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Topic: CS Portable / "Pros" CLan recruitment

Finnaly a clan of Pros, here only lvls from 10 to 1 are admited, so better start playing for real, that is the only way to be a pro.

Words of the leads:
Falmast454 says: “Its a good thing being perfect in headshots”
Felmast says: “A noob never buy weapons”

Well here are the intengrants:

Lead: Felmast
2nd lead: Falmast454

Send a PM to my Kong user: “FelmastProMcLane” to add you in the list.


CT skin: Santa, Soldier, Smith.
T skin: Anon (anonimous), Gang, Neo.

More than $100.000

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Crush The Castle 2] Post If u have all gold

Originally posted by Kingjamon:

And what was this thread for?? ._. Nothing to discuss about, pretty much a bragging thread. Should be locked.

(I got gold too, btw)

Wow, so many people with less than 30 posts here xD

Guess what, i got all gold