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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Transformice Training Academy (TTA)

Name’s Heartsriker, would like to enroll

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / When something like this happens, I'm done making maps.

The problem in all this is the shaman.
when the shaman is useless, everyone suddenly hates the map.
The point is that some people JUST like to be able to get to the cheese without having to wait. To put their fates on themselves. Not on the shaman.
Basically many people prefer independance, instead of thrusting their fates to a shaman who might just be bird-brained (like me)
And easy levels are another reason to rate up a seemingly brainless map
Yet, YET some creative maps can be rated up by people.
I’ve seen a map with sliding floors and something like pendulum Planks connected with anvils like a makeshift axe and got over 70%.
alot more creative maps i seen got high(over 70%)
The bottom point is that people like creative and original maps.
However, as discussed, inexperienced players, who don’t know wall jumps and tricks, do rate down maps that require skill. The three solutions are good, but they might cause imbalance to the whole game, i also suggest, instead of “1000 min saved mice”, which would take a long time, add in cheese taken as well.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] I Killed Gope

It’s best if you restart.

Gope allows you to get the fourth(?) trilobite key to enter Cambria on chapter 2
You’d think it’s not much of a big deal since you can enter it from buying keys in aero polis… BUT
You cannot go to the arena on chapter 2 and miss on the champion sword, not to mention that you’ve also lost many good items that may help you on the last boss.
You’ve lost a vendor who can do you alot of good since he appears in dungeons to provide you with essentials
He’s also cute, so killing him is a sin.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Damage Cap?

I was fighting the mole…and was bidding my time

i used mera to buff legion with repair till his skills were like…70+?

Then legion did 9999 with thunderbolt


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mud and Blood 2] game rules revealed

rule 794: Germans will overreact and send a tiger tank, a panzer, AA cannons and rocket launchers at your squad consisting of only 8 men.
rule 795: at the event that the british are overwhelmed by tanks, the whole squad will huddle inside a small bunker and pathetically shooting the tanks. Imagine the smell in that room.

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Topic: Elements / How to go from bankrupt to God Farmer in 2 hours

I realised that some gods are very annoying in the sense that they have many powerful permanents with them, while this deck has only 2 steals. While it’s possible to get a mutant with steal or destroy, isn’t there another way to deal with such permanents?

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Topic: Elements / Two questions

Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

1. As long as I know, if your Shard upgrades to Gratitude, you cannot upgrade it to Divinity. Too bad…

2. I have never seen or ever heard of this. Sorry, but I can’t help you on this…

It’s not that i have already upgraded the shard, but it seems that i am FORCED to only ugrade the shard to gratitute

thanks for the advice anways

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Topic: Elements / Two questions

i have two questions about this game. about a bug, and about shards

first off, i want to know how to upgrade a shard to a specific card. when i hover over the shard in the upgrade section, it says it will be upgraded into a shard of gratitude. does anyone know how you can upgrade it to a shard of divinity? (the two shards were from a battle against a joke deck in 50top decks)

secondly, i have no idea whether this is a bug or not, sometimes when i try to log in, the system says i have been banned from elements, though i have done nothing wrong. SOMEHOW though, a few minutes later i logged in to my account.

anyone knows what happened?

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Topic: Elements / [DATA]: The collection of the best decks

Regarding the graboid/shrieker rush deck, it isn’t very good against opponents with detroying spells, and you can only summon your graboids and evolve them and summon in your shriekers when you have the quatums. problem is, the opponent will most likey spam dimensional shields, and that usually causes your downfall

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Topic: General Gaming / Amorphous + Story

how about a construction place where grinders suddenly intruded?

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Topic: General Gaming / Aether Walkthrough (if you need help with the game, READ THIS)

This thing was a great help, though i was thinking you could also tell the colours of the planets…otherwise, GOOD WORK!

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Topic: General Gaming / Sonny2

What’s more krin is going to add acheivements.i dun think it’ll be released in kong till they are added

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Topic: General Gaming / comments for sonny2

Sonny 2 has juz been released in armorgames and has a whole lot of new things. What do YOU think about the release?

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Sonny 2 Info.

man…i wish they didn’t give us such a cliff hanger, anyway hopefully the creator can finish this faster, i wanna know what happens next!