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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Season 1 is Live!

The leaderboards have been reset! Go get your new ranking up!

We are working on archiving the Pre-Season leaderboards and stats, and will post those as soon as we can.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Tech Bug Roundup

Hi All-

We’ve fixed some bugs in the Tech system, but we are trying to understand any remaining Tech bug issues people are experiencing. Please post to the official GetSatisfaction thread started by ENDGamesRyan at and help us squash them!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Beta and Pre-Season coming to an End!

Greetings Commanders!

Vorp has been in Beta here on Kongregate since August. On behalf of the END Games team, I’d like to thank all of you who have battled bravely and helped us squash bugs and improve the game along the way. I personally have played many games with all of you and it’s been amazing watching strategies and tactics evolve in ways none of us expected.

On Thursday, 12/13, this week we will officially be leaving beta behind and transitioning Vorp to Live status. What does this mean?

In regards to playing the game, there should be no noticeable service outage (other than the usual occasional server maintenance windows).

All your unlocks, achievements, Commander Rank, and B! earned or purchased during Beta will remain.

However, as Vorp and MOBA games in general are somewhat more like a sport than just a game, we will be resetting the leaderboards and stats to begin “Season 1” as part of going Live. We will capture the state of the leaderboards at the end of Beta and leave the top 100 archived as “Pre-Season” standings for all time.

In case that’s not clear, let me say it again: If you’re in the top 100, your name will be immortalized FOREVER in the Vorp Leaderboards. We will continue this trend with every season as time goes on.

We also have a special surprise award planned for the top 10 players on the Vorp Leaderboards at the end of Pre-Season. Make the best of your time this week and rack up those wins!

We are trying to line up a bit of web gaming site coverage for Thursday to try and add a bunch of new players all on the same day. If you have a favorite gaming news site, please write into them and ask them to check out Vorp, they always take it more seriously when their fans write in.

On that note, we’d like to ask for your help on Thursday: post about Vorp on Facebook, tweet about us, post in other forums, make YouTube videos, anything you can think of to help get the word out. Also please remember to be helpful and encouraging to new players… there’s no better way to grow the community and fill in the match making queue than that. Remember: a happy noob today makes a solid pro tomorrow.

We have really enjoyed making this game with you all, and hope it can be successful so we can keep developing it and playing!

Thanks again, and here’s looking forward to the future of Vorp! Cheers!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Flight Guide: Circe, with your pilot, Alectrus Nyx

The Prana Binda Sisterhood are feared across the stars. Rumored to have perfected control over every aspect of their being—internal chemistry, physical form, health and aging—and delving in mysterious arcane powers through the ingestion of pure Clichebangium, they are devastatingly beautiful and powerful creatures. Alectrus is no exception. Never without a signature Sisterhood “Soulscythe”, Alectrus sows discord to those who the Prana Binda have judged corrupt… and reaps their souls.

Providing strong tough artillery support from a distance while also excelling at destroying enemy structures, Circe can reposition the front lines of any battle to your team’s advantage. While not usually at the top of K/D charts, Alectrus Nyx can be a maddening enemy to face.

Circe has excellent staying power and can mislead enemies into going after a much tougher ship than they were expecting. While not great at finishing off a fleeing ship, Alectrus is also extremely difficult to kill with Circe’s Space Fold ability. If an enemy team doesn’t pay attention, Alectrus can aggressively take down an entire capital ship’s defensive structures.

  • Bindu Bolts Alectrus focuses her arcane talents to gather latent energy into bolt charges. When unleashed, a charge fires off several homing bolts that continue to increase in damage power over range. Great for structure assault and good for suppressing enemy positioning, it can be countered when there are too many targets as the bolts disperse among them. The Drone Hunter Op can be useful to lower the number of targets and allow the bolts to hit higher value enemies.

  • Omen Sphere conjures a slow moving sphere that deals incredible damage on impact, and lashes out at nearby enemies with electrical strikes. A direct hit by a sphere deals incredible damage to structures, which underlines Alectrus’ primary use of the technique. A disabled enemy stuck in the static field for too long will also find it devastating. The sphere’s internal structure can be dismantled before reaching a valued target by skillfully placed enemy fire.

  • Ghost Field summons countless eons of Prana Binda spectral ancestors, creating a field around Alectrus and her ship. Circe’s turn rate is vastly improved, and incoming damage is reduced, while enemies that cross the field will find themselves strangely slower. Alectrus will typically use Ghost Field to counter pursuit, to snare a large team battle in close range of a barrage of Bindu Bolts, or when a rapid Omen Sphere aim change is required.

  • Space Fold is charge based, building up to three charges. On each charge use, Circe warps towards the mouse cursor and generates a temporary burst of energy that quickly dissipates over five seconds. Commanders who like to not die can utilize this very effectively to escape, as well as helping against DoT heavy ships.

Commanding Alectrus Nyx in the Circe

  1. Space Fold’s dissipation is lessened by Ghost Field’s damage reduction. Use this to your advantage by Ghost Fielding and warping around inside during combat, rather than using Space Fold always to run.
  2. Keep an eye on your loadout charges and mind your position and distance in team battles. Circe is most effective at long range and working her way down the Towers.
  3. While Circe’s loadouts make it difficult for her to seal a deal in a duel, using a combination of Space Folds and Ghost Field can be surprisingly effective at catching a fleeing enemy.

Flying against Alectrus Nyx in the Circe

  1. Omen Sphere is destructible. Try to take it down if you are in a ship that can fire at it. This is particularly important when playing against Circes that are focusing on your defensive structures.
  2. Avoid engaging a high level Circe in a Ghost Field, she is extremely dangerous inside one. As it’s a slow ship outside of it, and the Ghost Field does not move, you can safely avoid engaging her until the effect is expired.
  3. Provoke a Circe to overspend her loadouts. When low on or out of Bindu Bolt charges, her damage output is severely capped.
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] PLEASE DO SOMETHING FOR THE LEAVERS

Currently a leaver cannot join another match until their previous match is finished. We have begun tracking metrics on leaving games, and are working towards implementing some additional penalties for leavers. We are also working on additional bonuses for players that consistently don’t leave matches.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Flight Guide: Shinobi, with your pilot, the Administrator

The Administrator is a mystery wrapped in an enigma covered in cold business professionalism. The Administrator acts with urgency and rarely speaks. No one knows if The Administrator is even alive, but what is clear is his (her? its?) business is assassination. Come to terms with The Administrator and your contract will be executed with precision and no mess.

The Administrator will make quick work of damaged enemies. Shinobi’s loadouts make it excellent as a finisher and skirmisher, jumping in and out of battle to harass and score opportunistic attacks and kills.

The Shinobi is excellent for Commanders who enjoy hit and run tactics. If played patiently, the Shinobi is a deadly pursuit ship that can clean up enemies that may try to limp away from a battle. Those who prefer to get into a dogfight will want to look elsewhere as the Shinobi has a difficult time in a face-off.

  • Iaido Beam works differently from most other charged weapons. Other loadouts use charges to denote uses, the number of charges on the Iaido Beam dictates how strong your beam will be when fired. Charges are gained every second and higher levels grant you access to higher levels of damage. A fully charged beam will put a serious energy dent on a target, and can easily kill already damaged ships.

  • Death Marks fires three homing projectiles in a spread that seek and attach to enemy targets. Once attached they begin applying an escalating damage over time effect. The initial damage is extremely low and unnoticeable to less experienced Commanders, but over the duration the effect will become very obvious. Death Marks remove if The Administrator dies, so you’ll want to make sure Shinobi has an escape route after you’ve planted them on your target.
  • Ninvisible is the signature loadout for the cunning Shinobi. It simultaneously warps towards the mouse cursor and cloaks the Shinobi from visual and radar detection. Ninvisible is excellent for covering distance quickly, sneaking up to an enemy, escaping from bad situations, or for buying time for one last Iaido Beam or Death Marks burst to finish a fight.

  • Void Bounty is a passive loadout that grants Shinobi a large return of energy whenever The Administrator takes down an enemy. Enemy Pilots grant much more energy than Drones. Void Bounty enables skilled Commanders to stay in a fight much longer than might be expected for the otherwise thinly protected Shinobi, assuming you have some popcorn enemies around to feed on.

Commanding The Administrator in the Shinobi

  1. Lurk in likely enemy escape paths with a fully charged Iaido Beam combined with a well timed Ninvisible jump to score clean up kills on heavily damaged enemies leaving team battles.
  2. Try using Ninvisible to sneak in very close to a lone enemy pilot, then unload Death Marks and an Iaido Beam burst at point blank. Play evasive while Death Marks do their work and lure the enemy pilot into expending energy in counter attacking you. A second fully charged Iaido Beam timed well can then finish the kill.
  3. If you don’t see any easy hurt targets to go after an initial assault, make yourself scarce. After firing Shinobi’s two damage loadouts, you are vulnerable.

Flying against the Administrator in the Shinobi

  1. Ships that “stick” to enemies well like Hirudo, Iron Wolf, and Angelfire, or ships with large area of effect abilities can wreck a Shinobi’s day. Avoid confronting it with slower, less agile ships that can’t pursue or outmaneuver a dancing Shinobi.
  2. Be aware of escape angles when a Shinobi is on the other team. Pay attention to when its loadouts are fired and press your attack between its cooldowns. Don’t be baited to attack a Shinobi who is looking for you to burn your own energy trying to kill it.
  3. Shinobi’s Ninvisible can be disabled if you can hit it with a projectile or damaging area effect. Pay attention to the visual effect of its jump and try to lead scattering fire into where it might be.
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Flight Guide: Iron Wolf, with your pilot, Commander Gideon

A hardened war veteran, Gideon regards alien life forms as little more than dangerous animals, obstacles in his missions to recover B! He will not think twice about exterminating any alien pilot—or anyone else for that matter—who gets in his way. He not only commands a devastating amount of ordnance on his ship, he has the resolve to use it.

Commander Gideon is here to solve your problems with rockets, lasers, and turrets. The Iron Wolf is a dense ship with three unique stand-alone weapon loadouts that let you deal with just about any threat at any range.

The Iron Wolf is great for its ability to output damage but its real gift is harassing with rockets and then punishing aggressive engages with an area of CLaWs and Territory Defense. His ability to chase down targets is poor so be ready to really burst down a target so they can’t use their afterburners.

  • Packfire Rockets continually loads a stockpile of mini homing rockets to unleash in rapid fire. These homing rockets have a short duration “safety timer” when launched, doing reduced damage until the safety timer expires. Gideon will usually wait for it to charge up then unleash the maximum rockets at once from a decent range to maximize damage.

  • Alpha Cannon fires short range twin saber lasers that are sustained for as long as Gideon fires the loadout, doing consistent damage to any enemies caught in the twin beams. An excellent loadout for more aggressive Commanders who just want to melt whatever is in front of them, so long as they are careful of their own energy use.

  • CLaW or Centrifugal Laser Ward, is a stationary turret with a rotating laser blade attached. Best used against enemy ships that need to get up close and personal, as well as setting up an intimidating perimeter around friendly targets.

  • Territory Defense is a defensive loadout that deploys a stationary dispersal field at the Iron Wolf’s current position. While inside, all ships, both friendly and enemy, are invulnerable and have their loadouts disabled. However, friendly ships enjoy a burst of energy regeneration effect. Gideon will often use this to buy time for more CLaW charges, or simply to disrupt an enemy who is damaging a Shield Device.

Commanding Gideon in the Iron Wolf

  1. The Iron Wolf is a strong mid-range fighter ship, but Packfire Rockets give Gideon a surprising amount of range to harass targets with.
  2. Territory Defense can effectively protect structures, temporarily shutting down attack points.
  3. CLaW’s are excellent for fly-by deploys on enemy turrets, doing several rounds of damage as they rotate against the stationary targets.

Flying against Gideon in the Iron Wolf

  1. While Gideon has a lot of damage output, they tend to be energy-expensive. Try to prolong combat and let the Iron Wolf be its own enemy.
  2. Avoid firing at targets inside Territory Defense, as the shield makes targets inside invulnerable and will deflect your laser projectiles. Heavier weight ships like Jabberwocky can try to physically push targets outside of the shield to make them vulnerable again.
  3. With CLaWs and Territory Defense, Gideon’s Iron Wolf can really dig into an area when assaulted. Hit him hard and fast to avoid taking too much damage and to force him to deploy his shield early.
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] [ENDGamesLLC] Squad Wars

Like most game studios trying to stay alive, we of course have multiple projects. If you run a game studio, you’d be wise to reuse anything you can from one game to another (ever heard the phrase “don’t reinvent the wheel”?). END Games has actually built well over a dozen different games on various platforms over the course of 2 years, some of which are “white labeled” so our name isn’t on them. Many of the games you play are made this way, you’d be surprised how much is created by your favorite game makers that you will never know about.

Squad Wars is a very different game concept than Vorp, however much of the networking and matchmaking tech we’ve built for Vorp can be repurposed for Squad Wars if it ever gets funded. Other than that, I can assure you that there is no one “REAL” game we are working on over another. We all love Vorp. It was the first game we set out to make when we founded END. The reality is most of our team has been working more than full time on it for many many months.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Regarding Balance, a Peek at Ship Statistics

Hi everyone! After seeing a lot of debates going on here in the forums, I made a blog post about this on the Official END Games blog at Enjoy!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Shinobi Death Mark and regeneration

Each Death Mark does 560 damage. :) Personally, they are the first thing I max with Shin, as early game 3 hit death marks plus 1 well timed iaido is usually a kill, or with a wise pilot, it’s at least an effective disable from team fight as they wisely run for a depot. Of course certain ships counter that somewhat more than others, so choose your targets wisely.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Developer appreciation thread

Thank you all so much! We love constructive feedback, but we do really appreciate the love as well!

Like you said, no game is perfect and we have a long laundry list of things in Vorp we’d like to improve, add, and fix… if only there were more hours in the day! Or maybe if we didn’t spend so many hours playing Vorp ourselves… ;) We’ll keep doing as much as we can though to keep building toward the best game we can make it.

It’s very rewarding for us that so many of you are having fun and really getting into the game, debating which ships are the best, discussing tactics and strategy, and hopefully creating some great memories of close battles. It’s really awesome seeing how the community takes each new ship and does unexpected things with them.

And a game like this is really defined by its players. You guys have been overall very supportive of new players coming in and setting a good tone for good sportsmanship and having fun. Thanks especially for that!

So cheers everyone, and good B! hunting!
-All of us at END Games

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Official - Team Feature will be disabled next update

Our final decision on this was to leave the feature in, but restrict it to 2 players max for the time being. This will be implemented in the 10.05.5 release.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Ship Statistics for the last 2 weeks

We just released some graphs of overall ship statistics on the Vorp Facebook page

This is not a complete picture of our statistic tracking but we thought it would be cool to share a peek at some of the tools we use behind the scenes to drive our decisions on balancing.

These particular graphs tell us a few things:
1) how popular every ship is
2) how are they performing in ship to ship battles
3) how survivable are they in ship to ship battles

Note this set of graphs does not take into account other very important aspects of certain roles, such as base defense, Drone kills, and support (heals, buffs/debuffs, assists), so by no means is it the only one we use.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Vorp! Wikia

This is awesome basicbasic! Thanks for putting it together!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Money For In-Game Performance Will Kill This Game

We do have plans to add more rewards for supporting actions, like healing, assists, and defending structures in the future. We really want to reward a good well rounded team effort in a win the most.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] An Analysis of the Angel Fire and Why It Needs a Buff.

Based on metrics for the last 2 weeks:
While the Angel Fire wasn’t free, it averaged a 1.56 KD with 5.7 Kills per match (ranking middle of the pilot roster).
While it has been free, it averaged 0.55 KD with 2.8 Kills per match (ranking bottom of the pilot roster).

As with all ships, clearly players who have bought it tend to have mastered it and play better with it. In Angel Fire’s case, it is definitely not noob friendly due to its usages of energy.

Having said that, I’ve actually got a long wish list of improvements we’d like to make to Angel Fire (and every ship for that matter). We would like to make Firey Death become an activated skill with a small duration that if you die during that time, your respawn is very quick, you don’t grant ATOMs, and you don’t lose a death stat for it. Unfortunately changes like that take tech time which is a very limited commodity with a team of our small size.

I also tend to agree that the energy cost of the Vorpal Burners is a bit high. However, one aspect of them that is usually overlooked is they are one of the highest DPS loadouts in the game. The trick is their damage decreases with distance… but stay right on top of a target and they will melt. The best pilots also use them in almost 2 distinct modes: 1) just a light tap to get DoTs on targets to soften them up at distance, 2) when in close, laying on the fire in precision bursts for highest DPS.

Thanks to all for the thoughtful discussion on this.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Official - Team Feature will be disabled next update

Hi all-

The Teaming feature was one of the more requested features the community had asked us for. However, seeing it in practice we agree that it is creating too much imbalance given the current audience size. We understand your frustration. We will disable this feature for the near future in the next update.

Sometimes things that seem like great ideas at first have unintended consequences. Thanks to everyone who offered constructive feedback on it, we are always listening.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Circe..worst than Free Ships

For the record, ship price has nothing to do with balance for us. Our goal is that every ship is meaningful and fun to play in an even skill matchup. Every ship will succeed or fail in different roles and a lot depends on the player behind it; not all ships are meant to be assassins with high K/D vs. players.

I will admit our reward systems are currently skewed towards KD performance. We are thinking about this and working on additions for the future to make sure ships that don’t naturally get outstanding KD are still rewarded for their contribution to winning a match, which should be the focus of any match… to win with your entire team, no matter individual stats in any one category.

Ship balance will be never ending in Vorp, because we will always be adding new ships to disrupt the game and keep it fresh.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] One Big Problem

Thanks for the comments! We have an initial version of a concede system that will be going live in the next update or two as one step to address the main issue you highlighted here. In essence, if a match becomes terribly one sided, the majority of one team can vote to concede and end early.

Our goal is that an average well matched game will run about 20 minutes (occasionally more or less), so we will continue to balance towards that in mind.

We are also working on additional matching enhancements that will better pair players of equal skill and experience, and also allow for friends to play together.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Full Screen too big

Hmm that is very odd, Vorp is built to automatically dock all UI to any resolution or aspect ratio.

What is the native resolution of your monitors? Also can you tell us what kind of monitor they are? (Brand and model number)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] TIMER

We have plans for a concede system in the works.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Game Not Working

Is anyone still experiencing this problem as of August 28th?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] bang balance

We are reviewing B! payouts per match currently, and will likely be adjusting them somewhat in future updates.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Angel Fire OP

In the last 7 days, Angel Fire ranks 5th out of 8 ships in K/D ratio across all matches. However, there are certain ships it matches up against extremely well.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] How to stop leaving games

We are planning on a number of features to address “the leaver problem”, including a concede option that allows you to lose gracefully. Not sure when they will all be done, but we are working on them now.