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Topic: Project Restoration / Ingame text corrections

You are correct, Muhandes, correct is not the correct word for that sentence.

Try this:

Survivor, repairs of the Technical generators are very important for us.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Storage Room

I didn’t get it for my 4 lvl storage room nor my 5 lvl mine. :(

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Girls of the Dungeon

Chuckle! We’re here.

I’m just not very vocal in general chats & forums. I’m very bad that way, I also don’t FB, Tweet, or MI; I barely do my email.

I’m an old gamer (I remember when Stratego was the new rage!) and have had fun watching computer and gaming in general grow & change (Unicorn’s Lady is my old BBS handle). Since I was one of the first early women gamers in Metro Denver, I had to handle being in a “Man’s World” most of my adult life. The babe in the chainmail bikini started way back with tabletop roleplaying games and it was wonderful to at least finally have some kind of female miniature (that wasn’t a slave girl) even if you did wonder how she didn’t catch a cold. At least some of the computer games now let us size our breasts a bit to a more realistic size.

If we want changes, we need to continue to be vocal on what we want. We also need to get more women into the industry. Instead of “Women’s” type of professions, we need women programmers & designers. (Yes, I know we have some, but it is still mainly a “Man’s” occupation) The game industry is changing, but it is a slow process. We also need to be proud that we play more than just Bejewelled or Farmville, talk with other people how much you enjoyed last weekend’s raid or how you got high kill score for the day. Volunteer for beta tests. Sign your name to the game warranty cards instead of your male family members. Don’t give up, it just takes time.

Personally I want it all! I want the chainmail bikini for the days I want to be a sexpot and I want sensible armor for the days I don’t want to flirt (and I want to be able to dye it because I don’t like pink or pastels). I want to be able to adjust my character’s look so she or he is drop dead gorious or make them old or fat or thin or a child or a creature, depending how I wish to roleplay the character. I don’t just want to kill something, I wish to have a place to live in with furniture and trophies & to be able to create things that are wanted (this game hits these buttons fairly well with the dungeons & having to build/upgrade rooms). I want to be able to sell my wares to other players, chat with them, leave msgs for them, send deliveries to them. I want great gameplay with a sense of humor, to be able to flag myselt no-PvP, sandbox, but with quests also, and great graphics. I want to be able to solo and group and be in a guild. AND! all at a reasonable price. Grin! I know I want a lot, but who knows maybe someday it will all be in a game that catches my fancy.

Hmmm…why am I playing DO? Well it looked somewhat like Dungeon Keeper and it plays somewhat like Travian. So Dungeon Overlord must be their secret love child! ;)