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Topic: Shadowland Online / Suggestions

Originally posted by khelben1979:

To me, the winners of the game is not those who plays the best, it’s those who spend the most, and I think that’s sad, to be honest.

It’s just like that.
As far as I know, you could rename SLO in “Casinò online” or “Texas hold’em”.
First players to reach and farm valuable items, can sell them in AH and earn easily hundreds or thousands of diamonds, thay can use in Cave expe(nsive)ditions, Lucky Turning spins and so on.
Other players either resign to face endless boredom (why should people waste their time? why does a lev. 78 item, such as Destruction Cloak, drop in tower, 2nd floor?) or spend real money ( some orange items are on sale for as much as 100 $ in diamonds !!! … that’s crazy; is this game still suitable for minors or should ZQGame prevent them from accessing it?).
In conclusion, I think you should balance (your) profit and (our) fun.
Good luck and happy new year: spare us to quit SLO.

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Topic: Shadowland Online / Save the Beauty Quest Bug

Real bug, in my humble opinion, is a quest only few players could complete.
In the end, most players got nothing from the event, whilst strongest ones will have another free item to sell and get wealthier.

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Topic: Shadowland Online / A survey on the incompleted equipment sets

I wonder why Brightness Suit has two Lord of Light Cloaks, whilst “Lord of Light Ring” (5.4 legion drop) is not part of that suit.

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Topic: Shadowland Online / Was Olympic Event Bugged For You?

IGN : pedata
server : rothus
date August 3rd

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Topic: Shadowland Online / Shadowland Online Olympic Games Event !

I knew I shouldn’t have tried the hard question, yesterday ! It was a bet and I lost.
Today: “let us expect for the answer the next day”; IT IS THE NEX DAY!

Am I definitely out of olympic quest ? As far as I read here, you don’t really care and aren’t going to fix the bug.