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Topic: Tyrant / [QQ] [Venting/Rant] I'm really getting tired with how much synergy Raiders have.

Originally posted by MSUSpartan3096:
Originally posted by OOHnirav:
Originally posted by Idiral:

Their powers has less to do with synergy and more to do with the fact they have the most OP set of mono cards currently


But can you say it in haiku form?

@PR: By chance do you know what arrogant ass means? Throw the skills that raiders currently have on any other cards in the game and all you would have is a great rainbow deck. Raiders are great right now because devs have moved outside the factions’ general powers and have started letting power creep apply to every card they release. Protect is a righteous skill….weaken has generally been a xeno/bt skill…those are dominant in new raider cards. So synergy…I think not.

MSU, I am fine with you talking trash to Psycho, but I think he might have a point if you listen to it, rather than blasting it based on the source.

Radio Officer: Summon Thunderer, Heal All Raider 1, Protect all Raider 1
Mammoth Tank: Armored 3, Augment All Raider 1, Weaken All 2
Usial: Stun, Summon Salvager, Legion 1
Salvager: Heal Raider 1
Primus: Protect All Raider 1, Rally All Raider 1, Weaken All 1

The bolded parts are those that directly benefit from being in a mono-Raider deck. This doesn’t even cover the recipients of these benefits (Hammerthorn’s enfeeble and Plunderer’s Strike 2 love Mammoth’s augment, and EVERYONE loves the survivability Radio Officer, Salvager, and Primus offer).

In comparison to:
Radio Officer – Pantheon’s Light is the only other card with summon, protect all and heal all. It’s Legengdary, and it’s summon and protect on play only.
Mammoth Tank – Two others have augment all and weaken all. Jynwroth Leviathan is Legendary, and Tempest Hold is a structure (i.e., no attack power)
Primus – Three other assaults have protect and rally all. Adamantite Armor is on play, Apsara and Pip, Epic Arbiter are both Legendary. Apsara is in the running for worst Legendary, which leaves Pip. Pip is more useful in a rainbow deck (which supports MSUSpartan’s statement that assaults with the same abilities would be useful too), but the fact that it is so easy to put Primus with 9 other useful Raiders and ALL of the cards gain benefits is what Psycho is talking about when he says “synergy”.

tl;dr version – Equivalent cards are either inferior (on play skills instead of repeat use), or Legendary. Devs design stronger skills when they are faction specific, Raiders have received some of the strongest.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament S5] WROST LEGENDARY: APSARA

Originally posted by UnknownSpirit:
Originally posted by SeanDougherty86:
Originally posted by Malutor:
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Topic: Tyrant / Necro Nest (Bloodthirsty in the meta)

Originally posted by pacachomp:

Free bump :)

To address the idea of BT not having synergy for flavor reasons; I actually agree. Yes, the BT should from a flavor-standpoint have less synergy than the other factions, and compensate for it with raw power. They have the damage potential already (HoC, NN, Sac, Scythe), but the problem is they have very little way to make use of it; their assaults (excluding Scythe which as I’ve said is both slow and more rainbow-oriented) have far less survivability than those of any other faction, and they have nothing but HoC’s Summon to make up for it.

Basically, the BT need one of two things:

-A solid, relatively fast Summon card (on attacked or on play, it doesn’t matter which), OR
-A powerful mid-wait which has (Armor 2+) or (Legion 2+ with 7+ max health) and can kill an opposing Gauntlet.

The problem with bloodthirsty cards with no synergy it that they are then stand alone cards that can just be used in a rainbow deck. I feel like the devs would have to add either new skills or crazy OP skills to get people to run a viable mono-bloodthirsty deck, something like rally bloodthirsty 5 on kill, which would require more BT down the road to benefit. The new rewards for the event are going to be a good start though.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Why The Last Stand: Dead Zone is really a cool strategic game? (10 Reasons)

Originally posted by paulliam80:

And 10th Reason: The quality of options are ideal for anti-lags!

I was completely lost until this one, and then I was able to identify a brilliantly constructed piece of satire.


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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament S4] Heart of Corruption Win

Originally posted by Maharid:

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Topic: Tyrant / If NeveBeta gets a card...

I have tried to talk myself out of commenting, but I just have to.

First, having lost people very close to me, I can sympathize with those who are hurting from the loss of a friend. But I do not think that a memorial card is appropriate. As others have said, the monetization of the loss of a person is abhorrent. Reducing the memory of a human being who felt love and happiness and pain and joy to a digital card in a game because her friends and colleagues want it is not appropriate. If Neve started a petition and got support, I would be all for it, but this drips with the pain and impotent rage of loved ones who are feeling loss and want to direct that frustration and anger and pain into something else.

An online reminder of a lost friend may seem like a good idea, but with it comes far too many negatives. Deedle made a regenerate joke on page three of this thread that made me ill, and there was NO outrage about it. What do you think the widespread response is going to be when 5000 people a day see this card, have no idea about its function, purpose or reason, and come to the forums or their faction chat and want to be smartasses about it? Where is the respect for a loved on going to be? A memorial is for those who have memories of the person. They should be personal and meaningful. Let those who have memories of Neve grieve and mourn in their own way, without pushing an uneducated and generally unkind group into the mix.

HunterHogan, you have been a generally mature and respected voice in this community through the years I have played this game, but I feel that the rationality and maturity you usually display have been completely dropped in this discussion. In your previous post you propose that “it would be a joke to allow Psycho and other psychopaths to thwart so many people”. Since when does having an opinion contrary to the majority group people into the “psychopath” category? You propose that “it doesn’t make any sense to argue that we should, or should not, have a memorial card by talking about the game itself or by talking about impersonal issues such as justice and fairness”, but you are having the discussion about inserting this memorial into an inherently impersonal system. You yourself in one of your first posts here posited that every card could be broken down to a mathematical value and compared to all others. Furthermore, the concepts of justice and fairness are INTENSELY personal. Every single individual has different opinions on what is fair or just. The law is impersonal, I guarantee you didn’t go to justice school.

For fear of this becoming a hunterhogan style post, I will close with this. It is terrifyingly ironic that hunterhogan would quote Ozymandias in this thread. The true irony of the poem is that the Ozymandias statue is no longer surrounded by the vibrant and amazing world it was created in, but a desolate and decayed wasteland. What happens when Tyrant dies? Where does Neve’s memorial go then? Don’t create something now out of pain and sorrow and emotion only to have to watch it break apart later.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Small Question Regarding New Update

Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by Nytemare19:

It incentivises a lot of different things. Raids are going to become more common, because people get “War Points” for each successful raid, the top alliances receive fuel. However, there are currently four alliance tasks that will get your alliance tokens that the leaders can spend on boosts for the members of the alliance. At the end of the day, the raids are going to increase a bit, but if you can handle them the boost bonuses are pretty nice.

All in all, I think alliances are worth it.

yep I got that much, but where can I find a good alliance? I joined a placeholder who has basically posted nothing since… I don’t know, but a long time ago. and doesn’t this mean I can’t leave my base anymore? against a good player I need 10 defenders and the return time is at least 3 hours…

Best way to find a good alliance is probably to look at the alliance leader boards, it will show who is most active in raiding at least, which will offer a support structure, and either dissuade would be raiders, or possibly give you some powerful backing to retaliate.

As for being raided, against a good raider, you are screwed regardless of how many guys you have. Against an OK player you should be able to hold your own. I think the easiest way to mitigate losses, without becoming agoraphobic is to not keep many resources in stock. Or to really focus on protecting some resources, but leave others as a honey pot, so they can grab those and leave.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Small Question Regarding New Update

It incentivises a lot of different things. Raids are going to become more common, because people get “War Points” for each successful raid, the top alliances receive fuel. However, there are currently four alliance tasks that will get your alliance tokens that the leaders can spend on boosts for the members of the alliance. At the end of the day, the raids are going to increase a bit, but if you can handle them the boost bonuses are pretty nice.

All in all, I think alliances are worth it.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / One Way In Which This Stupid Game Is Broken

Originally posted by FangBorn:
Originally posted by Ugicywapih:

I’m terribly sorry to interrupt the flamefest, but I can indeed confirm, that I’ve seen the healing get interrupted – it’s clearly not a glitch, if you look closer, you’ll see an animation of the healer cowering with their hands on their head.
It appears to be an intentional mechanic, possibly put in to prevent excessively easy tanking. TBH I’m surprised this isn’t considered common knowledge like the diffrence between regular melee AoE and knockback AoE or refresh-farming for items…

^ This guy knows what he’s talking about

The rest of you not a clue.

When there are too many Zombies swarming a single person the healer will “Panic” lets say and cower in fear, during this time they will not do any healing. however if you leave them like this as soon as the zombie horde is defeated they will immediately stand back up and resume the healing. This is VERY obviously an actual mechanic in the game as there is an actual ANIMATION for it. So quit complaining that it is a glitch, and bring more then 1 melee survivor into battle if you wanna continually tank large hordes of zombies. Put one in front as the other is healed and swap back and forth. Your healer will not “Panic” this way.

I believe everyone here (who isn’t just plainly being a dick to someone else) is correct. I have seen instances where the medic is suppressed when trying to heal against a large horde. However, I also have seen healers who are not suppressed, healing, and the life bar does not go up incrementally, but jumps up when the healing is complete.

I believe there IS a glitch, but I imagine it is taking place when there is some kind of check if the medic is suppressed. It looks like the health bar gets stuck if the medic COULD have been suppressed, even if he was not.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / [Alliance Recruitment] Survivors in Crisis

Survivors in Crisis [SIC] has opened its doors for new players who want to learn the ropes of the Dead Zone and alliances. We are focused on PvE (scavenging) in order to give our members an opportunity to grow and develop.

All players are welcome, all we ask is that you be semi-active, contribute to the alliance as you are able, and don’t be a jackass. Send me a message if you are interested, and I will get you an invite.

Thanks, and good hunting.

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] New Upgrades and Bug Fixes

Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by sss1:

offtopic question: would you ever consider using players feedback on adding new upgrades?



Either you need an “n” in there, or you just trolled yourself a new nickname. Reading comprehension FTW!!

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Alliances

For now, Alliances have very little purpose, but in the future there will be significant bonuses associated with your alliance.

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Topic: Tyrant / The real tutorial how to get 250 AVG Dmg deck for Epic Siege on Kor

Originally posted by Moraku:

Deck for 100% winrate and 250 ARD for Epic Siege on Kor:

Damn! Now I have to grind to get the Scythos commander.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament S4] Heart of Corruption Win

Originally posted by ARedRock:
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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament S4] Heart of Corruption Win

Originally posted by Maharid:

Aggeroth has its place, but Malgoth is a classic. Gotta respect the upgrade.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / New buildings and survivors (read desc please before post)

Originally posted by Dude11111111:

Only the glue trap is worth thinking about. Everything else is bullshit to this game.

And isn’t the glue trap the same as the wire trap, just with… glue?

As was mentioned in the other thread that is the same topic. These would be really hard to balance, and kind of hard to justify in a zombie apocalypse setting (as bkishaan said, who would know how to build an automated turret?).

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Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs] Please Stop Restoring Factions

Originally posted by KidUrza:

Wow, social-darwinism much? Go to hell. Everyone is allowed a mistake or two.

A mistake is spending WBs before you know their value, or using an energy refill at a bad time. I agree that people are allowed mistakes.

Account sharing is a violation of the ToS, and a MAJOR point of contention in the Tyrant community, which people would know if they have been in the game for any length of time, or in a faction for any time at all.

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Topic: Tyrant / Hekatonchires

Originally posted by retsamerol:

I was thinking along the lines of something longer. For example:

The Righteous have long studied the nature and origins of the Bloodthirsty. Although most of their captured bloodthirsty subjects perished due to Blight deficiency, a Bloodthirsty survivor from a Nexus explosion demonstrated the ability to survive without Blight. This subject, codenamed Hekatonchires, was exposed to extensive reindoctrination techniques and successfully converted by the Righteous. Through rigorous meditative training, Hekatonchires manifested its latent psychic potential. What other secrets of the Bloodthirsty might be unveiled by Hekatonchires?

(Being it’s online, there’s no limit to text length per card.)

There IS a limit to the attention span of your average Tyrant player though.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament S3] Atomic Barrage Win

Originally posted by CadillacJenkins:
Originally posted by DeathField:

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Fuel Usage Confirmation

I see a lot of people only have a few posts here. If you want ConArtist to hear your requests you should go to their forums and post there. To my knowledge, the developers rarely if ever come to the Kong forums.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / hoping for some more comfort

Originally posted by Dasts:

Nobody would be that dumb

Let me stop you right there. There is ALWAYS someone that dumb. Regardless, I agree with the remainder of your statements.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Not sure why, but I can only send out one of my survivors a time?

Glad you worked that out.

To rename your survivors go to your list of survivors and select the one you want to rename. In the top left where their name is there is a pad and pen icon to the right of their name. Click that and update the name.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Not sure why, but I can only send out one of my survivors a time?

Are you clicking on the same slot that your first survivor is in when you are trying to select your second survivor? I have never heard of anyone not being able to deploy survivors as you are describing. Keep us posted as to what you find.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Stupid value to buy gas.

This is also one of the few games I have played where the premium currency can be collected for free at a reasonably steady and consistent pace. Gas is fine, just build up your FUEL generator and keep scavenging.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / How Do You Tell If Someone Raided Your Compound?

Originally posted by OstrichCommando:

Yeah it was definitely necessary to start a new thread instead of asking on radio or Kong chat.

Are we trying to keep the forums pristine? I wasn’t aware that we were pressed for space here. I agree that this isn’t the best use of the forums, but I guarantee there are others with this question, having a resource here might not be such a bad idea.

Also, don’t be a jerk.