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Topic: War of the Shard / Bug Reports

Saving is bugged, I spent about 40 points and bought/sold a bunch of stuff at the shop. Then I logged out and the next day I logged in and the ability points I spent and my purchases I made were not saved.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Mahogany walls ridiculously expensive

You buy it when you begin crafting items they are too low level for. But make sure you have enough shop attraction to still have enough customers per day. I think the stone walls are way too expensive then they should be

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Beginner's Guide on Fast Lving, Money Making, and Best Workers

You didn’t cover event quest items. It’s best to just use the worker that makes the quest item you need and switch them out. It’s better to do it that way because the quests can take days to complete so you need to start them as early as possible.
Also there is nothing significant about level 40-45 so why bother getting there so quickly? You’ll leave a new player stuck at 45 with nothing but bows and potions and no event quests completed.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Enemy Tips N' Strategies (Z1-5, may be changed)

looks like you wrote this during a sugar rush.

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Topic: Mystic Guardians / Needs more skills

It seems each “type” of guardian share the same skill set from their respective database +/- one or two. I think there should be more unique skills among same types. Each guardian may have a signature move that sets them apart from the other ones in their category.

Right now as things are, success comes in picking the strongest skill, then picking the guardian that has the highest stat for that skill. defense, special defense, hp and speed are hardly utilized enough in this game.

Some guardians are rendered useless because of this mechanic, so you basically see the same 4-5 guardians in rotation in pvp. This game has good potential and would like to see it become more :)