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Topic: General Gaming / Mardek 3 vs. Epic Battle Fantasy 3

I played Epic Battle Fantasy 3, yeah…. for a whole hour. I hated every minute of it. Graphics were chibi, which I absolutely despise, and combat was boring and too easy. The sidequests were very lame gave me no sense of reward. I don’t know how people could stand the massive tits of the girl shoved right in front of you that shook when you clicked on them. Could you get more perverted? The jokes were, quite simply, overused memes that I never found funny in the first place and jeez, 3 waves of enemies? Why not just 1 really hard wave or something? I’d feel more fulfilled. Next, the healing while you walk was pretty dumb, as most RPGs even nowadays don’t need that to be even slightly challenging. I could literally walk in a circle to heal to full, then go to the next fight. How is that fun? I usually like turn based RPGs, but that one sucked eggs.

MARDEK was good, not the best RPG I have ever played, but at least it made sense and I knew weaknesses without having to look them up half the time, which in EBF3 you had to waste a turn to look up! Yes, it had a lot of text, and yes it had a lot of skills, but it is called DIVERSITY! And to the person that said he was so bothered by the pixelated graphics it made it unplayable, exactly HOW many games have you played? I thought the graphics in the game were great for pixelated style, and while the combat wasn’t ugly, it was better than EBF3 which made me feel like I was playing in the kiddie pool, with so much focus on graphics and little on challenge. I beat both EBF 1 and 2, and had much less complaints except that you can’t stop until you go through literally 10-15 waves of pure annoyance…

Some people really need to know a gem when they see one, 50 hours as compared to 5? What, do you want to have no fun for five hours and then masturbate about Natz boobs the rest of the time, or feel like you’re actually DOING something that has at least somewhat of an actual story.

So in the basics: MARDEK >>>> EBF3

As for the game being closed off for either, we might being seeing EBF4 sooner than MARDEK 4, but I can wait a few more years for quality in MARDEK then quality in EBF4. Needless to say, I probably won’t be playing EBF4 anytime soon…