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Topic: Serious Discussion / Profiles In Communism

These countries were not Marxist at their peak. Why, you ask? Well it’s simple:

Let us now picture to ourselves, by way of change, a community of free individuals, carrying on their work with the means of production in common, in which the labour power of all the different individuals is consciously applied as the combined labour power of the community.

- Das Kapital Volume 1, Chapter 1 by Karl Marx

Basically, Marxism calls for the entire population, the workers, to control the means of production.

The essential question when assessing whether communist states were is to determine who controlled the means of production. And in the case of most communist states, the single-party government Leninist/Stalinist controlled it.

Furthermore, it depends on which sect of communism you’re referring to. If you fancy the supposedly-utopian Marxism, then you should not construct a state in the shape of the Soviet Union, Cuba, China or Cambodia. In fact, you should abolish it. If your specialty is Stalinism, then yes, you should look at these countries.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Quote Discussion, Current quote: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the years’.

When I see that quote, I realize that small, actionable goals are better than big, ambitious and usually vague goals.

For example: The goal to work on your weaknesses in Electrostatics tomorrow is probably more attainable and fulfilling in the short term than “Get an A in Physics.”

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Topic: Off-topic / Can one horse actually produce one horsepower?

According to the research, horses can outperform small vehicles, reaching nearly 15 hp. However, 1 hp is about the same power a horse can deliver over a sustained period of time.1 Humans can deliver 1 or 2 hp quickly, or about .1 to .3 hp over several hours. 2 3

1 Stevenson, R. D.; Wassersug, R. J. (1993). “Horsepower from a horse”. Nature 364 (6434): 195.

2 Eugene A. Avallone et. al, (ed), Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers 11th Edition , Mc-Graw Hill, New York 2007 ISBN 0-07-142867-4 page 9-4

3 Wilson, Steve (2008-11-18). “Lewis Hamilton and Chris Hoy to pit man against machine at Wembley Stadium: Formula One”. The Daily Telegraph.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's in your wallet?

Nothing, at the moment.

What about you?

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official Birthday Thread *DariosZulco and Zamininc who hates bunneh videos and wants a letter changed*

2 July

EDIT: OP got perma’d. We have to make a Birthday thread 3.0.

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Topic: Off-topic / In a massive war between China and Japan, who do you think will win and why?

It’s completely unnecessary for Japan and China to go to war right now. The only real disputes they have right now are over itty-bitty islands in the Sea of Japan. Further, China’s economy depends on Western consumption. Moreover, if Japan declares war with any country (even China), the United States will sever ties with her after the war has ended (it’s likely the US would defend Japan anyway because of Russia).

But, if there were to be a war, it would be bloody, and radioactive. It would probably be the biggest war ever. It would trigger other smaller wars the centre of the world. However, in the end, Japan (with the help of NATO, South Korea, India, some other South Asian states, a few African states and perhaps Israel) would win, but not by much.

If you fight a war with China, there would be so much loss of life that it makes absolutely no sense to do it. We’re not talking tens of millions like in the previous world wars. This virtual war would kill billions of people.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you HATE CROWS...

What’s your point about gays?

Are you a homophobe, and therefore a closet homosexual?

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Topic: Off-topic / Before punching someone or beating him/her up do you think about the person's gender or age?

I don’t punch people. I pinch them in the worst places possible.

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Topic: Off-topic / My Country, 'Tis of Thee

Association football, association, sociation, socca, socker, soccer. And this terminology was used in 1889, long before football was popularized in the US. (Source)

Tomatoes aren’t Italian or Spanish , yet the South Americans aren’t protesting about the Mediterranean stealing its fruit.

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Topic: Off-topic / [removed]

It’s removed, folks! Why are you looking at it?

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Topic: Off-topic / Funny reasons for why the world won't end

The world won’t end because if it does, Yahweh will have to micromanage.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Iran's Earthquakes

Isn’t this what the UN is for?

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Topic: Off-topic / Why we need to STOP making official threads...

I get your point, but it seems a bit slippery slope.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official Objection! Thread

This isn’t just rebellion. There’s a point to this post. A point that this thread exemplifies.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you had to stay up for 21 days straight, what would you use?

Why would I use any of those things?

I could simply use a wall to lean onto.

After all, you want me to stay up for 21 days straight, right?

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Topic: Off-topic / Did you like the poll threads I made?

It’s a majority vote. 66% majority.


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Topic: Off-topic / OT, this is urgent

I had some OJ…

Simpson blood

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you. V.2

It’s classical.

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you do in bed?

I barely use my bed. Really, I only do it to patronise guests.

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Topic: Off-topic / A series of Moral questions

Even if you’re gone, I can rip your words to shreds. And I can defend myself. But, I won’t do that today.

Well, that must mean your argument is valid, then, doesn’t it? Or wait, this must be another one of those relative things: It is truth because you want it to be. We can each have our own truth! Yay for truth that’s convenient to whatever we want/believe!
I dismiss your claim infinity times and you can’t beat me! Whee, this is fun.

I don’t know you (nor you me). I don’t claim you are a sociopath; I claim that your argument (moral relativity) is that of a sociopath. Thus: “So killing the gunman to protect an innocent person is not unjustified; not unless you believe nothing is important unless it directly relates to you (which would make you a sociopath… but that would explain the insistance on moral relativity).” …Oh but wait! I can legitimately call you a sociopath, because my own Personal Truth© claims it to be so!

The context was that you said what was quoted, and I responded with this:

Also, I don’t like how you throw the word sociopath into the mix. But it doesn’t matter because that’s a claim against me, not my argument. And I can dismiss it outright! I dismiss your claim, and you cannot sway me otherwise [but in Heading 1].

You think that if my argument is that of a sociopath, it has less weight. It doesn’t. If you give crazies enough time, even they will say something that’s intelligent. That’s why I dismissed the claim outright.

Oh, and by the way, we can call each other names and accuse each other of saying things that <insert> would say, and yes, our own moralities let us do that, but it isn’t productive discussion.

Why is saving you “morally” wrong for “trampling on [the gunman’s] own moral framework”, but you don’t apply that same argument to him (something you keep avoiding)? If you admit that it does apply to him, then one must wonder where the balance lies. Does his subjective morality trump mine or his victim’s? If so, why? If not, doesn’t stopping him from forcing that on another become imperative? Why not?

I never addressed the manager’s moral framework because I don’t have to. Yes, the gunman is committing the same crime you are, but who says you can punish him for it? Furthermore, no one person’s morality trumps another. Stopping him doesn’t become imperative, because you are not his moral arbitrator. He is.

When it comes to the rest of the argument, I accept defeat now understand what was wrong. Thank you for your input, Dragon of Celts.

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Topic: Off-topic / How do you convince your parents to get you something?

If you’re going to convince your parents to pay you for chores, you have to do stuff they’d normally pay for. Gutting the carpets and replacing them with hardwood is an example. Don’t expect a carpenter’s rate though. A carpenter gets lots of money, but no food and shelter from his customers. You do, however.

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you intiminated by people taller then you

I don’t feel intimidated by tall people. Rather, I feel intimidated by those with mental fortitude. Why? It’s simple: they can hatch up a plan to kill hundreds of people without seeming to even exist.

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Topic: Off-topic / you must now drink 500 gallons of something

Light beer.

It’s pretty much water with dissolved barley, which I could get some of my carbs from.

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Topic: Off-topic / Cjk deleted me on steam


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Morality Crisis

When we discuss morality, are we merely stating our own subjective morality, or do we impose it on those we discuss with?

I like to think I do the former, but I could be doing the latter without knowing. I think this question seriously impacts my argumentation