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Topic: Technical Support / Fixed - Favorites list no longer shows all favorites

I’m having a similar problem and I only have three favorite games saved. One of them no longer appears in my list. I have refreshed, turned my computer off, changed my addons and a couple other things to no avail. The game that isn’t showing up is Dawn of the Dragons, if that is important.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] bugs

Ok, so in the quest in Frostreach just after you kill five owls, the next quest has you attacked by a group of people intent on getting the owls back. In this battle I have tried using potions to heal myself because the enemy was kind of kicking my backside. The potions wouldn’t properly click though. No hit points were healed, and my turn did not advance. I tried clicking several times to no avail. Needless to say my turn cycled through and I lost. After that I checked my inventory to find six of the +350 HP potions and one of the +200 potions (the exact number I clicked) gone from my inventory without any effect in the game. To ensure it wasn’t just a one time thing I went back and tried twice more with the same result (losing one potion each time). I know its only in game denars that were lost, but it is still upsetting. Hope you can fix it so I can continue with the quest.