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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Bug after .17a patch

We just pushed another fix that resolves this issue. Thanks for reporting it!

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / 0.17 Patch Notes

0.17 Patch Notes

Thanks everyone for waiting! We’re here with the new heroes. Happy Thanksgiving!

- A bunch of new heroes.
- Gilded Heroes are only awarded to heroes you have seen at least once.
- You can now press Shift+Click to gild a specific hero, by taking a gild away from a random other hero. Costs 80 hero souls.
- DPS bonus from achievements is now displayed in the stats panel.
- Your total number of dark rituals is now displayed in the stats panel.
- Heroes now show their percentage of your total DPS in their tooltips.
- Holiday food!

0.17a Patch Notes
- Power Surge no longer messes up hero DPS percentage amounts.
- DPS bonus from Achievements is now correctly calculated in the Stats Panel.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / 0.16 Patch Notes

Minor Halloween Update!

0.16 Patch Notes
- Fixed primal boss randomness from repeating after several ascensions.
- Fixed each ascension from giving an additional hero soul.
- New achievements.
- Spooky stuff!

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / 0.15 Patch Notes

Originally posted by Perez1111:

why ancients have been re-rolled with patch??? at least should give the choice!!! or a warning… :/

Ah, sorry, it was a side-effect of how the ancients roller work. Perhaps we will have a re-roll gift soon.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / 0.15 Patch Notes

Originally posted by Finnish:

End game player here.

I am really disappointed with Iris. I have ascended 491 times and I do runs to 1800+ every hour.
Right now with maxed Khrysos I can buy Natalia and go to 74 to kill the mob pretty fast before getting another hero to start insta killing again.
This saves me about 70 seconds each ascension. 1 minute out of 1 hour 10 minute runs.

Khrysos needs to have cap removed and cost scaling change to be same as Iris, this way it would cost about 15 million souls to get Iris and Khrysos to 800.
Which is good for end game players because we have ascended to many hundred times and early game players can invest to get help too.

And juggernaut is weak, tested it for a long time on the test page.

We’re in the process of uncapping or altering a bit with Khrysos to help with this.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / 0.15 Patch Notes

0.15 Patch Notes:

- Added two new ancients: Iris and Juggernaut!
- Scaled up Hero Soul Cost for summoning the last few ancients.
- Thusia (+% treasure chest life) now only affects treasure chests when Golden Clicks is active.

0.15b Patch Notes
- Juggernaut now affects Click Damage in addition to DPS.

Please look forward to new end game heroes next patch! Thanks for your continued support!

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Patch 0.14

Hey Clicker Heroes,

We’ve got a new patch for you today! The new ancients are not ready yet, but they will be soon. Meanwhile, we got some good improvements for you:

0.14 Patch Notes
- Cid’s click damage is now affected by Hero Souls.
- Cid’s cost is now affected by Dogcog.
- Offline gold calculation has been tweaked to be more accurate.
- Fixed a bug that caused Bubos to give double his described effect.
- You can now hold control to quick de-gild a hero.
- Ancient rerolls are now guaranteed to give as many new ancients as possible.
- Added “Time played” to Stats panel.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Patch 0.13

Originally posted by DrButch:

‘Z’ to purchase 25 levels also freezes my mouse in place

What browser are you using?

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Patch 0.13

Hey Heroes,

We’re here with a bunch of quality of life improvements that many have been requesting. Also on the list is a scale down for Siyalatas and Libertas. We realize that these ancients were too overwhelmingly strong for the end game. In the next patch, we will also introduce new mechanics for rewarding active play.

0.13 Patch Notes

- Siyalatas and Libertas scale down from 25% to 15% as you level them up, by 1% every 10 levels.
- Numbers now display in scientific notation after Vigintillion.
- Quick Ascension premium now is maximum 5000 Hero Souls.
- Added option to always use scientific notation.
- Added button to purchase all affordable hero upgrades on bottom of your hero list. Visible after you’ve ascended at least twice.
- Added more achievements.
- Added a level x25 hotkey for leveling heroes.
- Added quick level keys for ancients.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Patch 0.12

When you click the save now, it actually does both. We made it this way to make sure people at least save one copy of the file on their local computer. For you, you can just cancel the save dialog, and it’ll be just like before.

Originally posted by pacer213:

I just don’t like the new “save game” format.

If i’m in a hurry, like i often am, i want to be able to be sure my game is saved, before i close my browser. I don’t want to have to export and import my progress every time.

Now i am going to have 100 little files floating around that i don’t need.


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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Patch 0.12

We got a huge update for you today with a brand new system to explore. Enjoy!

0.12 Patch Notes

- Added ‘Centurion Bosses’ every 100 levels. Each one is guaranteed to provide ascension souls (like primal bosses).
- Added ‘Ancients’. Ancients can be summoned from the Ancients tab if you have hero souls. Ancients are permanent (they survive Ascensions) and each Ancient provides a unique bonus to your game that you can upgrade by spending hero souls on it. There are 26 unique Ancients.
- Because these are now provided by the Ancients, we removed the cooldown and gold bonuses from having Hero Souls. For players who really liked their cooldown bonus, ‘Vaagur, the Ancient of Impatience’ will be available in the first set of ancients you receive.
- Importing saves will now calculate your offline gold.
- Lots of new achievements.
- Changed the ‘Super Levelupper’ achievement from 100,000 Hero Levels required down to 50,000 Hero Levels required.
- Achievements now show progress on mouse-over.
- You can now press ‘a’ to toggle progression mode.

- LIMITED TIME DEV GIFT: +30 Hero souls to anyone who reaches level 120. Collect it now and buy some great ancients!


- DEV GIFT: +2 free ancient respecs. These will refund you 100% of your ancients cost.
- Siyalatas idle DPS was never meant for active play, so we made it kick in at 60 seconds. Your dps now reads correctly when it kicks in.
- Reduced cost of Vaagur, now takes 45 Hero Souls to cap.

0.12c Patch Notes

- DEV GIFT: +1 free ancient respecs. These will refund you 100% of your ancients cost.
- Solomon is now +1% of Primal Hero Souls per level.

0.12d Patch Notes

- Solomon now gives +5% until 100%, and then scales down per level as you level him up.

As always, let us know what you think! Thanks!

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Bugs and Glitches

Originally posted by TristaSeraphim:

I am certain i am not the only one to find this bug. Maybe it isn’t a bug, but its ridiculously annoying to me. Anytime i switch levels, or refresh, or pretty much anything that involves not actively being on that level, my progress resets back to 0/10. This is especially painful in late game zones when it takes a minute or more to kill one creature.

This isn’t a bug, but actually a feature that we would like to implement in the future.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Patch 0.11

We’re here with a minor update today to change a few things before the upcoming major patch. By popular demand, we’ve added a new feature to allow you to control some the randomness of Gilded Heroes.

In the next major patch, we’ll be putting in a new feature that allows you to spend Hero Souls on a wide variety of permanent upgrades. Please look forward to it!

0.11 Patch Notes

- Added toggle in settings menu to show individual hero dps.
- Added gilded info button to bottom of heroes list.
- Stats tab now update in real time. The technology’s finally here.
- Fixed zone selector arrow keys sometimes getting stuck.
- Now you can click on a gilded hero in the Gilded Info Screen to de-gild a hero down 1 rank, and get another random hero. This hero will not be the same as the one you just de-gilded. Costs 2 Hero Souls. We’re probably going to add special gild bonuses for the currently less desireable heroes in the future.
- Increased gold drops from 2x to 3x late game.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Saves never work

Could you try to get flash player debugger for firefox and screencrap any error messages that pops up when you click export?

debugger here:

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Saves never work

What OS are you using? Also, are you running any restrictive antivirus programs?

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Patch 0.10

Hey Clicker Heroes!

We’re here with a huge patch for you today. Please check a look and let us know what you think. Thanks!

Patch 0.10 Notes:

- Added Gilded Heroes. Each time a hero is gilded, they receive a +50% damage bonus. You will receive one for beating your all-time highest zone at level 100, and every 10 levels thereafter. The reward is retroactive for players who reached these levels and ascended.
- Every hero now gets a 4x damage multiplier every 25 levels starting at level 200, and a 10x multiplier every 1000 levels. This makes the earlier heroes viable in the late game.
- Lowered Golden Clicks to 0.1% because it was totally dominating the late-game. However, we doubled the total gold received from monsters by level 90 to make up for this.
- Timelapse and Offline farming gold also increased as a result of the gold buff to monsters.
- Primal Boss chance increased to 25%.
- Primal Bosses, when you get them, now drop increasingly more souls based on their level.
- Cid is actually a girl.
- Numpad keys now work for skill activation.
- Heroes no longer steal gold from you while offline farming (greedy punks). This happens if the timer bugs out somehow, and you would end up getting negative gold.
- Offline farming now gives you monster kill counts.
- Skills now glow when active.
- You can now hold down zone selector arrows to scroll them quickly.
- Removed cap on Hero Souls from hero levels.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Saves never work

Hey recentteen14, when you click export, open up notepad, and paste the contents, then save there. Also, what version of the game are you on?

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Grab your gift today!

Hi Clicker Heroes!

Just a reminder: we’re putting on the patch soon, so please remember to beat zone 100 and grab your gift! The gift will be replaced with a new gift in the upcoming patch!

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Patch 0.09

Thanks everyone for the continued support!
If you haven’t already, please refresh the game to get the latest patch.

Version 0.09 Release Notes

- Heroes now farm monsters for you while the game is closed.
- If you fail to kill a boss in progress mode, it automatically turns off and goes back one level.
- Settings are now remembered through ascensions.
- Stats now update after getting hero souls.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Post Some Of Your Favorite Looks

Haha you guys look great.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Issues with new account/character

Hey mittens79, can you retry? We pushed a fix to this problem that should compensate your account.

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Topic: Cloudstone / DEVS: More hotkeys

We’re still considering adding more hotkeys. The main issue is that the whole of the game ( damage, monster exp, skills ) are designed specifically with the 6 skill slots in mind. This is meant to be an important game decision for the player as a part of the metagame.

Players swapping out skills every few seconds was not something that was meant to be part of the gameplay. But since it’s optimal play for some, we know that players will tend to feel like they have to do it in order to keep up. In order to communicate this more clearly, a solution would be to lock the skills during active combat or when an enemy’s near.

We’ll continue to see how things are and discuss the advantages and disadvantages to increasing the number of skill slots.