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Topic: General Gaming / PSP street E1004 dont works

I was playing on my psp and pufff….
the only thing the psp makes is the switch on the green light and

after some secounds goes down, dont comes nothing on the scream.
can you give m some help???
the problem is hwr or sfw

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Topic: Elements / Trials

Nice plan
It’s pretty easy to understand
Thanks a lot


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] (News) September 4th – Epic portal bosses

thanks a lot

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Topic: Elements / iFail 4

Have you guys read the news about Apple’s latest phone with uber

specifications? (LOL YEAH FOR HALF A YEAR AGO)

Apple’s stock plummeted yesterday after announcing the iPhone 4s.
It has a dualcore A5 1Ghz CPU, 8MP camera and Full HD recording…

Is it just me or is this hilarious? They release a phone that is

already obsolete before it reaches the shelves… If they released

this half a year ago they would have been competing. This is

just… Insane.

I cant understand Apple fan’s, seriously.

What do you guys think about this new phone?

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Topic: Elements / My phoenix deck calls for your help !

5 phoenixes is 35 fire usage

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Topic: Elements / A wild questioner appears.

Howdy ladies and gentlemen.

I’m gonna make this quick.

I am an old player that have been playing the game

eversince ep. 1, and I had a break. Now I want a new

and fresh start and for that I’m gonna need your help.

My questions are simple. Which server is the best for

beginners (have in mind items prices in ah), and which

server provides the best guild communities?

This might be a dumb question to ask, but that’s that.

Thanks in advance

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Topic: Elements / Hall of fame Sounding board


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dragons of Atlantis] contacting Kabam

Just go to the kabam website for help

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Turn Based Strategy Games?

Hi, been having a poke around the market but haven’t

found anything to my taste or at least has free demos


Can anyone recommend any turn based strategy games for

Android? I’m on a Desire so preferably ones that don’t

require trackball or keyboard!

I’m thinking of games like Advance Wars, Final Fantasy

Tactics, UFO: Enemy Unknown, Lazer Squad type thing.

Anything that involves a good bit of turn based combat

and some form of levelling up.


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Topic: Elements / Rare Cards [List]

is there any other holos?

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Topic: General Gaming / MUST HAVE GAMES!!

O.k, so there probably not everyones cup a tea, but i

have recently downloaded three games from the Gamesloft

web site Nova (basically Halo), Modern combat 2 (

basically call of duty) and Tom Clancys Hawx. All three

games in my opinion are excellent value for money, for

some reason i payed £3 for Nova but only £1 for the

others, i think this is because Nova was my first


I’m not sure how these compare to any rivals if there

are any but from what i’ve played they are excellent

both graphically, in controls and gameplay. My one

criticism would be that Nova tends to slow down and

become lumpy when there are allot of enemys on screen

at one time. Also the games will stop and go back to

the main menu if your phone has a notification, but

thats a minor issue. Anyway I just though I would share

this as i’ve got many hours of fun from these games and

have still got much to play!!. Let me no if you agree/

disagree or if you have any similar games to share.

Many thanks.

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Topic: Elements / Who was that guy?

Sounds great

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Topic: General Gaming / Who Do You Use?

In Final Fantasy I, which classes did you choose and why?

My party was as follow:-

-Warrior(named “Key”)
-Warrior(named “Kurt”)
-Warrior(named “Poop”)
-Red Mage(named “Red”)

I chose all the Warrior’s because they never let me down in Battle, they managed to defeat the tough enemies and boss battles but on the downside, they were expensive to buy the best equipment three times, and while the Warriors were fighting my Red Mage would learn, then cast the vital White Magic spells along with a few Black Magic spells, I found this a very good strategy.

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Topic: Elements / Chaos (by Fireking1111)

It would be awesome
if you could add us in the story

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Topic: General Gaming / Which Arena rank do you grind

Like the title says, I’m curious as to what rank you guys grind and why. Personally, I prefer silver. It only requires 4 wins and there are plenty of electrums to go around. Also, unless you’re unlucky, the decks usually are very easy to beat.

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Topic: Elements / Ideas for Elements CCG (Destructive criticism will be ignored)

You seem to put a lot of work into this, and you have a very active imagination. But I don’t think many people wil have the time or patience to read all of this.