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Topic: Game Design / Is making rough draft graphics as you go bad?

I use placeholder graphics for my games fairly often. It enables me to concentrate on the gameplay. If I started with ‘final’ artwork and found something was unnecessary, I’d probably not want to remove it because the art was there. With placeholder art, I have no such concerns

It also lets you adjust the sizing and positioning without worrying about having to re-draw something .

I think as long as you allocate enough time towards the end of development for upgrading all the placeholder art, using it is perfectly fine

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Topic: Game Design / Advice Pls - How to make a "Zelda Style" game??

The thing that makes Zelda a Zelda game for me is the structured exploration, I wrote a blog post on this a couple of years ago.

I think even if your theme and environments are totally different, but the key mechanic is structured exploration, it will still feel like a Zelda game.

As Elyzius says, the rest is up to you!

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Topic: Game Design / When you design games, how much work do you do on paper?

I try and keep a concept document below 2 pages, as for a design doc it depends on how much content the game has.

I have a notebook for sketches, ideas, feedback, bugs etc. and try and keep the design doc for hard facts about the game. If I update a feature I don’t add to the desgn doc, I replace what was originally there

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Topic: Game Design / Design Advice

Hi, not too sure I’m best placed to answer the first question, but as for “what makes great games” I think the answer is simple:


First and foremost your game has to be fun to play, you could have the greatest art or story in a game but if the fun factor is missing, people won’t play long enough to experience all this other great content you have.

Fun can obviously come in many forms but I think a key area which is overlooked is the player experience. By that I mean how they interact with the game. Make sure your game is easy to use and you’re already on to a winner.

Hope this helps in some way :)

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Topic: Game Design / [Game/Feedback] Square Arena

Firstly, that’s a really nice game! I had more plays than I was planning so that’s a really good sign!

My main concern is the jumping. I think it may be better if the jump is a standard height and perhaps you can double-jump. I say this because all my jumps were different heights and it’s difficult to judge how long you’re holding the space bar for.

I know this would be a big change, but this was really the only reason I became frustrated with the game.

Best of luck!

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Topic: Off-topic / Go New Zealand

As a Brit I am loving these olympics!

We’re up to 22 gold, 13 silver and 12 bronze now – The best we’ve ever done!

The whole country seems inspired by the likes of Jess Ennis, Bradley Wiggins and Sir Chris Hoy. I’ve already been for 2 runs and have been researching kayaking and archery clubs in my local area :D

P.s. go New Zealand!

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Topic: Game Design / User guidance and more

User experience (as I know it as in games design) is arguably the most important part of the design process, after all if a player can’t play your game they’re not going to enjoy it!

For your purposes, the best advice I can give is to start testing the user experience as soon as you have something working. Conduct playtests or focus tests and just watch how people interact with your software – you can learn so much just by watching people do things you never expected them to do! Do this as early as possible to give you time to make changes and test it again :)

= Edit = Is this the cartoon you were looking for? Playtesting Link

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Topic: Game Design / Want To Be A Game Designer? Learn To Code.

I think it’s pretty obvious that having a designer that can code is an advantage, but it’s not the be all and end all.

My undergrad degree was programming-focused, but I’m a pretty useless coder so I decided to focus on design. It certainly helps that I understand the principles of code as I can communicate with programmers more easily, and it may have helped me get my current job.

However, I’ve been a professional games designer for 20 months now and I’ve written zero code in that time. If you want to learn something that will be used on a daily basis as a designer, forget programming and learn Excel

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Topic: Game Design / Feedback - The Sky Is Falling


It’s a very nice little game, the sound effect you have for when destroying the blobs is perfect!

In terms of improving the game, perhaps limit the ammo you have as I played it by constantly holding down the fire button. Maybe you can earn ammo back by destroying objects so that when the screen is blank you are punished for firing and rewarded for accuracy?

I also think that the game might be better if it were longer. My best time was 33 seconds and I felt that was quite short. Perhaps consider trying to double that time, especially if you implement my above ammo suggestion.