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Topic: Dream World / THIS WILL SAVE US

Kwll u know it might be possible that KingK is being supported by our dear game

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Topic: Dream World / [Guide] New Player's Guide to Starting Out Right

one thing which has helped me is : if you choose gunner or sword find/buy/take from vaults a set of armor with intell(wisdom) on it. i use it strictly for fairy dust refills. never can have to much sp’s no matter which class you are. i also use the magic ring for sp refills. lastly i keep a staff with intell(wisdom) on it for the sp refills, and for healing.

another thing not mentioned yet is the options button from character page. If your game is running slowly example attack bar takes 2-5 seconds to max out , try the options button and check off ALL the boxes. i did’nt know about this “option” for over a year after i begain playing! I know pretty embarrassing lol another possibility to speed up your game (attack bar ect) is test the different browsers out there. i like google chrome and firefox browsers. hated internet explorer, it was just to slow. ok i hope this helps new folks and is’nt to complicated. happy hunting :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] Gold & Silver

gold to silver: 1gold=1k silver would kill jamies profits. maybe 1gold per 100k would suffice. ofc a big source of silver was the robotic cores which were zerked last year i think. all this said , pretty sure silver to gold conversion will never happen :-/