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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Godfather] Lucky chance rigged

Originally posted by kreed666:
Originally posted by Jcharms88:

Let’s remember a few things here!

#1. This a game based about the Mafia, are you surprised it’s rigged?
#2. You want to get somewhere, you’ve gotta fork over the cash!
#3. The true reality is… ALL lucky chance games in the world act in the same manner, think of it like a casino!

#1: so because there’s a mafia theme around everyone should be expected to be ripped off? seems pretty thin to me. And have you ever heard of the mafiosa, the “men of honor” of the business? even if they do their work on normal people, they are at least expected to treat other men from the mafia with a semblant of respect, and as denton says it’s kind of insulting when you’re taken for an idiot and the other bloke barely hides it.
#2: yup, that’s broadly what they want.
#3: you’re basically saying “everyone else does it so we should too”. The answer used by shopkeepers worldwide when asked about selling drink to underage kids. i gotta admit, its good money so why stop?

- #3 People keep bit*hing about them making money. If you want to look at underage acholsale the same way someone sells items expensive for a videogame? That’s not even remotly the same… Answer to all of your questions, don’t buy diamonds if you dont like it.

Also, its called lucky chance… You have a CHANCE to become LUCKY. now if it was 50% chance of getting a brooklyn deed or something of the sort every time, it wouldent be lucky. It would be average…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Godfather] Why do crews SUCK!

Spellbinder, stop being so butthurt. He can say what he wants, its called internet freedom, little boy.

And seriously Finnis, all he wants is some fitting names and some actual stratergy (10 loyal people working together is better than 50 headless chickens)
Id rather join “Goloso Teppista’s” than “Teh Epichx Crwz”

I think you have a good point SourFoe.


Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Godfather] Crew

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Godfather] cash disipering

Originally posted by MrWiggles49:

You are butchering the English language. Please stop.