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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Saying goodbye

Sorry to see you go masa. We’re doing our best on all fronts to balance the game and perfect our systems (many of which only work with a larger player base). Hopefully new improvements, ships and features will bring you back in the near future.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Help Us Grow the Vorp Community!

Hi Everyone! For those that don’t know me, I’m one of the developers at END Games, working on Vorp. I thought I would make a post to say hi and also ask for your help…

First off, I’d like to give a MASSIVE thanks for all the support you have shown us. From wikis to forum posts, youtube, comments and bug reports – our players clearly have our back.

Vorp is a fun, albeit challenging multiplayer game. The game can be hard to get started in, because there isn’t anything designed in the game to handicap skilled players and there is frankly a lot to learn to become competitive.

We all (I hope) want this game to succeed and see lots of players join up so that queuing times disappear and players see the benefit of a great matchmaking system. We all want to fight players of similar skill – meaning noobs catch a break and the game remains interesting for vets. Teams work awesome when there are enough people that you get matched fairly. Our team feature exposed a hard truth: Without more users, it means that statistically speaking, vets team up against unorganized beginners.

We need to reach a bigger critical mass of players. We are a tiny team and focusing all our efforts on creating a better and better experience for YOU. Unfortunately, there is a massive void of exposure on Vorp so far because as a small indie team, we don’t have a big publisher spending lots of money on marketing and PR. We got on the front page of Kongregate for a period, but we really want to see this game THRIVE. In order to do this we are outright asking you to fill that void.

What do I mean? If you like Vorp, simply talk about it. Show it to your friends. Blog about it. Just making it a part of conversation can go a long way to getting more people to try it out.

Some other ideas that would help:

  • Post about it in other forums on Kong and the web
  • Like us on Facebook at
  • Follow us on Twitter @ENDGamesEnt and retweet Vorp news
  • Email your gaming friends the link
  • Make a YouTube video showing your favorite strategies and tactics (don’t forget to link back to the game). We’d love to check these out too, FrozenCereal made a few in the early days of beta that were fun to watch!
  • Contribute to the excellent wiki that basicbasic started at!_Wiki
  • Write in to gaming websites to cover us (places like Kotaku, PC Gamer, EDGE, or any of your favorite gaming news sites)
  • Come back and play every day (I know that’s the hardest thing to do, right? ;) )

Feel free to use this topic to post links, references, other ideas or things you’ve already done to help. We appreciate any help you can give, and we’ll continue to put our all into Vorp to make it better and better every day in return. Hopefully louder than words, you can measure our love for this game and community by the amount of updates we’ve put out in just over a month on Kongregate (see the News section in game for all the release notes).