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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / platform racing 2 account gone !!!

well when i went to log in my profile on pr2 was not working! man imma go crazy!!!!!!! im so f*cking mad man f*ck whoever to it cuz it took me 19 well 20 days to get all my hats and my t.s.p lvl is gone! man im freaking out here! i want my account back and whoever took it imma report them and then kill them! now im fucking out of here sorry about the swearing you sons of peaches hahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaa but ok im mad as f*ck b*tch ughhhhh im out p.s im rickthemonster so can anyone get my account back (thnx in return)

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Free Crowns

can i get a crow im rickthemonster