assault rifle when retreating backwards to get health/distance and use sniping as their main method of attack. So I guess we can all conclude that while both weapons are good, their usefulness depends on the player.

Dotaman, regardless of whether it is a prehistoric insult or not, ‘pretentious’ was exactly what you were in that post, and ‘prick’ was a word that sounded nice with ‘pretentious’. Hence, pretentious prick. Also, I think you took my joke about cubes, in which I was patronizing your less-than-smart statement about balls, a little seriously. And no, I did not just ‘woke’ from a coma.
Are you seriously trying to contend that a gunner that is crouched and scoped with a low rate of fire weapon on the ground is harder to kill than a gunner in midair and with a weapon with one of the highest dps’s in the game? Let me point out that a sniper has extreme tunnel vision and is less likely to see you coming, and that bombs are unlikely to hit players in mid-air.

Originally posted by Dotaman:

By now you should know that I’m right. You were merely lucky and that made you decide on a quick conclusion.

Yes, you should decide what I think is right. And yes, you definitely know that the only reason I made a conclusion was because I was lucky. The Oxford dictionary has a new definition for pretentious: Dotaman.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What features do you want back?

Well aren’t you a pretentious prick?

From my experience = From what I’ve seen, and I could be wrong. I was discussing something on the forums, I don’t see why sharing my experience is a bad idea.

I’m saying the railgun isn’t as useful as some other weapons. What kind of weapon it is irrelevant to the point – other weapons are used more often and are less detrimental to the player. My original post about the railgun was due to rja saying that it was the “most useful weapon a gunner can ever have”, which I didn’t agree with – the railgun isn’t as useful in my experience as other weapons.

Originally posted by Dotaman:

Those statements are complete balls. Since sniper is used against far enemies, it’s natural to use the Assault Rifle to shoot close opponents since it is able to reach them. You don’t snipe an approaching enemy who is well aware of your presence, it’s called strategy or even common sense.

My statements were about how those weapons were more used than the railgun, and how a railgun users are much easier to kill than assault rifle user. Your comment is about using the sniper rifle at long range, assault rifle at short-medium range and not to snipe someone who is approaching you. I…don’t see how the two correlate. Or how my statements resemble a sphere. I think your comments are cubes.

As for one shotting light classes, I don’t know. If we could get the actual statistics from FRG about how much damage the rail gun does, we could make sure. Maybe it can only be done on bigger maps, I haven’t seen it done on shuttle bay in my experience.

If you want to reply to me about something other than features you want back, private message me or start a new thread. This one is derailed enough as it is.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What features do you want back?

Yeah, usefulness is relative, but to that specific class. It’s just not as useful as other weapons in the hands of that class, simply because it shouldn’t be used as often. It is used very much by people that haven’t played much, and makes them much easier to kill. A good player uses the assault rifle A LOT more.

I probably shouldn’t have talked about assassin and ambush blades, since I never play the light classes, so I won’t try to dispute you there.

In fact, most battles in melee range are fought with the HMG. IMO the mauler is up there with the more useless weapons (although, I only have 16 to choose from), since the tank can’t reliably get in range. It’s almost always used for it’s shield, almost never for it’s melee. Actually, besides myself, I havn’t seen any other tank really use it offensively. HMG is just a lot more reliable, since pulling out the mauler takes time, and players can usually run away from it very quickly – even if I take people completely by surprise, I’ll only get one or two swings in.

The railgun can’t one-shot light classes without mega damage. I havn’t played with rja much (maybe two/three games?) and I don’t think he headshot me a single time while I was aware of him. I don’t know, maybe he was having a bad day.

Jeez we got off-topic. ON-TOPIC: I’d love to see damage numbers, I’d love the old start-up screen, and I’d love the old music.

Anyway, the next time I play with you, I challenge you to headshot me while I’m in combat as tank – not when I’m capturing a point or retreating, but fighting someone. From memory, it hasn’t been done yet.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What features do you want back?

Railgun definitely has it’s uses. However, It can only ever be used in long range since it gets completely outclassed by the assault rifle at medium and short ranges. The point I was getting at was not that the railgun is not a good weapon – it’s just not as useful for its class as some of the other weapons I mentioned.

What is useful in this game? Something that can be used effectively and often.

First I’d like to point out that the majority of fighting between all classes takes place purely at close and medium range. Also, the railgun is only effective when crouched and scoped, or else it doesn’t do enough damage to do things you mentioned. The assault rifle trumps the railgun in damage and reliability at close and medium range, unless you manage to pull off headshots consistently, which I have never seen a FFT player do. Headshotting a player that is worth headshotting is very difficult, since good players always jump around and move.

The HMG might not kill a healing tech, but it is also the only means of ranged combat the Tank has, which makes it pretty important for the tank.

The heat ray is the blazer’s only source of damage for medium to long range – without it blazer would only be able to deal close range damage. It will get out DPS’d, but it also does a hugely important job in keeping targets burning even when out of flame range.

Ambush blades are the only reason assassin can pretty much OHKO any class given the right situations, and the extra poison stacks and damage from it’s two special attacks are vital for the assassin’s combo.

From my experience, the above three weapons are used much more often by a good player than the railgun by a good player (when playing against other good players). When I play, the absolute easiest targets are gunners that are sniping, while one the absolute hardest targets are gunners in midair with the assault rifle blazing.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Steam Greelight for FreeFall

Originally posted by Ninjaemperor:
Originally posted by Darkninjalucian:

There are plenty of free games to chose from :D
such as TF2, Spiral knights(looking very good too) and MTG (Magic the gathersing) online :D

Definitely agreeing with the Spiral Knights one. Everything else (especially TF2…) is a waste of time and download and everything.

TF2 is commonly considered to be one of the best multiplayer FPS games ever. A waste of time it is not, and it has a much better community than many other FPS games. Don’t try to pass your opinion as fact.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What features do you want back?

It wasn’t OP, but it was annoying as hell. I’m glad FFT took it out.

Railgun is probably the easiest weapon to pick up? It’s pretty much exactly the same as any of the other sniper rifles in an FPS. Zoom in, shoot people. All the other weapons require players to learn their mechanics – rail gun is simple click and shoot. Just because it’s the hardest weapon to aim with (since you actually have to aim), doesn’t mean it’s the hardest weapon to use.

Besides, rail gun IS one of the more useless weapons in the game – it has it’s uses, sure, but still no where near as versatile as other weapons like the heat ray, heavy machine gun, assault rifle, ambush blades…etc etc etc.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / great game

Calm down dude. Not a good post, but no need to get all angsty.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The game lag is getting unplayable

Yeah, I do actually notice the game getting progressively laggier as I play. Refreshing might be a good idea…but I’m lazy.

The best scenario would obviously be to add more servers around the world, and I understand that it takes money. Good luck with expanding your game!

I love the tank skin, got it as soon as it came out. Looks so much damn nicer than the default one.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The game lag is getting unplayable

Thanks for the reply. Wow, 80,000? I thought that the players from different websites played together? Or are you talking about 80,000 accounts logged in during the day, not 80,000 at once?

I’m one of those horrible people with constantly red ping. Out of all the real-time multiplayer games on kongregate, FFT is definitely game that accommodates for high ping the best. I pretty much don’t bother with anything else, since servers are all in the US and lag is unbearable.

Are there any plans on improving servers? If not, I guess I’ll avoid FFT on weekends.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The game lag is getting unplayable

No, this has only recently started happening. As I said, I’ve played on 350+ ping rooms before. Most likely it’s my internet being bad, but I want to make sure.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The game lag is getting unplayable

Recently playing FFT has just been impossible. The game jitters way too much – all other players seem to teleport around me and there are only occasional breaks of smoothness. All damage is dealt in massive chunks. One moment I’ll be at full health/Shield and the next moment I’ll have 500 health. Conversely, my damage seems to be dealt in massive chunks as well – I get a lot more kills than usual with a lightning gun, since all the damage is done at the same time.

I live in Australia, and I average about 220 ping to the US central servers – these are the servers that show the lowest ping. I have gotten used to the lag at this amount of ping. I might think that I’m safe behind a wall, when I’m not, or someone might kill me a few seconds I already killed them. But that’s okay, because the gameplay was still smooth, and it’s the price I pay for living half the world away.

Now, though, I can’t play this game at all without mass teleportation. Has anyone else got this problem? Has there been some trouble with the FFT servers? Or are the ping numbers misleading? I remember I used to be able to play on Europe servers (this was when there were only 4 classes) at 350+ ping and still be able to enjoy a smooth game.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Biggest WTF Moment

What is a punctuation?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / tank/heavy

Originally posted by holeman1:
Originally posted by freerangegames:

The classes are built on a chassis system:

Heavy: Tank, Blaster
Light: Scout, Assassin
Striker: Gunner, Blazer
Utility: Tech, Shocker

Heavies have high HP
Lights are fast
Strikers do high damage
Utility classes are support classes

There will be 4 more classes following the chassis system. Then we will create new classes with different chassis.

well, ok, i was just confused because they had many things alike (problem resolved)

But…in what way are they alike? The only similarity (besides chassis) is that they both have a shoulder charge e-ability. Their weapons are so different it isn’t funny, their q abilities do completely different things and their bombs have different effects/damage/mechanics.

And anyway, most classes of the same chassis are somewhat alike – shocker and tech both have deployable q abilities and healing weapons, scout and assassin are both very fast, and do plenty of burst damage.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Create your own class perks

I wouldn’t mind perks as long as they are available to newer players as well. I can’t stand games where experienced players dominate new players not only because they’ve played more, but also because they have some crazy advantage. Upgrades are enough advantage for experienced players.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / How is XP determined?

Originally posted by Darkninjalucian:

abraaz…these thread is from a year ago…

I hope you notice that it is janiye that is necro’ing the threads, not abraaz.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Classes OP? Matches Unfair? Take a look at this.

This post was made when there were only 4 classes – scout, gunner, tank and tech.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

Originally posted by freerangegames:
Originally posted by tasos112002:

Again FRG says:They need time for skins,it’s not instant.By the way,they took months to create those basic 9 skins.(3 months).And they are working hard for a suitable tank skin,but they run out of ideas.Thats why the tank suit can’t come in a or two weeks.I’m sure that FRG and his designers are working of it,so wait.And you don’t appreciate that hard work that FRG does?And want more?Oh wait,this is reality,not a dream world.

Thank you for the support, but one of the reasons it took a couple of months to get the skins in in the first place was because we had to develop the system. Now thats in, it doesn’t take the same amount of time to make additional ones. There will be a Tank skin coming soon.

Cheers, can’t wait.

tasos, I don’t really like your attitude, I just asked a simple question, half-jokingly. I never said I didn’t appreciate the work from FRG.