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Topic: Cloudstone / Post Some Of Your Favorite Looks

Haha you guys look great.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Issues with new account/character

Hey mittens79, can you retry? We pushed a fix to this problem that should compensate your account.

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Topic: Cloudstone / DEVS: More hotkeys

We’re still considering adding more hotkeys. The main issue is that the whole of the game ( damage, monster exp, skills ) are designed specifically with the 6 skill slots in mind. This is meant to be an important game decision for the player as a part of the metagame.

Players swapping out skills every few seconds was not something that was meant to be part of the gameplay. But since it’s optimal play for some, we know that players will tend to feel like they have to do it in order to keep up. In order to communicate this more clearly, a solution would be to lock the skills during active combat or when an enemy’s near.

We’ll continue to see how things are and discuss the advantages and disadvantages to increasing the number of skill slots.